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Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

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After the vision of the Young Emperor appeared behind w.a.n.g Wei, Dong Hao suddenly felt like the environment around him changed, as if he went from one Heaven and Earth to another, from one world to another.

Then, to his horror, he lost the ability to fly and fell from the sky and landed on the ground resulting in further severing his injuries.

What’s even worse was the fact that half of his strength was instantly gone and he did not know the reason. He guessed that it had to do with the Wise Sage, but he did not know the specifics.

Knowing that death was soon approaching, he wanted to struggle desperately, or better yet, find a way to run away. He tried to use more of his blood essence, unfortunately, he had already run out, so he just spit more blood from his mouth due to backlash.

w.a.n.g Wei could guess the thought of Dong Hao, as such, he wanted to end this battle as soon as possible.

After using the pseudo-domain of his Young Emperor t.i.tle to prevent Dong Hao from escaping through the air, he mobilized most of his origin qi and used the [Dragon Sovereign Fist].

A mighty dragon appeared that headed straight towards Dong Hao and roared into the Heavens. The sound traveled throughout the entire city and echoed throughout Heaven. All the citizens immediately felt an instinctive fear; just like a higher life form looking down at a lower one.

It was a fear hidden deep in their blood and soul from their ancestors when they faced the wrath of a superior life form.

This dragon did not attack, instead released a supreme and n.o.ble aura that demands that all life form bow down to it.

Suddenly, Dong Hao felt a tremendous pressure coming down on him, preventing him from moving. He struggled with all his strength, but it did not work. So, he immediately detonated the origin essence in his body to try to resist, but it was to no avail.

No matter how he struggled, he could not move.

Meanwhile, after the first attack, w.a.n.g Wei rushed towards him to end this battle with one last blow.

A few meters before arriving, Dong Hao burned out his soul in order to increase his strength in a moment of desperation.

He opened his mouth with difficulty and a sword appeared. The sword became ma.s.sive and an unpredictable heaviness could be seen from it. It rushed towards w.a.n.g Wei with tremendous speed, leaving a golden trail behind it.

w.a.n.g Wei then muttered a few words to use an origin ability. Although w.a.n.g Wei usually does not use spells in battle does not mean that he does not know any of them.

As a person who likes to be prepared for any occasion, he has studied spells extensively back in the sect in order to know how to respond when encountering them in battle.

After his incantation, a bright yellow flame appeared in front of him and melted the rus.h.i.+ng sword in just an instant.

Without pause, he rushed towards Dong Hao and threw a punch. Following which, a tiger with intense killing intent appeared and rushed forwards.

The tiger turned into a red light and penetrated Dong Hao’s body without any resistance. The light destroyed his heart, then pierced his back leaving a ma.s.sive hole visible to the naked eyes on his chest.

Dong Hao looked at the hole with his one remaining eye, sighed and felt down on the floor, blood splas.h.i.+ng all over the ground.

w.a.n.g Wei gazed at Dong Hao’s body on the floor and also sighed. This was the first true opponent he had since he started cultivating and the first true “life and death” battle he experienced in his life.

All the fights he previously had were essentially either compet.i.tions or trials with safety mechanisms that can save his life at any moment.

And Dong Hao was the first opponent that truly tried to kill him at all cost. Although this opponent did not bring out his full power during the fight, he still learned a great deal of things.

He learned that most cultivators will fight desperately when they are cornered and about to die. They can use all kinds of means to boost their fighting strength during battles–just like Dong Hao used his essence blood to increase his attack power.

In future battles, w.a.n.g Wei will use all his strength to prevent his enemies from having the time or ability from using these methods. And if he fails to do this, he will always be on guard for desperate counter-attacks from them when they are driven on the edge of despair.

After summarizing his gains in this battle, he waved his hand to create a deep hole, Then, he placed Dong Hai’s body in it, creating a burial site. He placed a headstone made of rocks and inscribed on it:

“Here lies Dong Hao, a loyal man to his family even in death, and a worthy and respectable opponent that fought to his last breath.”

After doing this, he stepped in the air with rapid speed and returned to the city. By the time he reached the royal palace, Li Jun had already captured all the people inside and was waiting for his return.

w.a.n.g Wei then entered the throne room where he saw many people bound by chains and kneeling on the ground. He ignored them before heading to a golden chair with many engraving of dragons on them.

Without hesitation, w.a.n.g Wei sat on the Dragon Throne. Suddenly, he felt that he was all powerful, that he could control the lives of billions of people in this kingdom, that his words were absolute and no one dared to disobey it. The power was quite intoxicating.

However, after a very brief moment, he shook this feeling off his mind. Compared to the Supreme Throne of a Great Emperor that stands above the Dao itself, what is this mundane throne?

After thinking about these things for a moment, w.a.n.g Wei then looked at the tie people kneeling on the floor.

He first took notice of a middle-aged man dressed in yellow dragon robe with a crown on his top knot hair. The man exuded the temperament of a person in high position, however, not he was not looking too good.

Many of the direct line of the royal family were captured and brought to meet him. However, w.a.n.g Wei was still a little confused when he saw princess Dong Lifen also kneeling on the ground–although she was the only one not in chan.

As such, w.a.n.g Wei asked her directly, “Princess, what is the meaning of your actions?”

After being called upon, the princess did not get up, instead she placed her forehead on the ground and said, “I plead for your majesty to leave a way out for the royal family.”

As soon she said this, a terrifying killing intent appeared in the room directed towards her. It was from Li Jun. He looked at princess Dong Lifen as if he wanted to stab her directly with his spear.

Despite the uncomfortable feeling she felt from the killing intent, she still insisted on her words, “Your majesty the Wise Sage, on account of all the merits that I have made to your cause, please give the royal family a way to survive.”

w.a.n.g Wei waved his hand and Li Jun put away his killing intent. He then looked at the princess and responded. “Princess… No, I’ll just call you Dong Lifen from now on. If it was before, I would have granted your wish. However, after what happened in Bless Wing City, there is no room for negotiation with this matter.”

Dong Lifen sighed after hearing this, not too surprised by the outcome. She had heard about how her Royal Father used poison to attack and kill an entire city. She was also furious when she received the news, however, she still wanted to try to save some people.

After a brief moment, Dong Lifen then said, “At the very least, can your majesty spare my mother and little sister. They are both innocent and did not take part in the political decisions of the kingdom.”

w.a.n.g Wei then started thinking for a few seconds, then he asked, “Can you promise that they will live an ordinary life without having any thoughts that they should not have?”

After saying this, w.a.n.g Wei released his killing intent this time. Dong Lifen felt a suffocating breathing slowly squeezing the life out of her, then she immediately nodded as guarantee.

She understood the warning that w.a.n.g Wei was given to her.

After seeing her nod in agreement, he removed his killing intent and waved his hand to dismiss her.

“I will believe your words for now. Well, you can fulfill your side of our deal.”

Dong Lifen sighed and stood from the floor with a forehead that had a slight bruise on it. She looked at her father and left the room.

Meanwhile, the sovereign of this kingdom did not speak even a single word throughout the whole interaction. Even when he heard of his daughter’s betrayal, he did not flinch or say anything.

w.a.n.g Wei admired his firm determination. This was a man who accepted defeat and death like a true king, a true ruler.

Three days after the fall of the Eastern Rain Kingdom, all the members of the royal kingdom–except for two of them–were publicly executed.

A vision formation was used to broadcast the entire process throughout the entire kingdom. Former princess Dong Lifen–who was very loved by the people due to her altruism and kindness–made a speech denouncing all the crimes that the royal family committed.

She then rea.s.sured the citizens of the kingdom that they would be in good hands when the new dynasty was established. She rea.s.sured them their lives will be much better from now on.

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