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Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

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Dong Hao flew to the side and evaded the air bullets that attacked him. Then, countless tattoos appeared all over his body, arm, legs, and even face.

Afterwards, his power increased dramatically. With a wave of his hand, the patterns on his body lit up, and a gigantic mountain materialized in the air and headed straight towards his enemy.

w.a.n.g Wei looked at Dong Hao and frowned. He was not frowning at the changes that appeared on Dong Hao as he knew these tattoos were known as Origin Pattern and all cultivators in the Supernatural Realm had them.

The reason that he frowned was that he realized that if he continued to fight here in the capital, countless ordinary people would die in the aftermath of their battles.

Normally, w.a.n.g Wei would not care about such things. Although that sounded ruthless, unfortunately, that is the fate of mortals that cannot control their destiny; one day, they might suddenly die due to the aftermath of cultivators’ battle.

However, currently, w.a.n.g Wei’s role was a future monarch of a dynasty. As such, he has to take into consideration the lives of his citizens.

When the mountain approached near him, w.a.n.g Wei noticed a certain metal quality of it as it s.h.i.+ned with a golden l.u.s.ter under the sun. He guesses that this was not a regular mountain, but one reinforced by Gold element.

Without hesitation, w.a.n.g Wei threw a powerful punch and a terrifying force traveled in the air and hit the mountain.


The 2000 meters tall mountain trembled and cracks appeared on its metal surface. However, it was not destroyed.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

w.a.n.g Wei continued to punch in the air and more cracks appeared in the mountain until it exploded into countless pieces. Then, he threw another powerful punch.

This time however, he did not just use the raw strength of his fleshly body. Instead, he controlled the vibration from his muscles and directly released them into the air, thus creating an earthquake between Heaven and Earth.


With a loud explosion, the entire city trembled slightly, the wind howled like crying ghosts, and the clouds in the sky scattered.

The many debris of the falling mountain were instantly pulverized into powder and flew away with the wind without affecting the citizens of the capital.

As for Dong Hao, he was pushed back by the force of the punch and threw a mouthful of blood. Despite the barrier he erected, the vibration still managed to bypa.s.s his defense and injured his organs.

w.a.n.g Wei stood on the ground with his long grey hair floating with wind while looking at his fst. He smiled as he was very happy with the new move he just created.

He called [Earthquake Fist] and this move took full advantage of his powerful fleshly body. One thing he always complained about the [Ancient Desolate Body Refining Scripture] was the fact that it did not have any fighting moves in the early stage.

Although there are many fighting methods in the scripture–some of which even made w.a.n.g Wei drooled day and night–he needed to cultivate it to a very high realm before he could use these moves.

What’s worse was the fact that in the notes that w.a.n.g Wei read from predecessors that also cultivated the scripture did not also contain powerful moves for the early stage, but contain their understanding on how to properly control force or strength.

Most people who successfully cultivate this scripture usually care about the powerful defense and stamina it brought in the early stage instead of the strength.

After taking a brief moment to contemplate his new move, w.a.n.g Wei looked at Dong Hao and said, “How about we take this fight outside the city?”

However, Dong Hao who was in the air completely ignored him and the patterns on his body lit up again preparing for another attack.

As such w.a.n.g Wei continued. “Don’t you care about the people of this city?”

Seeing the silence of his enemy, w.a.n.g Wei secretly sighed. Then, with all his strength, he jumped straight towards Dong Hao. His body left countless cracks in the ground and a powerful shockwave spread after his departure.

When Dong Hao saw w.a.n.g Wei coming straight at him like an artillery, he opened his mouth and spewed countless tiny swords.

These swords then became normal size after leaving his body and with swish sound, they quickly attacked w.a.n.g Wei.

Clink! Clink!

The sound of metals sounded as these swords. .h.i.t w.a.n.g Wei’ skin, then they bounced off without even leaving a single scratch or mark.

When w.a.n.g Wei was about to clash with Dong Hao, the latter sneered at him and easily evaded him.

Dong Hao did not expect this Wise Sage to make such a mistake. Without the ability to fly in the air, he engaged someone else in aerial combat. However, the sneer did not last long on Dong Hao’s face.

As soon he evaded the clash, w.a.n.g Wei seemed to have antic.i.p.ated this and did a somersault in the air. Then, he activated his Divine Veins to control the spiritual qi in the air to create a foothold for him.

With a boom sound, he rushed towards Dong Hao with absolute speed. Dong Hao was quite shocked by this maneuver and was almost unable to react. However, his years of experience allowed him to instantly erect a barrier around him.

However, w.a.n.g Wei did not care about this. With unmatched speed, his hand formed a claw and easily crushed the golden barrier and grabbed Dong Hao in the face.

While stepping in the air, he rushed outside the city while holding Dong Hao like an adult carrying a chicken.

Boom! w.a.n.g Wei broke the sound barrier while stepping in the air with.

All the citizens of the city heard an exploding sound, then saw a circular vapor in the air, followed by a streak of light rus.h.i.+ng outside the city.

After traveling a few hundred meters, w.a.n.g Wei then threw Hong Dao outside of the city.

The Supernatural cultivator clashed into the ground, forming many crack. He threw a mouthful of blood and then started coughing. The shockwave created by his crash created a cloud of dirt, and some of it had entered his lungs.

He then mobilized his origin essence to heal the cracked bones on his back and protect his spine. He then looked at the flying w.a.n.g Wei with shock, no, he should say stepping in the air.

Everyone knows that Divine Altar Realm cannot fly in the air. However, this Wise Sage has found a way around this problem. In fact, it is not that some people did not think of this method.

However, in order to do such a thing, a terrifying control of spiritual qi is needed to do so, which is something that Dong Hao had previously thought to be impossible especially given the low level of spiritual qi in this world.

Not to mention the stamina that the body would need to keep standing in the air and the terrible amount of origin qi needed to keep the Divine Veins activated made this method of flying virtually impossible for the cultivator of this world.

Compared with flying in the air in the Supernatural Realm–which is as easy as moving one of your limbs–this method of flying seemed too complex and nuanced for anybody to manage.

After spitting out another mouthful of blood, Dong Hao stood up from the ground. His clothes were all tattered and his hair disheveled, however, he did not care about this.

Suddenly, Dong Hao’s body was encased by a golden armor that covered even his face and eyes.

After seeing this, w.a.n.g Wei suddenly frowned as he did not feel the fluctuation of origin essence–which means that this was not an origin ability or method.

All of a sudden, he thought of something: Innate Talent. Only innate talents do not require much or any energy source as they are fundamentally a part of the cultivators.

w.a.n.g Wei was then quite surprised as he knew that not all cultivators in the Supernatural Realm had their own Innate Talent. This thing requires both talent and luck.

If you are not talented but full of luck, then, you will not receive a talent when entering the Supernatural Realm. If you have talent but low luck, then the talent you receive will be quite s.h.i.+tty.

After making his preparations, Dong Hao flew straight to w.a.n.g Wei. Since he could not use his flying ability to easily win this battle, he will fight head on to decide the winner.

Meanwhile, after seeing Dong Hao coming towards him, w.a.n.g Wei was quite excited as he knew that he was bound for an exciting battle.

As such, he stepped in the air and rushed towards him and threw a punch. He used [Earthquake Fist] without hesitation.

w.a.n.g Wei’s fist clashed with the golden Dong Hao. Boom! The air trembled and visible ripples could be seen manifesting after their crash.

Dong Hao’s golden armor cracked all over, meanwhile he threw out some blood inside. However, after a few breaths, the cracks healed and Dong Hao continued to clash head on with w.a.n.g Wei.

In the capital, the royal family and many n.o.bles from the alliance were watching this battle through different means. All of them were concerned as this was a fight that determined the fate of the Eastern Rain Kingdom.

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