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Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

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w.a.n.g Wei ran with all his strength towards Bless Wing City. He used his powerful fleshly body and mobilized all his millions of kilograms of force to propel him forward.


Like a cannonball, w.a.n.g Wei kept moving forwards. Everywhere he ran, powerful winds followed him by. When he pa.s.sed by a forest, he did not stop nor evade the countless trees. On the contrary, his body just destroyed all the trees on his way.

The wind that w.a.n.g Wei generated due to his fast movement blew away hundreds of trees in the forest; It was like a hurricane had just done a number on the places he pa.s.sed by.

However, w.a.n.g Wei was not happy with this speed. As such, he used his origin qi to further strengthen his legs.

His speed then dramatically increased. All the people and animals in his way could not see his face, just a blurred figure followed by immense winds that could throw them away.


With a loud explosion, w.a.n.g Wei broke the sound barrier. A cloud-looking vapor appeared behind him, then he accelerated again.

Right now, he was currently running at Mach 1, but w.a.n.g Wei still felt that he was not fast enough. He wished that he was in the Supernatural Realm right now and could fly.

The weakest of Supernatural Realm cultivators in the Myriad Emperor Plane could easily fly at Mach speed in the air, while he has to go through so much to reach such a speed.

Or at the very least, he should have cultivated a technique that focused on increasing his speed. w.a.n.g Wei knows that one of the Emperor Scriptures of the sect focus on speed, now regretting not cultivating it.

It was at this moment that he realized his arrogance. Although having such a powerful fleshly body provided him strength, defense, and endurance similar to Divine Body Realm cultivators, however, his mobility was quite subpar. However, he was so blinded by his increase in strength and ignored such obvious flaws.

After sighing for a while, w.a.n.g Wei continued his rapid journey towards Bless Wings City. Meanwhile, Li Jun was following behind.

He did not have the speed of w.a.n.g Wei, however, he could follow him due to the trace left behind. Li Jun could see straight tracks heading one direction and he followed it.

Everywhere he followed, the ground was cut in the middle, leaving a visible trail. When he reached the forest, he saw the forest was completely destroyed.

There were countless trees scattered everywhere. The majority of them seemed to be forcibly uprooted from the ground by a powerful force. Some of them were broken into countless pieces as if they were hit really hard with a very dense and strong object.

There were numerous blood and organs of animals scattered in the forest. Li Jun could guess that these animals appeared to be in the path of his big brother and were killed by the force generated when they hit his body. With a sigh, Li Jun continued to follow the destructive trail left behind.

Meanwhile, after more than one hour of rus.h.i.+ng, w.a.n.g Wei finally saw Bless Wings City in his sight. He had to thank his ever-expanding divine sea, otherwise, he would never have lasted so long with how much origin qi he was using.

A few hundred meters from the city, w.a.n.g Wei saw a yellow mist enveloping the entire city. Without hesitation, he rushed in.

With a slight jump, he reached the top of the 200 meters city wall. However, his vision was obscured by the large mist.

When the mist touched his skin, he could tell immediately that it was poisoned. However, it had no effect on his powerful fleshly body. However, a terrible feeling came over him.

Without hesitation, he gathered his more than 10,000,000 jin of force and threw a punch.


With an exploding sound, the air exploded. Then following the sound, a powerful wind was generated by the force of the punch.

This wind blew away the yellow mist or miasma that covered the entire city. However, it was perfectly controlled not to destroy anything else.

After his vision was cleared, w.a.n.g Wei immediately entered the city. However, soon afterwards, his hand trembled a little before going back to normal.

In front of him was a street with countless bodies laying down the floor. Upon closer observation, he saw a body with blood coming out of its mouth, nose, and ears.

However, that was not the worst part. There were countless blisters on the skin of the body. No part was spare, whether it was the face, arms, and legs.

The blisters had smelly brown pus coming out the blisters. After checking the body, w.a.n.g Wei realized that it was a woman, and something was under it. After slightly moving the body, he saw a baby underneath her.

The baby had suffered the same fate as her with blood and blisters all over his body. However, unlike the mother, its eyes were still opened.

w.a.n.g Wei then continued to check. And every single citizen in this city faced the same similar death, every single of the 12.6 millions of them. All of them had a look of pain, agony, and unwillingness in their eyes.

w.a.n.g Wei sighed after not noticing a single breath of life in the entire city. He blames a lot of these deaths on himself. As a future king, he promised his citizens to bring them a better life, to protect them from harm.

However, he failed miserably. He always treated this war like a trial, like a game with rules and prohibitions that he needed to play.

But what w.a.n.g Wei did not understand was that while this was indeed a trial, but to the people of this world, this was their livelihood, their futures, and their lives that were at stake. Any tiny mistake can cost them dearly–just like today.

While checking the city, w.a.n.g Wei suddenly noticed a breath not far from it. Without hesitation, he rushed towards it.

A few seconds later, he saw a beautiful woman walking in the opposite direction of the city. She had fair skin, nice curves, and cold and ruthless eyes that looked exactly like a snake.

“Did you kill the people of the city?” asked w.a.n.g Wei with a very calm look on his face.

The beautiful woman looked at w.a.n.g Wei with her dotted eyes and licked her mouth with her long and pointy tongue.

“Grey hair and eyes, you must be the so-called Wise Sage. Seeing you here means that Dong Si has failed. What a weak man.”

“Answer my question!”

“Hoho, there is no need to be so angry at the death of a few untouchables. In just a few years, they will easily replenish their loss. Also, this is war, people die all the time.”

After hearing this, w.a.n.g Wei did not hesitate anymore and rushed towards this snake-like woman. However she seemed to be prepared and a red mist enveloped the approaching w.a.n.g Wei.

However, he completely ignored it and ran to the woman and held her by the neck while she was trying to recite another spell.

Without a moment of pause, he ripped her head out of her body along with her spine attached to it. Meanwhile, the snake woman’s headless body started to gush out green and corrosive blood before falling in the ground.

w.a.n.g Wei looked at her head that seemed to be still alive and wanted to say something, then he squished it with both hands until it exploded blood all over him. Then he scattered her bones that had turned into sand particles into the wind.

Without looking back, he returned to the city wall of Bless Wings City, waiting and contemplating his next step of actions.

w.a.n.g Wei spent the whole day standing on the wall without moving. The next morning, he saw Li Jun rus.h.i.+ng towards the city on top of a flying demonic beast.

Li Jun was solemn because he has never seen his big brother so somber. After checking the city, he was shocked and could not believe what happened.

“No, no, no, no, no,” muttered Li Jun as he rushed into different houses of the city to check. However, the result was the same.

Li Jun knelt in the ground, then started to punch it with all his strength. However, due to the fact that he did not use his origin qi, his hand and bones were damaged.

Li Jun could not accept this. He was personally in charge of taking down this city. He remembered the happy look on the citizens when he distributed food and clothing in the city after taking it over.

Many people thanked him and sent his family a blessing. Many children said they wanted to grow as strong as him in the future. Many bold women asked him if he wanted a concubine or maid.

Many mothers entrusted their children to him when he enlisted the healthy man into the army reserves and city guards. He promised to bring them back in tack. Or at the very least, he promised them respect and glory.

However, now, they were all gone, they were all dead. And they died so miserably too. And where could he find glory from this way of death?

After a few moments, Li Jun lay down on the floor–without a care about the dirt–with a few tears falling down his eyes.

Nevertheless, besides tears, a deep seated hatred appeared in his eyes.

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