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Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

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w.a.n.g Wei watched the whole fight with satisfaction. Although Li Jun underestimated his opponent, it did not matter. As long as he learned from his mistake.

Furthermore he recognized that the last spear throw was actually a move from the [Heaven Fighting Scripture], the Emperor Scripture created by the Battle Maniac Emperor.

It allowed Li Jun to easily manipulate things like fighting will or killing intent. In the later stage, it can easily turn these concepts into physical manifestations instead of just spiritual ones.

After the fight, the two of them returned to the city and calmed the citizens who were previously panicking.

After that, both w.a.n.g We and Li Jun entered the Main Barrack to discuss the next military strategies. After the royal family discovers their actions, the fighting will intensify dramatically.

Inside the room, there was a map of the Eastern Rain Kingdom and a sandbox of the terrain of the next city they are about to attack.

On the map, the kingdom was divided into layers. A group of cities together formed a county, and a bunch of counties created a state. Together, 72 states formed the entire Eastern Rain Kingdom.

On the map, 12 of the states had pins on them, indicating they had been conquered. After entering the barrack, both General 4 and 5 saluted w.a.n.g Wei and Li Jun.

“How is the situation on the border?” asked w.a.n.g Wei.

“Still stable. General 1 has prevented the Iron Fist Kingdom from breaching into our borders after they discovered the current state of the kingdom. General 2 has recently fought against the Barbarian Wolf Kingdom. They also seemed to have the intention of intervening while we are still fighting with the royal family.”

“As for the border of the territory of the Black Moon Sect, General 3 has sent news that the sect seemed to be very quiet. There is a chance that they might want to reunite with the other kingdoms and attack us from the rear.”

w.a.n.g Wei pondered for a moment. Due to the vast land of the Eastern Rain Kingdom, it has three borders in the Western side: The Iron Fist Kingdom, the Barbarian Wolf Kingdom, and the Black Moon Sect who also controlled a vast amount of territory.

After a brief moment, he ordered: “Tell General 3 to start attacking the territory of the Black Moon Sect to distract them. He has to make sure that these three kingdoms do not form an alliance no matter the circ.u.mstances. As for the other 2, tell them to keep the defense as tight as possible until we manage to conquer the entire kingdom.”

After checking that he did not oversee anything, w.a.n.g Wei asked: “What about w.a.n.g Ju, any news from her?”

“Yes, young master,” answered General 5 this time. “Miss w.a.n.g Ju reported that she has taken control over all of the brothels under Young Lady Su Ai and has managed to spread them throughout the rest of the world. According to her report, in just two to three years, she can cover all the kingdoms in this world.”

w.a.n.g Wei nodded with a smile on his face. w.a.n.g Ju always did her jobs properly and to the utmost satisfaction.

A few seconds later, someone came to notify w.a.n.g Wei that someone was looking for him. With a puzzled look, he asked to bring the person in.

Soon a beautiful woman with a charming smile walked inside the meeting room. As soon as she entered, both Generals 4 and 5 seemed to have lost their minds. Their eyes could not separate from her, and few drooling saliva fell from their mouths.

If it was not Li Jun to slap them in the back of their head and wake them up, they probably would have further embarra.s.sed themselves.

“It seems that you have made your breakthrough, Miss Su Ai,” said w.a.n.g Wei with a happy smile on his face.

“Even so, my charm has no effect on you, young master w.a.n.g Wei,” answered Su Ai with a coquettish smile on her face. Seeing the nonchalant smile on w.a.n.g Wei’s face, Su Ai was a little discouraged, but she did not show it.

“I would like to thank you young master for providing me with all these resources. Without you, I will not be able to enter the Divine Altar Realm so soon.”

“There is no need to thank me, without you, we would not be able to have such a solid foundation in this world. As long as you work hard, you will be rewarded. Who knows, maybe one day, you could awaken your bloodline just like the Ten Tails Great Emperor and be able to compete with me.”

After hearing this, Su Ai sighed with sadness and regret. The Demon race is a race that places heavy emphasis on bloodline. And among the many bloodlines of the Demon race, the bloodline of the Nine-Tail Fox race can only be considered medium.

Although they are way much better than these demonic beasts that have to reach the Supernatural Realm (Tier 4) to even turn into human form, they are not even close to being the top in the Demon Hierarchy.

What’s even worse was the fact that all the women of the Nine-Tails Fox Clan are very beautiful women. As such, they are always in demand by other demon clans with royal bloodlines–which are Demons clans who inherited their bloodlines from Great Emperors.

The fox clan has survived countless years by offering their most beautiful woman to other demon clans. However, they always hoped to one day become a member of the Royal Family themselves.

And they had a great chance too. One time, a genius woman was born in the Nine-Tail Fox clan. Her name was Su Weiwei.

After her birth, the clans tested her bloodline and discovered that it had mutated into 10 tails instead of 9.

The entire clan celebrated and believed that she was the key for them to become a royal bloodline. As long as she manages to win the Heaven Will, then their fox clan would rise and no longer be forced to serve the other demon clans.

As such, they decided to hide Su Weiwei’s talent. Unfortunately, she was eventually discovered. Many demon royal families then place pressure on the fox clan to hand her over–or face extinction.

After much discussion, the majority of the fox clan decided to hand over Su Weiwei. At this point in time, the fox clan was so used to bowing their heads in front of the other clans that they were not willing to fight for the opportunity given to them, to fight for their clan’s future.

And they paid dearly for their decisions.

Su Weiwei was not like the other fox clans. She refused to spend the rest of her life being the plaything for some other demons.

As such, after receiving the news that the clan had abandoned her, she escaped without hesitation.

After receiving the news, the other royal families were furious and further threatening to annihilate the fox clans. In order to make amends to the other clans, the elders of the fox clan used bloodline origin spells to track Su Weiwei and led other demon clans to chase her.

Since then, Su Weiwei’s life has been constantly on the run. Everywhere she went, the demon clan would send someone after her. The running lasted for thousands of years or more.

It wasn’t until she became a Saint that she managed to find a way to hide her bloodline powers and escape. After that, Su Weiwei disappeared in front of the world.

Many people thought that she was either dead in a distant corner of the world or secretly captured by one of the demon clans in order to study the mutation of her bloodline.

However, everyone was soon proven wrong. When the Heaven Will of that generation appeared, Su Weiwei once again showed and fought for it.

With an unparalleled illusion technique, she easily killed all the Heaven Chosen of the Demon races and suppressed all the ones from the human race.

Then, she bore the Heaven Will and proved the Dao. She took the name of Ten Tails Great Emperor.

After becoming Emperor, she did go on a killing spree or take revenge on the people who had pursued her all her life. No, she completely ignored them–even the Fox race.

All she did after proving the Dao was preaching to the whole world, just like every other Emperor has done. Then, she vanished without a trace.

The Ten Tail Great Emperor can be considered the shortest ruling Great Emperor of the Myriad Emperor Plane.

As for the Fox Demon Clan?

Well, it was a terrible loss for them. They lost the chance to further their bloodline and to have an Emperor Scripture; they essentially threw away their only chance at becoming a royal demon clans.

After this incident, the other Royal Demons feared the bloodline of the Nine-Tail Clan and went to great lengths to suppress them. Until this generation, with the help of the Dao Opening Sect and the decisiveness of their Matriarch, the Fox demon clan escaped to the Central Continent.

After seeing Su Ai’ sadness, w.a.n.g Wei realized that he might have poked a sore wound of hers, so he said, “Do not think of past things and look forward to the bright future. When I establish the dynasty, I will reserve a high position for you. That way, blessed with immense luck, it is possible for you to quickly cultivate to the peak of the Divine Altar Realm and even increase your luck.”

As soon as he finished saying this, he felt a suddwn reminder and took out a talisman from his s.p.a.ce ring.

Immediately, he heard princess Dong Lifen’s words:

“Young master w.a.n.g Wei, you need to hurry up. I just received news that the royal family has sent a powerful cultivator to secretly attack Bless Wing City.”

“You mean Hard Rock City? You do not need to worry, I already fought and killed their envoy.”

“No, not Hard Rock City, Bless Wing City,” answered the princess with anxiety in her voice.

It was then that w.a.n.g Wei realized that he had made a grave error. He a.s.sumed that when the royal family heard about their existence, they would send someone directly to fight and kill him.

However, war is not a game with rules. Who said that the enemy could only attack you where your troops are stationed?

And this is exactly what the royal family did. Not only did they send someone after w.a.n.g Wei, but also sent someone to bypa.s.s their troops and attack the rear in a surprise attack.

And they succeeded as w.a.n.g Wei was not prepared for such a move.

Without hesitation, w.a.n.g Wei rushed towards Bless Wing City with all his strength, hoping to arrive in time to protect it.

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