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Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

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In a mountain floating in air, there was a very large resident made entirely out of wood. The houses were separated by equal distances. If you look at it from high above, you would notice that they make some kind of natural geometric pattern.

The vast spiritual energy engulfed the entire mountain in the form of mist bringing a touch of ethereal and immortal like atmosphere.

All the people in this mountain were dressed in a material-like silk robe that is perfectly tailored to their body shape and size.

This place is the Main House of the w.a.n.g Family, where w.a.n.g Wei and his family live. Inside the main hall, Sect Master w.a.n.g Tian and his wife were standing together, looking at their young son who was still in a coma.

w.a.n.g Wei’s mother said worryingly: “Why do we have to look at our son suffering like this? He’s only eight years old.”

The Sect Master sighed and responded: “This is the path that he chose. Since he embarked on this road, all we could do is to support him all the way through.”

w.a.n.g Wei’s mother hugged her husband and started crying silently.

It took three days before w.a.n.g Wei woke up. He was a little scared afterward. Although he was the one who designed the tests, the specific of the trials were left for the elders to decide.

w.a.n.g Wei spent half a month adjusting his emotions and daily life. During this time, he reinforced his drive and ambition to walk the Path of the Emperor. Afterward, he went to find Li Jun to enter the Second Trial.

When w.a.n.g Wei saw Li Jun, his face was glowing with excitement. The look on his face conveyed the fact that his life was quite happy the past few days.

“Looking at the shady look on your face, your life should have been moist after the PaG.o.da Trial.”

” Big Brother w.a.n.g Wei, what do you mean by shady? That is the face of beauty and success!”

“Heh heh,” w.a.n.g Wei smirked, then proceeded to smack his head. “Kid, do not be too happy yet. We live in a world where the strong preys on the weak. The only time people are interested in you is when they find you valuable. Do you think pa.s.sing the First Layer of the PaG.o.da is enough for the whole Li family to completely value you? Remember, in this world, only strength, only results will give you the status and honor you desire.”

After hearing w.a.n.g Wei’s words, Li Jun immediately recovered from his excitement. As his big brother said, the result he has accomplished now is not enough for him to change his situation.

Now, things look all good, but that was the result of the recent hype of the PaG.o.da Trial. Once the hype disappears and he has not made new results, although his life would improve slightly, but it would not completely raise his status in the clan.

After pondering these issues, he converged his excitement, and asked: “Big Brother w.a.n.g Wei, when are we executing our Big Plan??

w.a.n.g Wei looked at him and said: “Wait until you pa.s.sed the PaG.o.da Trials and survive the Spirit Road Trial 7 years later, then we will start our plan.”

Li Jun nodded and then he became reserve just like he used to be. Noticing the change in temperament of his little brother, w.a.n.g Wei nodded in satisfaction while heading to the PaG.o.da.

As he walked toward his destination, w.a.n.g Wei started thinking about the day he met and became friends with Li Jun.

At that time, he was three years old. He had just awakened a new ability.

When he was three years old, w.a.n.g Wei discovered that his eyes could see an illusory dragon on top of people’s head. The dragons were of different size and color. The colors being red, orange, yellow, gold, and purple.

Even he himself had a purple dragon above his head. After awakening this ability, he searched in the library and learned that this was a manifestation of Luck.

In this world, Luck is a real and observable thing, as such, the color of the dragon determines the level of luck someone has with red being the worst and purple gold being the highest.

In fact, not everyone has a dragon that represents Luck. According to the knowledge he acquired, luck is divided into carp fish, snake, flood dragon, and true dragon.

The majority of cultivators have the Luck of a snake, as having the chance to cultivate itself is a manifestation of luck.

In this vast world, there are trillions of mortals or ordinary people. Out of these people, probably only 1 out 100,000,000,000 can have the talent to cultivate.

Among these people, the cultivator who can get the t.i.tle of Heaven Chosen has at least A Golden Dragon of Luck.

As for the highest Purple Golden Dragon, no one–except for Emperor’s Direct Descendants–can be born with it. If you want to achieve such a level of luck, certain conditions are acquired to achieve.

When w.a.n.g Wei learned about his power, he visited the whole sect to learn about how to use this power.

After many days of observation, he noticed that when the Luck Dragon meets a more powerful one than itself, it is suppressed and becomes dormant. When it is excited, it means a person is going to have a fortunate encounter.

When someone defeats another person in a fight, a part of the luck is transferred to the victor.

w.a.n.g Wei noticed Li Jun because he was the only one among the direct descendants of the sects that had a red dragon.

On that fateful day, Li Jun was besieged by a group of kids who were constantly beating him, even though he lied in the ground defenseless.

The reason that w.a.n.g Wei noticed Li Jun was not because of him being bullied. In the sect, children’s fights were secretly allowed. It was a way to develop the concept of strong prey on the weak at a very young age.

In fact, w.a.n.g Wei himself beat a few children in order to establish his status as the boss. As a kid with the mind of an adult, w.a.n.g Wei can only secretly say that the process was quite enjoyable.

The reason w.a.n.g Wei noticed Li Jun–despite his red dragon luck–was the determination he saw in his eyes and the fact that he did not fight back.

You know kids at their age had no cultivation or training in combat. And Li Jun, who was quite heavy at that time, had many advantages over these kids.

So after the fight, w.a.n.g Wei approached him and asked him: “Why did you not fight back?”

“What’s the point of fighting back besides adding more unnecessary injuries to me.”

After hearing Li Jun’s word, w.a.n.g Wei immediately understood what he meant. w.a.n.g Wei had learned about Li Jun’ situation and knew that his bullying had to do with his status in the clan.

If he had a high status like w.a.n.g Wei, all he had to do was to beat a few kids to establish his dominance, then things would end. But, in his case, after beating the kids, they would gang up on him and beat him more severely in retaliation. As such, being pa.s.sive, he would not anger them and receive less injury.

This was not an easy thing for a three year old kid to realize. After all, circ.u.mstances and the environment has a major influence on people’s growth–especially children.

After noticing that Li Jun was different from other kids, w.a.n.g Wei said: “Well, kid, I like your wisdom and bravery. Follow me and be my little brother. In this sect, no one dares to bully my little brother.”

“Who are you calling a kid? Furthermore, as far as I am concerned, I am older than you. I should be the big brother.”

“What an interesting kid. In that case, let settle this like everyone in the world does. Whoever has the bigger fist is the big brother.”

“Well, what you say makes sense.”

Afterward, they fought madly like kids, rolling in the dirty ground. In the end, w.a.n.g Wei had to rely on a few unsavory tricks to win.

And Li Jun gracefully accepted his status as the little brother.

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