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Chapter 6: Killing the Five-Colored Spirit Tail Sparrow

It’s here, it’s here!

Xiao s.h.i.+ was filled with antic.i.p.ation. This was what he had been waiting for! However, he scratched his head in embarra.s.sment. “Actually, I don’t really want anything. I just want a Five-Colored Spirit Tail Sparrow.”

Elder Qiu’s mouth twitched. This was the first time he had seen someone use the most bashful expression in front of him and make the most outrageous request.

The Five-Colored Spirit Tail Sparrow was an important resource of the sect. Even if the elders wanted it, they would have to pay 8,000 contribution points.

Elder Qiu was no exception. This amount of contribution points was not a small sum to him.

“You want the Five-Colored Spirit Tail Sparrow with just a few pots of wine?” Elder Qiu looked at him with a faint smile.

Xiao s.h.i.+ did not say anything. He just scratched his head and smiled awkwardly. However, he knew very well that the value of the wine he took out was completely different in the eyes of ordinary people and alcoholics.

Especially for a veteran alcoholic like Elder Qiu.

If this wine could be sold in the sect, but the price was equivalent to the price of the Five-Colored Spirit Tail Bird, Elder Qiu would definitely buy it without hesitation.

Of course, Elder Qiu could also choose to freeload now. With his status, even if he did not give him anything, Xiao s.h.i.+ could not do anything to him.

Elder Qiu thought for a moment. He raised his head and looked at a Five-Colored Spirit Tail Sparrow above. The Five-Colored Spirit Tail Sparrow, which was originally flying happily, suddenly stopped. As if it was pinched by an invisible hand, it quickly fell from the sky and landed in front of Elder Qiu.

“It’s yours.” Elder Qiu said calmly.

“Thank you Elder Qiu, Elder Qiu is generous!”

Xiao s.h.i.+ was overjoyed. Although he knew that the significance of wine in the other party’s heart was different from ordinary people, he was not completely confident that the other party would give him the Five-Colored Spirit Tail Sparrow.

He only felt that with Elder Qiu’s personality, even if he was unwilling to give the Five-Colored Spirit Tail Sparrow, he would definitely use other things as compensation and not freeload.

No matter what, he would not suffer a loss. Being able to obtain the Five-Colored Spirit Tail Sparrow was the best outcome.

“Bring me all the wine you have left tomorrow.” Elder Qiu picked up the wine pot beside him and poured it into a wine cup before drinking it.

“Yessir!” Xiao s.h.i.+ nodded obediently.

In the evening.

Xiao s.h.i.+ returned to his room. In addition to the Five-Colored Spirit Tail Sparrow, he also had a bag of freshly caught Piebald Worms.

“After bringing the wine to Elder Qiu tomorrow, I’ll go and rent a room to store the items.”

Xiao s.h.i.+ looked at the increasing number of items in the room. He casually picked up a drumstick from the table and ate it.

Apart from being delicious, the food that dropped through killing would not rot over time. Moreover, it would always be insulated and there was no need to worry that it would turn cold over time.

“In the future, if I encounter those gluttonous seniors, I might be able to continue using this method.” Xiao s.h.i.+ thought happily.

This time, he had used a few pots of wine to obtain the Five-Colored Spirit Tail Sparrow. It was a huge profit!

After all, wine could be dropped by killing Piebald Worms. It was relatively easy. However, the Five-Colored Spirit Tail Sparrow was extremely difficult to deal with.

For outer sect disciples like them, even if they worked hard to complete missions, in the most ideal situation, they would still need decades to gather 8,000 contribution points.

Usually, the contribution points one could obtain after completing a mission were between 20 to 50. If he wanted to gather 8,000 contribution points, he had to complete at least 100 missions. It was almost impossible for outer sect disciples to do so many missions.

Firstly, the missions outside were accompanied by danger and had a high mortality rate. The more tasks you perform, the greater the risk of death. As long as one was unlucky and encountered those powerful evil spirits, it was basically difficult to survive.

Secondly, outer sect disciples only had one year of cultivation time.

After a year, outer sect disciples would have to take on the role of night patrollers. They would not have the time and opportunity to carry out missions. It could be said that the Five-Colored Spirit Tail Sparrows in the sect had never been targeted at outer sect disciples.

This time, Xiao s.h.i.+ did not complete a single mission and did not take any risks. He also did not experience any danger and obtained the Five-Colored Spirit Tail Sparrow.

The Five-Colored Spirit Tail Sparrow, which was about the size of a hen, fell to the ground dispiritedly.

Xiao s.h.i.+ checked.

There were no external injuries. It was either its internal organs were damaged or its mind was damaged.

Xiao s.h.i.+ was still a little shocked by Elder Qiu’s method of making the Five-Colored Spirit Tail Sparrow fall from the sky. He knew that this method was no longer something a Martial Entry-Level could do.

It was very likely to be the Qi Martial Realm above the Martial Entry-Level, or even the Blood Martial Realm!

There are three realms in the Martial Realm.

Martial Entry, Qi Martial, and Blood Martial!

The difference between these three realms was like the difference between heaven and earth. As for whether there was a higher realm above Blood Martial, Xiao s.h.i.+ did not know. He knew that the highest realm of martial artists was the Blood Martial Realm.

“With my current cultivation speed, I can basically reach Martial Entry-Level Six before I become a night patroller. But with the danger of being a night patroller, even Martial Entry-Level Six strength is not enough for self-protection. I need more items to increase my strength so that I can protect myself after becoming a night patroller.”

Thinking of this, Xiao s.h.i.+ looked at the Five-Colored Spirit Tail Sparrow with antic.i.p.ation. As a Martial Entry-Level creature, the Five-Colored Spirit Tail Sparrow would definitely drop Martial Entry-Level items after its death.

“I hope it’s something that can increase my strength and cultivation.” Xiao s.h.i.+ thought to himself. He reached out and grabbed the Five-Colored Spirit Tail Sparrow’s neck.

The dispirited Five-Colored Spirit Tail Sparrow seemed to sense danger and tried to struggle. However, its struggles were powerless and it could not break free from Xiao s.h.i.+’s grasp.


Xiao s.h.i.+ exerted force with his palm. It easily broke its neck. The moment the Five-Colored Spirit Tail Sparrow died, Xiao s.h.i.+ could clearly feel its corpse trembling. However, the tremors were not huge.

But if this vibration was applied to ordinary mosquitoes and piebald insects, their bodies would often explode. This also made Xiao s.h.i.+ understand why a Martial Entry-Level creature’s corpse wouldn’t explode when it died.

The body of a Martial-Entry Realm creature was much stronger than that of an ordinary creature. It could completely withstand the shock of death.

Ordinary creatures could not withstand it, so they would explode when they died.

“That’s good too. If the Five-Colored Spirit Tail Sparrow’s corpse explodes, it will be very difficult for me to obtain its blood and feathers, and I won’t be able to eat it.”

Xiao s.h.i.+ knew.

The blood and feathers of the Five-Colored Spirit Tail Sparrow were important materials for forging weapons. Although he did not know how to forge, he could sell the feathers and blood to the sect in exchange for a certain amount of contribution points.

At the same time, the meat of the Five-Colored Spirit Tail Sparrow was also very delicious. After eating it, it could bring about an improvement comparable to about fifteen days of cultivation!

Of course, the most important thing was the items that dropped after the Five-Colored Spirit Tail Sparrow died.

This was what he was looking forward to the most.

The moment the item fell out, Xiao s.h.i.+ looked over with rapt attention.

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