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Chapter 23: Villain Dies for Talking Too Much

For some reason,

Xu Feng, who clearly felt that victory was already in his grasp and had already perfectly schemed against Xiao s.h.i.+, suddenly had a bad feeling when he heard Xiao s.h.i.+’s words and saw the smile on his face.

This feeling was very absurd. After all, no matter how one looked at it, Xiao s.h.i.+ was a fish that he had caught and was waiting to be slaughtered.

“You’re telling me this because you want to prove that you’re very smart and know how to scheme. You want to use my surprise to show your wisdom and satisfy your sense of superiority.

“However, there’s another saying for your behavior. It’s called the villain dying from talking too much.”

As soon as Xiao s.h.i.+ finished speaking, a sharp light flashed in his eyes. He shouted in his heart. Explode!

In an instant, Xu Feng and the black-robed old man beside him were shocked. Boom! Boom! Boom! Their bodies exploded into a b.l.o.o.d.y mist.

The moment Xu Feng and the old man in black appeared, Xiao s.h.i.+ had already silently formed seals on their bodies.

Dust Seal was a Heaven-rank secret technique. When forming seals, one didn’t need to touch the other party. As long as it was within ten meters of Xiao s.h.i.+, Xiao s.h.i.+ could form seals on his body.

However, forming seals often took some time.

If the two of them attacked as soon as they arrived, Xiao s.h.i.+ would definitely not have the time to form seals. However, Xu Feng’s explanation allowed him to successfully leave a mark on the two of them.

After Xiao s.h.i.+ detonated the mark condensed from his own blood and qi, the explosion brought about by the mark not only blasted their backs into a b.l.o.o.d.y mess, but at the same time, the explosion of the Blood Qi Mark directly caused the blood and qi in their bodies to become chaotic!

The consequences were far more serious than the injuries on their bodies. After all, blood and qi was the key to becoming a Martial Entry-Level martial artist. Once their blood and qi became chaotic, they would not be able to use their full strength.

At the same time that Xiao s.h.i.+ detonated the mark, his figure charged forward. Under the use of Arc Flash, he was like a bolt of lightning. Wherever he pa.s.sed, there would be explosions in the air.

With one step, he arrived in front of the black-robed old man beside Xu Feng.

As he moved, his right hand quickly grabbed his storage bag, and a golden sword appeared in his hand. It was the Martial Entry-Level item he had dropped from killing many insects and birds, the Black Gold Sword!


A golden sword light flashed.

Xiao s.h.i.+ waved the dark golden sword in his hand and slashed at the black-robed old man in front of him.

This person was his first target.

The black-robed old man’s body was covered in blood. The explosion of the mark had already severely injured him. Coupled with the chaotic Qi and blood in his body, his condition was extremely bad.

He did not even see how Xiao s.h.i.+ appeared in front of him. He could only vaguely see a golden light falling in front of him. An intense life and death crisis filled his entire mind.

In such a life-and-death situation, he instinctively raised his arms and crossed them in front of his chest to block.


The sword light from the black-gold sword was like a thin golden line that quickly flashed past the black-robed old man’s arms, causing his arms to leave his body and fly into the air.

Not only that, after cutting off the old man’s arms, the golden line continued to charge forward and landed in front of the old man’s chest.


A large amount of blood exploded from the black-robed old man’s chest. The power of the golden sword light sent his entire body flying and he fell heavily to the ground. His body twitched and he was on the verge of death.

Both of his arms had been severed in unison, and a horrifying crack had appeared on his chest. It was even to the extent that one could see the internal organs wriggling within his body through this crack.

Although he did not die immediately, such injuries were destined to make it difficult for him to live.

Xiao s.h.i.+’s expression was cold. He walked in front of the black-robed old man and stabbed the black-gold sword in his hand into the black-robed old man’s chest.


The tip of the sword pierced through the black-robed old man’s heart.

It killed him instantly.

His speed was too fast! From the moment he attacked to the moment he killed, the entire process was smooth and natural. It did not take more than three seconds. It was so fast that it was difficult to react.

After doing all this, Xiao s.h.i.+ did not choose to immediately take the items dropped by the old man in black. Instead, he looked at Xu Feng. He needed to use this person to verify if the items dropped after he killed them could be seen by others.

He had long wanted to carry out this verification.

However, he could not find a suitable opportunity. If he just found someone to verify it, how could he explain it if the other party could see it? He couldn’t possibly kill him to silence him, right?

Only someone like Xu Feng, who had to be killed, was the most suitable target for verification. Regardless of whether he could see it or not, he would definitely kill him.

Xiao s.h.i.+ stared at Xu Feng. He paid close attention to his gaze. As long as he could see, his gaze would definitely linger on the item. However, Xiao s.h.i.+ discovered that even though Xu Feng’s gaze swept past the item, it did not stop there at all.

This clearly meant that he could not see anything! If he could see it, he would have stopped when he saw this thing appear out of thin air on the ground.

After confirming this, Xiao s.h.i.+ picked up the items dropped by the black-robed old man after his death in front of Xu Feng.

It was a long bottle.

Xiao s.h.i.+ did not pay attention to the item information for the time being. Instead, he stared at Xu Feng.

Soon, he saw that the moment he picked up the item, Xu Feng’s gaze instantly focused on his hand. He even revealed a surprised expression.

From Xu Feng’s reaction, Xiao s.h.i.+ immediately understood. “In other words, the items dropped after I killed them can’t be seen by ordinary people until I pick them up. Only when I pick them up can others see them.”

He came to a realization. He put the item into his storage bag.

Although Xu Feng was surprised that Xiao s.h.i.+ suddenly picked up a bottle, he was more frightened and shocked by the death of the old man in black. “You… You’re not at Martial Entry-Level Four!”

The Qi and blood fluctuations that Xiao s.h.i.+ had been displaying were all at Martial Entry-Level Four. However, the moment he attacked, Xu Feng felt a powerful Qi and blood fluctuation that far exceeded Martial Entry-Level Four.

This was something he had never seen or even heard of before.

Xiao s.h.i.+ did not say much. After verifying it, he moved his feet and set off an explosion as he quickly charged at Xu Feng.

At this moment, Xu Feng was already prepared. He was not like the old man in black who did not have time to react at all.

However, the injuries caused by the explosion of the mark and the chaotic Qi and blood in his body only allowed him to pull out the long saber on his back and use the long saber in his hand to block Xiao s.h.i.+’s slash.


The collision of the sword and saber created a series of dazzling sparks.

Xu Feng’s body retreated rapidly, and blood spurted out of his mouth. Due to the chaotic Qi and blood in his body, he could not use his strength. As a result, he could not withstand Xiao s.h.i.+’s sword at all.

Surprise flashed across Xiao s.h.i.+’s eyes. His gaze fell on the long saber in Xu Feng’s hand.

It was obvious.

The long saber in the other party’s hand was also a Martial Entry-Level weapon. This was also the main reason why the other party could block his sword.

If it was an ordinary weapon, it was impossible for it to collide with a Martial Entry-Level weapon.

He could kill him with one strike!

Still, even if he blocked his sword, Xiao s.h.i.+ was confident that he could kill him within three strikes.

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