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Chapter 17: Mark

As the night gradually darkened, many night patrollers returned to their residences. Nighttime was their time to cultivate the Night Tiger. If there were no missions that needed to be carried out, most night patrollers would choose to cultivate Night Tiger in their rooms.

Xiao s.h.i.+ had already returned to his room. The information he obtained from the captain was still echoing in his mind.

“Using your own blood and qi to activate it?”

He looked thoughtful. He took out a crystal from his storage bag and held it in his hand. Then, he mobilized his blood and qi, causing the compressed blood and qi in his body to boil.

In an instant, the Qi and blood in his body surged and exploded with a bang. It was incomparably shocking. However, he realized that the blood and qi could not rush out of his body at all, so it was difficult for it to affect the crystal in his hand.

Xiao s.h.i.+ thought for a moment. He took out a saber from his storage bag. This was the weapon he dropped when he killed the Piebald Worm. He still had many mortal weapons in his storage bag.

Xiao s.h.i.+ held the knife and let the blade cut across his palm, trying to cut open the skin of his palm. However, when the knife slashed across, his palm was unharmed. Not even a scratch was made.

Usually, it was already very difficult for such a mortal weapon to injure a Martial Entry-Level martial artist. Especially a Martial Entry-Level martial artist like him who had undergone body tempering.

Xiao s.h.i.+ could only cut with all his might. Under the eruption of his strength, it took him a lot of effort to finally cut a wound on his palm, but the blade became curled.

At night, both Xiao s.h.i.+’s defensive and recovery abilities were greatly enhanced.

The wound on his palm was gradually healing.

Xiao s.h.i.+ quickly placed the crystal on the wound. Before the wound healed, he activated his Qi and blood to allow the Qi and blood in his body to flow out of the wound and wrap around the Secret Technique Crystal.

For a moment, Xiao s.h.i.+’s blood boiled and surged. The crystal in his hand quickly melted and was successfully activated by his Qi and blood.

Xiao s.h.i.+ felt his brain shake. The moment the crystal dissipated from his hand, everything about the Dust Seal instantly appeared in his mind.

The secret technique, Dust Seal, mainly focused on forming seals. As long as he successfully mastered this secret technique, he would be able to condense an imprint with everything. Be it soil, sand, stone, wood, metal… or other things, they could all condense different imprints.

This imprint could not be used on him, but on other targets. He could make hand seals on weapons or clothes. At the same time, he could make hand seals on others. However, he could not form seals on himself.

Xiao s.h.i.+ pondered.

He took out many metal accessories and a wooden sword from his storage bag. According to the sealing method in the secret technique, he was prepared to try using these metal accessories to form a seal on the wooden sword.

He quickly used the secret technique.

These metal accessories immediately dissolved at a speed visible to the naked eye, turning into a golden liquid that gathered together. Under Xiao s.h.i.+’s control, it flowed onto the wooden sword and quickly formed a golden mark on it.

The entire mark was circular, about the size of a bottle cap.

The moment the mark was formed, Xiao s.h.i.+ had a special sense and control over the mark.

“Let’s try it!”

He had an idea.

He directly activated this mark. The entire wooden sword was immediately covered by a layer of metal, making it no longer a wooden sword, but a sword made of metal!

Xiao s.h.i.+’s eyes sparkled.

He slashed the ground with the metal sword in his hand.


It easily left a long mark on the ground. Its sharpness was completely incomparable to the wooden sword from before.

Xiao s.h.i.+ squeezed the sword. He realized that other than being sharp, the quality and st.u.r.diness were also different. This was an intrinsic transformation, from a wooden sword to a metal sword.

However, the changes brought about by the mark were not permanent, there was a time limit. Two hours later, the metal on the sword gradually faded and returned to its original wooden sword. The mark on the sword also dissipated.

“The mark can only be activated once. The thing that forms the mark is equivalent to the energy of the mark. Once the energy is exhausted, the mark will dissipate.”

Xiao s.h.i.+ was enlightened.

According to the records of the secret technique, what he was using now was only one of the uses of the mark. Xiao s.h.i.+ continued to take out metal accessories from his storage bag. These metal accessories once again formed the same golden mark on the wooden sword.

However, this time, he used a different method to activate the mark.


Xiao s.h.i.+’s eyes turned cold. The golden mark on the wooden sword instantly exploded! It formed a golden impact. Under this impact, the entire wooden sword shattered and exploded, turning into fine wood shavings that danced in the sky.

“It’s quite powerful.”

Xiao s.h.i.+ was quite satisfied with this. This was the second use of the mark.

Exploding the mark!

The stronger the thing that formed the mark, the more powerful the explosion would be.

For example, if one used flames to condense a mark, the power of the explosion would definitely be stronger than a mark condensed from metal.

“This mark is suitable for killing enemies!”

Xiao s.h.i.+ thought of forming seals on the enemy’s body. It would be best if the enemy could not detect it. However, in order to form seals on a person’s body without being noticed, the thing that condensed the seal had to be something that the other party already had.

If he used something like metal to form a seal, it would be obvious if it appeared on the enemy’s body. He would definitely be noticed.

“What does the enemy have that won’t be detected?” Xiao s.h.i.+ fell into deep thought. Suddenly, there seemed to be a flash of lightning in his mind. “I got it! Blood and qi! As long as I use my own Qi and blood to form seals, I will definitely not be discovered!”

Xiao s.h.i.+ felt that his idea was very feasible. After all, everyone had blood and qi. When a mark formed from condensed Qi and blood appeared on the other party’s body, it would be like a part of the other party’s Qi and blood. It would be very difficult to detect.

As long as he hid it well and did not condense the mark where the enemy could see it, he would not be discovered.

“I can give it a try!”

Xiao s.h.i.+ was excited. If he could condense an undetectable Qi and blood mark on someone else’s body, he would undoubtedly have another powerful method. In the future, even if he encountered enemies stronger than him, he could hide in the dark and detonate the mark to launch a sneak attack.

However, he would only know if it was feasible after he tried.

So the next day, Xiao s.h.i.+ went straight to the prison. While drinking with Yang Zhen and w.a.n.g Changhuan, he quietly tried to condense a blood qi mark on the two of them. He condensed the Blood Qi marks on their backs.

Under the cover of their clothes, the mark could not be seen with the naked eye.

Xiao s.h.i.+ silently observed the two of them. He realized that the two of them did not have any abnormal reactions and did not notice that he had left a mark on their bodies.

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