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Chapter 305: The Might of the Indestructible Body (2)

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Once Xu Bai successfully went to the capital and eliminated the person the Emperor wanted to eliminate, the Jiqiao Pavilion would also soar because of Xu Bai.

Ji Xiaoshan’s expression didn’t change.’”‘Thank you, Lord Xu. We also have sufficient evidence for the five families from before. As long as Lord Xu takes action, we can naturally resolve them.”

A letter was placed on the table by Ji Xiaoshan. It contained evidence of those families trying to murder Xu Bai.

Xu Bai picked up the envelope, glanced through it, and put it away silently. The evidence was very strong.

“As for the last one…” Ji Xiaoshan said,” We only found out that it might be related to the temple that appeared in the Purple Wood Mansion recently. However, that temple is too strange. We went to investigate it but found nothing. ”

Another letter was placed on Xu Bai’s desk. It was about the temple.

Xu Bai picked up the letter and read it carefully again. He frowned.

According to the letter, this temple had been built less than half a year ago. It was built on the Pine Crane Mountain not far from the Purple Wood Mansion.

There was nothing unusual about the temple. Ever since it was built, many devotees went there. It was said that after praying to Buddha there, it was very spiritual.

Furthermore, most of the visitors in the past were women.

Other than that, there was nothing else in the letter.

“Alright, I already know the information.” Xu Bai said as he kept the letter.

He did not say anything else.

Ji Xiaoshan understood in his heart that an expert like this one did not like to waste time.

As long as the other party agreed, it was very stable.

If he continued to dawdle here, it would make the other party unhappy.

Thinking of this, Ji Xiaoshan didn’t say anything more. He cupped his hands and said,””Since Lord Xu has already understood, I will take my leave.”

“Yes.” Xu Bai nodded and hummed faintly.

Ji Xiaoshan didn’t stay any longer and turned to leave.

After Ji Xiaoshan left, Xu Bai sat on the chair and leaned against the back of the chair. He closed his eyes and pondered.

After a long time, he opened his eyes.

“Let’s see how these few families are doing tonight.”

Xu Bai made up his mind. He took out the second Nameless Saber Scripture from the wooden box and continued to check the progress bar.

Time gradually passed. In the blink of an eye, it was already night.

On the streets of the Purple Wood Mansion, the number of commoners began to decrease. It was only when night fell that the streets returned to being empty and deserted.

“Ding “The weather is dry, be careful of the fire


In the dark street, the sound of the night watch was heard. It rose and fell in the darkness, becoming the only sound in the dark night.

A figure passed by the street with a bag on his back and a knife at his waist.

The hilt was wrapped in black cloth, and the bag was also wrapped in black

cloth. Only the rough shape could be seen.

The figure sped along as if it had a purpose. It stopped in front of a luxurious house.

At the entrance of the house, the signboard at the highest point had the words ‘Nan Residence’ written on it.

“Nan family.” Xu Bai raised his head, his eyes shining. He jumped over the wall and entered.

In a room in the Nan family.

The master of the Nan family was sitting on a chair, looking at the dozen or so Nan family members in front of him.

“Remember, when Xu Bai enters the Purple Wood Mansion, do not act rashly.

As far as I know, someone has already made a move, but was killed by Xu Bai.”

The dozen or so members of the Nan family nodded and agreed.

“Patriarch, are we not going to do anything?” asked one of them.”

The head of the Nan family shook his head and said, “Of course, we have to make a move. We just need a suitable opportunity to make Xu Bai unable to return.”

Everyone present was silent. Clearly, they all agreed with the patriarch’s words.

“Alright, all of you may leave. Remember, we will not do anything for the time being. What we need is an opportunity, not rashness.”The head of the Nan family said again and asked everyone to leave.

All the members nodded in agreement. They stood up and went to the door.

The member closest to the door opened the door and was about to walk out.

However, the moment the door opened, a knife wrapped in black cloth reached in from the outside.

The saber carried a terrifying astral wind. In the blink of an eye, it slashed across the necks of these dozen or so people, and the remaining power left deep marks on the surrounding ground.

This scene happened too quickly. Wherever the long saber passed, only corpses were left on the ground.

“Who is it?”

The head of the Nan family was some distance away from the door. He saw a gust of wind coming towards him. A hazy green light appeared on his palms and he slapped it towards the wind.

The strong wind was dispersed by the green light. The Nan family took a step back, stabilized their bodies, and looked at the door.

Before you see anyone, you hear the sound.

“To be able to block this move, you’re quite capable. No wonder you dare to openly plot to take my life.”

Xu Bai, who was dressed in black and holding the Ghost Head Blade, slowly walked into the house.

He had already heard all the conversations between the Nan family at the beginning.

“Xu Bai!” At this moment, the patriarch of the Nan family also reacted and knew who it was.

He turned around as fast as he could, wanting to escape through the window without any hesitation.

The plan had already been discovered by the other party. The other party had come to kill them with a saber. It was obvious that there was no way out here.

The Nan family head was very clear about his own strength. He also knew that the other party had come with absolute confidence. He did not choose to fight head-on. He only wanted to escape first.

As for what to do after escaping, it was not within his consideration. He had to leave this place first. Escaping was the most important thing..

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