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Chapter 304: The Might of the Indestructible Body (1)

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By the time the mechanism rang out, Xu Bai had already placed his hand on the Ghost Head Blade at his waist.

In the room, a young man in his twenties was holding a crossbow and pointing it at Xu Bai’s forehead.

The bow was nocked, but there were no arrows on the bowstring.


The empty sound echoed in the room, breaking the silence and filling the room with a touch of sound.

Xu Bai narrowed his eyes. He didn’t draw his saber but sized up the young man from head to toe.

The most eye-catching thing was the scar on the right side of the young man’s face. It seemed that he had been injured.

However, the scar remained on the young man’s face. Not only did it not look ugly, but it also added a hint of ruffian aura.

Seeing that Xu Bai didn’t draw his saber, the young man put down the bow in his hand and stood up from the chair. He crossed his arms and bent over slightly.

This bow was a complete bow, showing that he was very serious.

“Ji Xiaoshan, the young pavilion master of the Jiqiao Pavilion, greets Lord Xu. I hope Lord Xu can forgive me for coming here.”Ji Xiaoshan said in a low voice, then straightened his body. The scar on his face was especially eye-catching.

Xu Bai walked into the room and looked at Ji Xiaoshan with interest. His right hand gently stroked the hilt of Ghost Head Blade. “Tell me, why did you come here and everything else. If I’m satisfied, you won’t die. If not, you won’t be able to leave this room.’

He didn’t give her any face and closed the door behind him.

Xu Bai was quite interested in a person who had come out of nowhere at this time. However, he did not know if the things that this person had brought were enough to buy his life.

Ji Xiaoshan didn’t panic. He placed his hands at his sides and said,””l already knew that Lord Xu was temperamental and had a strong killing intent. It seems that it is indeed as Wu Hua said, Lord Xu is really like this.”

“No Flower?” “You’re related to No Flower?” Xu Bai narrowed his eyes.”

Speaking of which, it had been quite some time since he had seen the monk from the Titanium Temple.

Ever since they parted ways in the county, Wu Hua and Liu Xu had returned to the Titanium Temple and Qingyun Academy respectively. Although they occasionally wrote letters, they had cut off contact because of Yun Zihai’s matter.

Xu Bai still remembered that he still owed him a disguise.

Currently, the only people Xu Bai was on good terms with were Liu Xu Wu Hua, Yun Zihai, and Chu Yu. Qing Xue was considered half of them. As for Qin Feng, Xu Bai really wanted to beat him up again.

Therefore, after hearing the news about No Flower, Xu Bai was slightly surprised.

“Wuhua has already entered the sixth rank. It is said that he is now immersed in the Spring Rain Pavilion every day, refining his heart with the secular world. He is not far from the fifth rank. “Ji Xiaoshan explained.

Xu Bai was speechless.

Spring Rain Pavilion?

This guy was a monk?

Xu Bai’s horizons had been broadened since he could actually refine the heart in the mortal world like this.

“You know Wu Hua, so I’ll take it that you’re real for now. Why are you looking for me?”Xu Bai said.

“This one came here this time because I actually want to discuss a business deal with Lord Xu. It’s related to the Purple Wood Manor.””l heard from Wu Hua that Lord Xu likes to talk about business the most. I’m just following his interests.” Ji Xiaoshan said with a firm gaze.”

Xu Bai’s interest was piqued when he heard the word ‘business’.

He walked to the chair and poured a glass of water.””Tell me.”

“Lord Xu, this trip to the capital is bound to be heavily blocked and dangerous. Just this trip to the Purple Wood Prefecture alone is estimated to have at least five or six factions eyeing it.”Ji Xiaoshan said slowly,” Jiqiao Pavilion has used all the information they know. They have already found 90% of the information. There is only one thing left.””

“Because Lord Xu arrived, they finally surfaced.”

Ji Xiaoshan placed a piece of paper on the table.

Xu Bai picked up the piece of paper and glanced at its contents.

“Nan family, Sun family, Qian family, Zhao family, Bai family…”

“It seems that the intelligence of your Jiqiao Pavilion is not bad.”

“Of course.” ” The Jiqiao Pavilion has already investigated these five,” Ji Xiaoshan said.” We have a lead on the remaining one. ‘”‘

At this point, Ji Xiaoshan stopped talking.

“What do you need?” Xu Bai tapped his fingers on the table and said rhythmically,””Speak, be direct.”

Ji Xiaoshan sheathed the crossbow at his waist and said,””Lord Xu is indeed a straightforward person. I won’t waste time. What the Jiqiao Pavilion needs is to rely on Lord Xu.”

“My Jiqiao Pavilion was originally one of the top powers, but many years ago, due to an accident, most of the foundations of the pavilion were destroyed.”

” At that time, an idiot who had no divine soul appeared out of nowhere and destroyed most of the foundations of the Jiqiao Pavilion. Although that person was severely injured in the end, he paid a heavy price.”

“It is difficult to go from extravagance to frugality. If Jiqiao Pavilion wants to rebuild its former glory, it needs Lord Xu’s help.”

At this point, everything was clear.

Xu Bai rubbed his chin and said,” It’s not just me, right? It seems that your

Jiqiao Pavilion has already seen through the essence.’”‘

He knew very well that the person the Jiqiao Pavilion wanted to rely on was not him, but the person behind him, the Emperor of Great Chu.

“There is an item in the pavilion that is a combination of heavenly secrets and ingenuity. The price is that this item will disappear forever.’”‘But it’s all worth it. As long as it helps Lord Xu, it’s worth it.” Ji Xiaoshan said slowly.” “Tell me about the last faction.”Xu Bai said.

He didn’t say it directly, but it was obvious that he had agreed.

This Jiqiao Pavilion had a very good plan.

As Ji Xiaoshan had said, the Jiqiao Pavilion was not as good as it used to be, so they needed to find another way. Helping Xu Bai was helping the Emperor

eliminate his dissidents..

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