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I Have A City In An Alternate World

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Chapter 7

Harvest and Trade

These weapons were well-made. There were folding swords and sabers, as well as special steel-cut sabers. They were not what those cheap knockoffs on the street could compare to. It was precisely because of the materials and craftsmans.h.i.+p that they were naturally expensive. Obviously, they were all the beloved collections of the original owner.

Tang Zhen took a look and chose two long blades to give to Qian Long.

Tang Zhen had observed carefully that Qian Long seemed to be the strongest person in this group. The others were very careful in front of Qian Long, and even the organizer was polite to him.

There was no harm in befriending such a figure!

The other swords were wrapped in a broken blanket by Tang Zhen and casually placed beside him. Compared to how much the wanderers valued these weapons, Tang Zhen didn’t take these knives very seriously. If he could return to Earth, these knives could be bought with money.

After a short rest, he continued searching.

Perhaps it was because his luck points had doubled, but Tang Zhen obtained more money, gold and silver accessories, and many cigarettes and alcohol in this room.

After confirming that he had checked every corner, Tang Zhen began to collect the spoils of war. Just as he was about to go out to collect the brain beads, Tang Zhen also discovered a big golden chain on the zombie’s neck. It was nearly a hundred grams!

Tang Zhen naturally accepted this wealth with a smile.

After walking out of the house, Tang Zhen suddenly thought of something.

According to Qian Long, there would basically be a hidden room or a bas.e.m.e.nt in such wild buildings with one or several powerful monsters inside. They guarded a cornerstone. After obtaining the cornerstone, they could establish their own building through a certain ritual!

Tang Zhen really wanted to obtain the cornerstone, but he currently didn’t have the ability to s.n.a.t.c.h the cornerstone from the monster.

According to Qian Long, not only were the monsters guarding the cornerstone powerful, but some monsters even had extremely strange magical powers. Ordinary people were no match for them at all. Fighting them would only be courting death.

Qian Long couldn’t tell how powerful the monster’s battle power was. In any case, it was very powerful!

Even if he defeated these powerful monsters regardless of the cost and obtained the precious cornerstone, it didn’t mean that he could successfully establish the building.

It was said that after establis.h.i.+ng the building, one had to deal with the attacks of monsters. Only after persisting for enough time or reaching certain conditions could one be recognized by the G.o.ds of this world. Only then would the building be officially built.

Therefore, although the lone wanderers knew of the existence of the cornerstone, very few people overestimated themselves and tried to attack it, even if its purchase price was very high.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, after the wild building was explored, it would stand alone in the wilderness. Only after the cornerstone was taken away would it slowly collapse into ruins.

However, for Tang Zhen, who had made up his mind to become rich in this world, the cornerstone was a very important item. It could help him establish his own building and recruit a group of residents to serve him.

This way, he could obtain endless wealth from this world without doing it himself.

In the open s.p.a.ce in front of the building, the wanderers who had completed their search were gathering. Some wanderers were preparing to lay out things that were useless to them to trade. After the transaction was completed, all the wanderers would quickly leave the building, in case bandits and the armies from the buildings rushed over after hearing the news.

Tang Zhen realized that two wanderers that he had seen previously had not appeared. They must have encountered an accident while searching the room.

After checking the stalls one by one and distinguis.h.i.+ng the items traded by the wanderers, he realized that the wanderers didn’t take gold and silver seriously. Usually, they wouldn’t pick it up after encountering it, and even if they did, they didn’t take it too seriously. Money was like waste paper to the wanderers. No one picked it up at all.

There were three most expensive and popular items in the market: clothes, food, and weapons!

Ragged clothes were very common when exploring wild buildings, but wild buildings were rare, so the price of clothes was neither high nor low among wanderers.

The status of food was always very important. Most of the time, wanderers obtained food from the wilderness, but the barren wilderness clearly couldn’t let the wanderers fill their stomachs easily. Therefore, the price of food was high. Some food from the wilderness could even be bought for a good price among the wanderers.

As for the items with the highest prices, they were naturally the weapons!

The chances of encountering weapons when exploring wild buildings were very low. Even if one was able to find one, most of them would only be kitchen knives and iron bars. Therefore, most wanderers used simple self-made weapons. Weapons determined their survival, so when they encountered good weapons for sale, the wanderers would try to buy them with all their might.

Tang Zhen was definitely extremely lucky to be able to get so many swords at once. The luck from the Double Luck Card was indispensable!

After making up his mind, Tang Zhen found an empty s.p.a.ce beside Qian Long and placed everything apart from his belongings, including the swords he had discovered.

As soon as these swords were revealed, they immediately attracted the attention of the wanderers. Almost everyone leaned forward. As they looked at these weapons with greedy eyes, they secretly envied Tang Zhen’s good luck. At the same time, someone asked for the price.

Qian Long also looked at these knives with yearning in his eyes, but soon, his eyes became clear. He glanced at Tang Zhen, who was a little confused when the others asked for the price, and quickly spoke up, “This will be sold for 50 level-one brain beads, this will be sold for 80 level-one brain beads, this will be sold for 100!”

Tang Zhen smiled and nodded. He agreed with Qian Long, but he was pleasantly surprised that swords could be sold at such a price. He didn’t expect the price of weapons in this world to be so high. It looked like he should get a batch of knives and swords to sell as soon as possible when he returned.

It turned out that the price Qian Long offered was not expensive. After hearing the price, the few wanderers immediately took out their personal collection pockets and handed the brain beads to Tang Zhen.

After the wanderers with enough brain beads bought the weapons, they immediately fiddled with them lovingly. As for the wanderers with insufficient brain beads, Tang Zhen allowed them to use gold, silver, and money to trade for them. This made some wanderers secretly laugh at Tang Zhen for being stupid, and then they happily traded with him.

Qian Long also seemed to be puzzled by Tang Zhen’s behavior, but he didn’t say anything.

The transaction scene was very explosive. The dozen or so knives and miscellaneous items that Tang Zhen obtained were quickly exchanged for a large pile of brain beads. Tang Zhen estimated that there were at least thousands of them.

After the transaction ended, Tang Zhen called Qian Long to the side and gave him a long saber that he had previously put away.

The appearance of this long saber was long and slender, and it should be a Miao saber. From the patterns and methods, it should have used the combination of folding forging and the Earth Burning Blade, making this saber moderately flexible and abnormally sharp.

Qian Long didn’t delay. Instead, his eyes lit up as he took the long saber. After carefully rubbing it for a while, he stuffed a bag of brain beads into Tang Zhen’s hands.

“Although it’s definitely not enough, this is all I have left.”

Qian Long said with a hint of guilt.

“I don’t want it. Put it away.”

Tang Zhen pushed the bag back and firmly refused to take Qian Long’s brain bead. Unexpectedly, Qian Long was even more straightforward. He directly threw the sword at Tang Zhen, indicating that if he didn’t take the brain bead, he didn’t want this sword either.

Tang Zhen was helpless and could only put away the bead.

As the transaction was completed and they paid the organizer of the exploration operation, most of the wanderers chose to leave quickly.

Perhaps stimulated by Tang Zhen’s gains, a small number of people chose to enter the wild building again and carefully search the corners that might have been missed by others. However, they could move freely this time and could even enter the room Tang Zhen had gone into previously if they wanted.

Tang Zhen naturally wouldn’t miss this opportunity to get rich. Previously, through observation, he had preliminarily confirmed that Qian Long’s character could be trusted, so this time, he moved with Qian Long and carefully searched the corners of every room, not letting go of any valuable items.

When the two of them left the last room, his backpack they picked up was filled with money, gold, silver, jewelry, and some antique junk.

He had gained a lot this time. He roughly estimated that the money alone he had gathered was no less than 400,000 to 500,000 yuan. The price of gold, silver, jewelry, and other items was impossible to estimate, but it was at least 200,000 yuan.

Tang Zhen couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. He had become rich overnight!

After confirming that there were no more usable resources in the wild building, Tang Zhen and Qian Long quickly left and entered the wilderness filled with weeds.

The wild building could not be stopped at night, because every time night fell, the area around the wild building would become a paradise for monsters. They would occupy this place, and at the same time, some extremely strange things would happen. The wanderers who spent the night in the wild building rarely lived to see the sun tomorrow.

Therefore, staying in the wild building at night became a taboo for the wanderers. Although Tang Zhen was very curious about what would happen here at night, he didn’t want to take unnecessary risks.

Although the wanderers who had gathered to explore the wild building had all sworn to the G.o.ds to ensure that they wouldn’t do anything harmful to their companions during the exploration, who could guarantee that no one would rather take the risk of being punished by breaking their oath?

Therefore, leaving as soon as possible was the best plan!

Qian Long was very satisfied with the gains this time. On the way, he spoke more.

According to Qian Long, many wanderers didn’t have the chance to explore the wild building. Firstly, the chances of the wild building appearing were very small. Even if they encountered it, they had to gather a group of people to be qualified to explore. Secondly, once they discovered the wild building, the armed forces nearby would send armed people to occupy this place immediately. Wanderers were forbidden from approaching, or else they would be killed without mercy.

After wandering in the wilderness for so many years, Qian Long had only explored three wild buildings.

When it was time to part, Qian Long asked Tang Zhen if he was willing to wander and explore with him. This way, they could take care of each other.

He had a good impression of Tang Zhen. Tang Zhen’s eyes didn’t have the numbness of ordinary wanderers, and his behavior was also very good. If it weren’t for this, he wouldn’t have said anything. After all, he had been wandering alone all these years.

Tang Zhen’s heart skipped a beat when he heard that. The other party had also given him a good impression. He was righteous and straightforward. Although they had only known each other for a short period of time, the other party had always taken care of him. Tang Zhen needed a guide in this world, and after establis.h.i.+ng his building, he also needed a trustworthy person to help him. Qian Long seemed to meet the standard.

Tang Zhen thought for a moment. It was good to have a local to take care of him, so he nodded and agreed to explore the endless wilderness with Qian Long.