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I Have A City In An Alternate World

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Chapter 6

First Download, Treasure Hunt in the Wild Building!

The sounds of battle and roars were endless. Then, they became fainter and fainter, gradually disappearing.

After a long time, Tang Zhen felt a trace of strength return to his limbs. Then, he grimaced and crawled up in an extremely ugly posture. He wiped his blood-covered face with his hand and looked around to confirm that the battle had ended.

All the monsters nearby had been cleaned up, and a few of the wanderers had unfortunately died in battle. Their broken corpses were dragged to the side and waiting to be buried. More wanderers had suffered varying degrees of injuries and were currently suturing and bandaging.

Tang Zhen panted for a long time. Only when his breathing became smoother did he drag his legs and collect the spoils of war with trembling hands. The temptation of the brain bead was incomparably great, and he couldn’t wait.

He clumsily collected two white level-one brain beads from the two monster corpses. Tang Zhen hesitated for a moment before returning one to Qian Long.

However, this guy refused to accept it no matter what. In the end, as long as Tang Zhen mentioned the bead, Qian Long would put on a long face. Tang Zhen could only give up helplessly.

Tang Zhen secretly remembered the favor and absorbed the bead again when no one was paying attention. He secretly checked his personal information on his cell phone and was pleasantly surprised to discover that apart from the 20 gold coins increase, his experience points, which had originally been unchanged, had also increased by two points. He was still eight points away from leveling up.

Tang Zhen’s physical fitness was not bad, and the strength he erupted with was very strong. He was actually only slightly weaker than a monster of the first level. According to the changes in his personal information, as long as he killed a level-one monster with similar strength to him, he should be able to obtain one experience point!

If he killed ten level-one monsters, he should be able to advance to level one!

On the gra.s.s covered in blood and minced meat, the wanderers rested for a while after bandaging their injuries. Then, they eagerly picked up their weapons and rushed towards the wild building close at hand. The wanderer at the front kicked open the rotten iron door, revealing the dark corridor inside.

The corridor was also broken. The white wall was mottled and falling, and trash and unknown items were piled up everywhere.

Tang Zhen noticed that there was still a large amount of dark brown blood on the walls and in some dark places, but it had long dried up. There were also some bones of humans or animals scattered around, filling the entire corridor with a sinister and terrifying aura.

However, the wanderers didn’t mind. They discussed for a while, and then some wanderers rushed up the stairs first. They began to clean up the sporadic monsters in the corridor and pry open the sealed doors.

It was like opening a mystery box. Before it was opened, no one knew what items would be hidden in the room, so the wanderers were filled with antic.i.p.ation.

Although the huge temptation was right in front of them, the wanderers didn’t fall into chaos. Instead, the strongest leader appeared and randomly a.s.signed rooms to everyone.

All the gains after the wanderer entered the room belonged to the wanderer. If there were unwanted items, these items could be exchanged after the exploration.

Of course, after all the operations were over, every wanderer had to pay a certain fee to the discoverer of the wild building and the initiator of the exploration operation. After all, there was no free lunch in this world. Even if others worked hard, they should still receive rewards.

With the cooperation of many wanderers, the corridor was quickly cleaned up. Then, the leaders began to distribute the rooms.

When it was Tang Zhen’s turn, he was a.s.signed to two houses on the fourth floor of Unit 2. But just as he was about to enter, the heavy security door blocked his path.

The tools in his hand were not able to open this door at all. Only now did he realize why there was a crowbar in every wanderer’s equipment. It turned out that it was used to break open the door.

Fortunately, Qian Long, who was following closely behind, had long noticed Tang Zhen’s embarra.s.sing situation. He walked over with a smile and used the tools skillfully. In just a few minutes, he helped Tang Zhen pry open the iron door.

Without looking at the decorations in the room, Qian Long turned around and opened his own room.

Just as Tang Zhen was about to open the door and enter, he inexplicably recalled the app called Lucky Lottery in his cell phone. After a moment of hesitation, he took out his cell phone and entered the app store, clicking on the [Lucky Roulette] to choose to download it.

The download speed of the software was extremely fast. It was installed in less than three seconds. Tang Zhen then opened it.

An extremely gorgeous big wheel appeared on the screen. It was densely divided into hundreds of areas, but most of the areas were blank. Tang Zhen looked carefully for a while and realized that the chances of winning were too low.

There was a set of instructions beside the wheel, explaining the play style of the lucky wheel in detail.

It turned out that the Lucky Roulette’s betting method was divided into an entry level lucky draw method. Every bet was ten gold coins, and every additional bet could remove a blank area. However, in every lucky draw, it was ensured that the remaining areas of the roulette that were not picked were not less than ten.

In the intermediate level lucky draw method, the number of prizes increased, and the level of some prizes increased. Every bet was 100 gold coins. Similarly, every additional bet could remove a blank area. The remaining areas of the roulette that were not picked were also ensured to be no less than ten.

In addition, there was also a high-level lucky draw method. Every bet was 1,000 gold coins, and the special-level lucky draw method cost 10,000 gold coins for each bet!

There were many ways to play the Lucky Roulette, but Tang Zhen was secretly speechless. He thought to himself that he definitely couldn’t afford to play this thing if he was broke.

But since it had already been opened, he would try to play it once. At the thought of this, Tang Zhen chose an entry level lottery and clicked to start.

The gorgeous wheel began to spin quickly. Tang Zhen couldn’t see what it was at all, but as the speed of the wheel slowed down, the area of the pointer began to gradually magnify. Slowly, Tang Zhen could already see the contents of the box clearly.

Just as he was trying to see the contents of each area clearly, the wheel suddenly stopped spinning.

[Congratulations on obtaining a double lucky card!]

A golden card appeared on the screen. It said, “Double luck value, lasts for an hour. Do you want to use it?”

He hit the jackpot just like that?

Tang Zhen almost cried. He had bought the lottery for seven to eight years and had won at most ten yuan in one go. Now, he had casually placed a bet and actually hit the jackpot. Tang Zhen even suspected that this double lucky card had taken effect in advance.

No matter what, it was a good thing to win!

Tang Zhen reached out and clicked to use it. The card instantly turned into fireworks that scattered. At the same time, he seemed to feel refreshed. Then, endless confidence and confidence appeared out of thin air, as if nothing could go wrong.

Tang Zhen clicked his tongue in wonder. He wasn’t sure if this thing was good, but the confidence felt very good.

With this almost explosive confidence, Tang Zhen directly pushed the door open and entered.

Holding the kitchen knife, he slowly walked into the room. As Tang Zhen had expected, the room was indeed messy and covered in dust. However, looking at the decorations in the room, Tang Zhen suddenly felt like he had returned to his original world, because the things in the room looked too familiar.

Television, fridge, sofa…

Everything that a modern house should have was here.

The only pity was that these appliances were already tattered. They had completely lost any use and were reduced to a pile of trash.

What was the connection between the alternate world he was in and his original world? This question appeared in Tang Zhen’s mind again, but he still didn’t dwell on this question too much. Instead, he focused on the present.

There was a lot of trash in the room. After a careful search, he should be able to get a lot of good things. Unfortunately, Tang Zhen wasn’t very interested.

In fact, according to Tang Zhen’s thoughts, as long as he could return to his original world, he didn’t have to look through this trash at all.

The “good” things he found after working for half a day were probably not even worth dozens of yuan on Earth. But when he thought about how wanderers could exchange items, Tang Zhen felt that he should search carefully.

After all, these things could be exchanged for brain beads, and this was what Tang Zhen lacked the most now.

Kitchen, bedroom, closet, desk…

After Tang Zhen searched carefully, he was actually quite pleasantly surprised.

First was a few stacks of cash. It was actually the currency he often used. There was also a problem with the date it was printed. After careful inspection, Tang Zhen confirmed that this was real money!

This was simply a big surprise. It looked like the effect of the double luck card was really good.

Amidst his joy and confusion, Tang Zhen searched with great motivation. Soon, he discovered some gold and silver jewelry and tickets. He put them all in the bag he picked up.

Ten minutes later, Tang Zhen put away some slightly intact clothes and moldy rice and noodles. After a simple search, he walked out with a bag and continued to search the second room that belonged to him.

The iron door of this room was only ajar, which saved Tang Zhen a lot of energy.

Just as he entered the second room, Tang Zhen was surprised to see a zombie wandering in the living room.

Compared to other zombie monsters, this zombie was huge. At a glance, one could tell that this zombie was a big fatty when it was alive. There were many green tattoos on its grayish-white skin filled with livor mortis.

“Oh my, is this zombie a gangster?”

Tang Zhen complained in disdain. He didn’t dare to be careless at all. Instead, he carefully approached.

In the hand of this huge zombie was a metal baseball bat. When it saw Tang Zhen enter, it opened its black mouth that was torn open and roared, dragging its feet as it pounced at him.


A stench pounced over. Tang Zhen couldn’t help but spit fiercely. At the same time, he quickly pushed the bag in front of him and charged at the zombie.

The moment the bag touched the zombie, Tang Zhen felt blessed. He quickly bent down and turned sideways. At the same time, he waved a broken kitchen knife he had just picked up and ruthlessly slashed the zombie’s knee.

This slash directly broke the zombie’s knee, and then the zombie tripped over the bag and fell onto the ground. The force of the sprint immediately broke one of the zombie’s legs, and it rolled on the ground with Tang Zhen’s bag, its hands and feet constantly waving around.


The baseball bat that flew out of the zombie’s hand hit the broken bed and smashed a hole at the bottom. Tang Zhen glanced at it, as if there was something hidden under the bed.

However, Tang Zhen didn’t look too carefully. The most important thing now was to kill this zombie.

Taking advantage of the other party’s weakness, Tang Zhen immediately rushed forward and ruthlessly slashed the back of the zombie’s head with the rotten kitchen knife. Then, he slashed a second time, and then a third…

When Tang Zhen felt exhausted, the zombie’s head had already turned into a pile of rotten meat. At the same time, a violent stench spread, almost making him vomit out last night’s meal.

“d.a.m.n, a dead zombie is a good zombie!”

After complaining and killing the zombie safely, Tang Zhen started searching again.

Thinking of the big bed that had been smashed by the zombie previously, he immediately walked forward to take a look. Pus.h.i.+ng aside a pile of scattered junk, Tang Zhen discovered that there seemed to be a secret compartment inside. It was about 1.5 meters long, and there were many strips inside.

These strips were wrapped in a piece of canvas and looked bulging.

Tang Zhen reached out and took it out. It felt heavy. He opened it and saw more than ten sharp swords of various sizes!