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I Have A City In An Alternate World

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Chapter 5

Brain Bead, Wild Building, Battle! (2)

He stared at his cell phone for a while, but he was left far behind by the team. It was only when the wanderer team walked nearly a hundred meters away and Qian Long called out to him that Tang Zhen returned to his senses and quickly chased after them.

However, at this moment, he was excited and eager, but he didn’t want others to discover his abnormality. This caused a strange expression to appear on his face. Tang Zhen also realized this, so he kept walking with his head lowered.

At this moment, he had a faint premonition in his heart that this strange world would definitely bring him huge benefits and change his life from here on.

This was an opportunity, an opportunity that many people had yearned for but couldn’t get. Now, it was placed in front of him!

He had to cherish it more. His future was limitless!

The team of wanderers moved forward slowly. Although there were many people, they looked extremely small in the wilderness.

Tang Zhen and Qian Long chatted as they walked. Of course, most of the time, it was Qian Long who spoke excitedly, while Tang Zhen acted as a listener.

From the conversation of the two, Tang Zhen learned that Qian Long was originally a resident of a small building. However, when he was ten years old, the building he lived in was captured by another group of warriors from a medium-sized building. The foundation of the building was s.n.a.t.c.hed away, and most of the residents were killed, including Qian Long’s parents. He took the opportunity to escape and had been wandering in the wilderness all these years.

Like all wanderers, although Qian Long was very indifferent to life and death, his greatest wish was to join a powerful building, marry a wife, and have children. This way, when he was old, he could obtain protection.

For wanderers, a building was their home. Home was very important. Those who had it couldn’t understand their feelings.

Tang Zhen’s gaze swept across the faces of these wanderers and discovered that their haggard eyes were filled with vicissitudes. They were indeed like duckweed, wandering aimlessly in the wilderness, searching for the direction of home, not knowing when they would fall and become fertilizer to nourish the growth of the wild gra.s.s.

After trudging for five to six hours, a dilapidated building standing in the weeds finally appeared in Tang Zhen’s vision. It had a total of eleven floors. The outer wall was mottled, and the gla.s.s of the windows was incomplete. It looked like an abandoned Chinese residential building.

In this strange world, such a familiar building actually appeared. Tang Zheng couldn’t help but feel very awkward.

He couldn’t help but secretly guess what the connection between this world and Earth was. However, he was confused now. He didn’t even understand how he came to this world, so he suppressed all kinds of guesses in his heart.

Qian Long said that the place in front of him was still a wasteland a few days ago, but at this moment, a huge building suddenly appeared. This world was indeed strange and magical.

This was the wild building, the gold-digging paradise of the wanderers. Danger and opportunity coexisted here.

In the gra.s.s around the building, dozens of monsters were wandering. There were the goblins that Tang Zhen had seen before, a few humanoid monsters that looked like wild dogs, and many zombie-like figures.

According to the experience of the wanderers, these were basically monsters around level one. The highest level was not more than level two. In other words, this was a wild building with a low danger level. They could completely take it down.

Apart from Tang Zhen, the weakest wanderers in this team had battle power close to level one!

The so-called level was a way to cla.s.sify battle power in the wilderness. Humans and monsters were common. The first level of battle power was equivalent to the extreme strength and speed that a normal adult could completely stimulate. The second level was equivalent to the extreme battle power of two adults. The third level was the strength of three adults. At the fifth level, it represented the extreme terrifying power erupted by five adults.

Ordinary people and ordinary monsters reached their limit when they got to level five. If they wanted to advance, they had to find another way.

The battle power index of these monsters in front of him had long been tested by countless wanderers. There were definitely no mistakes.

At this moment, all the wanderers clenched the simple weapons in their hands. They knew that if they wanted to enter the wild building, these dozens of monsters had to be eliminated. Because of the benefits, no one retreated at this moment, or they would lose the right to explore.

The mood of the wanderers also infected Tang Zhen. He didn’t want to lose this opportunity either, because this was very important to his plan to explore this world. With the kitchen knife that Qian Long had just handed him in one hand and the human bone spur in the other, a ruthless feeling rose in Tang Zhen’s heart.

There were no battle cries. The wanderers only gathered all their strength and charged forward without a word. They surrounded these monsters in twos and threes and started attacking.

At this moment, Tang Zhen was shocked to discover that despite their thin bodies, the wanderers actually contained such terrifying power. This was because he had personally seen a thin man kick out a stone while running, and the impact of this stone actually smashed a monster a few steps back.

Tang Zhen also started fighting. His target was a lone Goblin.

With the advantage of height, Tang Zhen ran and sprinted. Then, he kicked the stupid fat green-skinned goblin.

This goblin was also very fierce. After it was kicked down by Tang Zhen, it actually rolled over and got up. At the same time, it waved the weapon in its hand that looked like a short spear and stabbed fiercely at Tang Zhen’s small stomach.

At the same time as the battle, the goblin also let out a strange cry. This scene suddenly made Tang Zhen feel funny. In his opinion, this green-skinned goblin was a big toad that had awakened a spirit.

Although the monster was ridiculous, if one was injured by it, one would really die.

Tang Zhen didn’t dare to be careless. He immediately dodged quickly. At the same time, he quickly stretched out a hand and pressed down on the goblin’s head. He didn’t expect this goblin to be so strong. It suddenly straightened its body and almost knocked Tang Zhen down. Tang Zhen didn’t dare to hesitate anymore. His other hand quickly reached forward and ruthlessly cut open this guy’s neck.

Dirty blood sprayed onto Tang Zhen’s face, looking ferocious.

Ignoring the struggling goblin on the ground, Tang Zhen turned around and pounced at the kobold closest to him.

This time, the kobold was about 1.6 meters tall. At first glance, it really looked like a big dog standing on its hind legs. The kobold’s body was hunched, and its two sharp claws kept waving, trying to attack every wanderer who approached it.

Moreover, the muscles of this kobold were very developed, like a strong bull, looking extremely fierce. Its big mouth with crossed fangs was letting out a low roar, and smelly saliva kept flowing out of its mouth.

After seeing Tang Zhen approach it, it immediately revealed a fierce expression. It roared and quickly charged at Tang Zhen.

Looking at the ferocious dog-headed person, Tang Zhen was slightly shocked. However, he also knew that he couldn’t retreat at this moment. Once he retreated, he would definitely die. He braced himself and pounced forward. Tang Zhen first kept waving his weapon to prevent the dog-headed person from getting close, then kept making fake movements to try to confuse the dog-headed person.

His action was really effective. The dog-headed person was actually a little confused by him. Tang Zhen took this opportunity to quickly circle behind the dog-headed person and directly waved his weapon to stab the guy’s back.

This kobold was actually very fierce. After being attacked, it actually didn’t fall. Instead, it tore open the chest flesh of a wanderer beside it with a claw. Then, it turned around and pounced at Tang Zhen, pressing him to the ground.

A smelly breath hit him in the face, and saliva flowed down his face. The other party’s long mouth filled with sharp teeth went straight for Tang Zhen’s neck. However, Tang Zhen ruthlessly pressed one hand against the kobold’s neck, and his other hand held the kitchen knife tightly, stabbing the kobold’s stomach crazily.

After countless stabs, his clothes were already soaked in hot blood, and the other party’s smelly intestines were piled on his body. Only then did the kobold fall weakly and glare at Tang Zhen with grievances.

His stiff arm hung down, and Tang Zhen could no longer muster any strength.