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I Have A City In An Alternate World

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Chapter 4

Brain Bead, Wild Building, Battle!

After the battle ended, Tang Zhen, who was watching from the side, was stunned.

This kind of large-scale life-and-death battle indeed had an extremely strong sensory stimulation, making the blood in one’s body boil unconsciously.

While Tang Zhen was in a daze, Qian Long slowly walked over.

“Pfft, monsters like goblins are idiots. As long as they see wanderers, they will charge forward with all their might, regardless of the number of people. If they win, they eat human corpses. If they lose, they escape. After that, they do it all over again! They just don’t learn their lesson!”

Qian Long cursed loudly. He walked to a goblin corpse and pulled out the iron rod he had thrown. He had killed one of these corpses, so he had the right to deal with the spoils of war on this corpse.

Tang Zhen saw him take out a broken kitchen knife and neatly flip the goblin’s dirty corpse over. He raised the tip of the knife between the goblin’s eyebrows and a white crystal stained with blood rolled out.

Seeing Tang Zhen looking at him with a puzzled expression, Qian Long narrowed his eyes and threw the white bead with his hand. He explained, “This is the brain bead of a level-one monster. It can be exchanged for about ten catties of food… Hey, I say, how did you survive in the wilderness? Don’t tell me you don’t even know this?”

“Tsk, of course I know!”

Tang Zhen waved his hand and pretended to be lazy to talk to him, but he was deep in thought.

It turned out that the moment Tang Zhen saw the bead, a strange desire rose in his heart. It was as if as long as he obtained this bead, he could obtain the so-called gold coins!

However, obtaining this level-one brain bead from Qian Long was a problem for Tang Zhen. After all, for wanderers, this brain bead meant food and was equivalent to money.

But at this moment, Tang Zhen was penniless and really couldn’t take out anything of the same value.

As if seeing the desire in Tang Zhen’s eyes, Qian Long smiled. In the next moment, he casually swung its hand and unexpectedly threw the bead to him.

“I’ll give it to you. Perhaps you need it more than me!”

As soon as he got the bead, the desire in his heart became stronger, but Tang Zhen felt that this thing was a little hot.

He took a deep look at Qian Long and felt a little touched. This young wanderer could give a stranger dry food that he had kept for a few days and casually give away a bead worth ten catties of food. No matter what the other party’s goal was, Tang Zhen had to return this favor.

Moreover, the other party had even cleaned and bandaged his injuries previously. The other party could be considered to have saved his life.

“Consider it a loan. Thanks!”

Tang Zhen held the bead in his hand and said solemnly.


Qian Long curled its lips and wiped the weapon clean with weeds. It then plucked an item that looked like a spoon from the goblin’s neck and threw it into its pocket. Then, he clapped his hands and continued to follow the wanderers.

“Why are you so good to me?”

Tang Zhen chased after him and hesitated for a moment before asking Qian Long.

“Oh, I see that your words and actions are different from that of a wanderer. It’s very likely that you’re a big shot. Now that you’re suddenly in trouble and you need help very much, I want to form a good relations.h.i.+p with you so that you’ll repay me in the future!”

Qian Long said casually with a mocking expression.

“Your expression looks weird. Are you sure you’re telling the truth?”

Tang Zhen looked at the frivolous Qian Long and asked with a frown.

“It’s true. Such a plot often appears in the stories told by those old people. I’m just trying to play along. Unfortunately, you’re not a building lord’s daughter in trouble. Otherwise…”

At this point, Qian Long even revealed a regretful expression. He looked at Tang Zhen eagerly, as if he wanted to confirm that the other party wasn’t a woman disguised as a man.

Tang Zhen shuddered. The nervousness of coming to this strange world had also decreased a lot in the other party’s jokes.

Seeing this, Qian Long laughed and patted Tang Zhen’s shoulder. “In this wilderness, you either have to be alone or try your best to give people more small favors. Only then can you live longer, because you have far more friends than enemies.”

When Qian Long said this, his eyes dimmed for a moment. He continued, “This is a piece of advice from an old wanderer. I’ve also always remembered his words. If I encounter anyone I can help, I’ll help. In the end, I was able to survive until now. Many wanderers who have received my help remember my good deeds and will bring me along when they encounter good things, such as this time.”

After Qian Long said this, he walked to the front alone, as if he didn’t want to talk to Tang Zhen anymore.

Tang Zhen slowly walked behind. He had already confirmed that this bead was indeed useful. This was because at this moment, he felt a suction force coming from the cell phone in his pocket. The force was directed towards the bead in his hand.

Tang Zhen stayed at the back of the team. He quietly took out his cell phone and moved it closer to the bead.

Under Tang Zhen’s fixed gaze, the brain bead disappeared in the blink of an eye. Then, his cell phone screen changed. First, a 1/5 number appeared under the teleportation icon, and a text notification appeared. As long as he absorbed four more brain beads, he could activate the teleportation function.

Teleportation? Could he return to its original world?

Tang Zhen was slightly excited.

At the moment, he was still short of four brain beads, so he didn’t think too much about this question. Instead, he turned to his personal information. On a closer look, there were indeed ten more gold coins in his account!

A single level-one brain bead was equivalent to ten gold coins. This was probably the exchange ratio!

Apart from that, there were no other changes to the cell phone.