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I Have A City In An Alternate World

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Chapter 24

Daily Life and Purchasing

“Here, want one?”

As Uncle Sun spoke, he handed over a cigarette. Tang Zhen took it and took a deep breath.

“Eh, Uncle Sun, who was that woman just now?”

Tang Zhen had a cigarette in his mouth as he asked Uncle Sun casually.

“Oh, you mean her… I heard that this is her family’s business. They own several malls of the same size in other provinces and cities.”

Uncle Sun thought for a moment and said to Tang Zhen.

“In that case, her family should be pretty rich, but this woman is indeed pretty impressive. Wherever she goes, there’s a group of men following behind. I bet these men don’t like that at all…”

Before Tang Zhen could finish gossiping, he saw Uncle Sun holding a cigarette in a daze. He looked straight behind him with an awkward expression.

With a cigarette in his mouth, Tang Zhen turned around and cursed. “d.a.m.n!”

It turned out that on the steps leading from the fourth floor to the third floor, nearly 20 people were just standing there. A few of them were looking at him and covering their mouths to laugh.

The woman he mentioned was frowning slightly at this moment. She stood behind him with her arms crossed, her beautiful eyes filled with anger. When she saw Tang Zhen turn around and look at her, she rolled her eyes slightly.

“A good dog doesn’t block the way!”

Perhaps it was an illusion, but Tang Zhen seemed to have heard the woman mutter this.

However, seeing that he was indeed blocking the other party’s path, Tang Zhen hurriedly moved away. Then, more than 20 people walked down one after another.

Many men among them smiled ambiguously at him. A young man in a suit secretly gave Tang Zhen a thumbs up. “Bro, you’re so awesome!”

Yeah right!

It was impossible not to feel awkward after being caught talking about others behind their backs.

Tang Zhen rolled his eyes and turned to chat with Uncle Sun for a while more before slowly walking down the stairs.

Before he could walk out of the stairs, he saw a fat man who looked like a contractor shouting at the workers, “The orders just came down from above. From now on, you’re not allowed to smoke on the stairs. Otherwise, you’ll be fined two thousand yuan!”

As soon as these words were spoken, the old smokers wailed!

Tang Zhen couldn’t help but shrink his neck. He thought to himself that it must be that woman’s revenge just now. Unfortunately, everyone was implicated…

After coming out of the mall, Tang Zhen strolled along. Coincidentally, he saw an all-terrain car parked by the roadside. At that time, his heart skipped a beat and he leaned over to take a closer look.

The more he looked at it, the more he felt that this vehicle was very suitable to be used in the hard wilderness of an alternate world. Compared to the expensive and large off-road vehicles, this cheap and small vehicle was clearly better.

After estimating the volume of the storage s.p.a.ce and confirming that it could completely store such a car after dismantling it, Tang Zhen immediately walked into the store and called the boss out.

He asked for the price and bargained. In the end, he asked to buy two cars and spent nearly 60,000 yuan!

The boss suggested that the oil bucket be filled with gas. After starting the car, he got Tang Zhen to get out and confirm the situation of the car.

Then, the boss called out to another young man and they each drove a car to Tang Zhen’s house along with Tang Zhen.

Just as he obtained the all-terrain car, Tang Zhen was in high spirits. After locking one of the cars in the courtyard, he drove the other car straight to the park in the suburbs.

After pa.s.sing through the traffic on the road and experiencing driving the car in different ways, Tang Zhen felt especially good.

An SUV drove alongside him. The window slowly rolled down, revealing Xu Feng’s annoying face.

Seeing Tang Zhen driving an all-terrain car, Xu Feng smiled in surprise. Then, he stuck his head out and shouted, “Kid, can you be a little more serious? Hurry up and move bricks to earn money to repay the debt for your d.a.m.n father?”

Xu Feng had a cigarette in his mouth and held the steering wheel with one hand.

“Get lost and play. I don’t have time for you!”

Xu Feng threw the cigarette b.u.t.t at Tang Zhen, but it didn’t hit him.

Rolling his eyes, Xu Feng pouted at Tang Zhen and said with a sly smile, “Why don’t I introduce you to a girl? You can bring her to the park… Hehehe!”

When Tang Zhen heard that, he glanced at the front pa.s.senger seat in Xu Feng’s car. A beautiful woman was sitting there, focused on playing with her cell phone. Driving to the suburban park at this time with a coquettish and beautiful woman, even a fool knew what he was going to do.

Tang Zhen was in no mood to care about this guy who was l.u.s.ting all day. He cheered and rushed out.

“Tsk, morals!”

Seeing this, Xu Feng spat. The SUV he was sitting in also started to accelerate, making Tang Zhen eat a mouthful of dust.


After Tang Zhen cursed, he no longer paid attention to the distant off-road vehicle. Instead, he specially picked rough terrain to travel on, wanting to test the performance of the car.

It had to be known that although the wilderness of the alternate world was hard, most of the ground was still rugged and filled with weeds. It was still uncertain if this car could adapt.

Tang Zhen rode the car everywhere. He went on the hill, in the ditch, in the sand, and in the gra.s.s. He had a good time and was quite satisfied with the performance of the car.

Seeing that it was nine in the evening and the park was a distance away from the city, Tang Zhen boarded the all-terrain car and drove straight down the mountain.

After returning home, he first washed up and had a simple meal before was.h.i.+ng up and sleeping.

After another two days, the boss of the blacksmith store called and informed Tang Zhen that the sabers were ready.

Tang Zhen arrived at the blacksmith store and saw the boss of the blacksmith store drinking beer.

After greeting and chatting for a while, Tang Zhen saw his goods in the corner.

All the sabers were neatly tied together. Tang Zhen pulled out one of them and checked. After confirming that this saber was forged by a blacksmith using a car part that was split into two, he was satisfied. The blade was long but not thin. Its weight was moderate and comfortable to the touch, and the edge was very sharp and tough.

“Your skills are pretty good!”

Tang Zhen praised. After paying the remaining goods, he got the blacksmith to forge 500 more according to the same appearance.

The blacksmith who received another deal was very happy. Recently, he had very few clients, and his business was even about to close. Tang Zhen’s order could be said to have revived his business, and it even allowed him to showcase the skills that were pa.s.sed down from his ancestors.

If Tang Zhen could continue ordering, then at this time next year, he wouldn’t have to worry about the house and betrothal gifts needed for his son’s wedding.

Tang Zhen didn’t know what the blacksmith was thinking. He only carried two stacks of tied steel sabers in each hand and easily placed it in the taxi.

When the blacksmith, who had always prided himself on being strong, saw this scene, he couldn’t help but secretly click his tongue in wonder. He thought to himself that this kid was so strong.

After another half a day, Tang Zhen had already prepared all the items. Then, he began to move them. This time, he had prepared too many things. Even if his s.p.a.ce had a cubic meter of volume, it still took him a lot of time.

He hid these weapons in the pit and carefully concealed them to ensure that they wouldn’t be discovered by wanderers who might pa.s.s by.

When he returned next time, he would lead Qian Long to transport these steel blades back to the Wanderer Market.

After finis.h.i.+ng these things, Tang Zhen teleported back home.