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Chapter 2305 – 2305 Let’s have a compet.i.tion?

2305 Let’s have a compet.i.tion?

“Sir Tang Zhen, do you want them to withdraw now?”

Someone in the command center suggested. After all, the situation was critical now. Where would they find the time to play a compet.i.tive game?

This group of Lou Cheng cultivators didn’t care about their own lives at all, and as a result, they implicated their comrades.

If it wasn’t for them, more than half of the cultivators in defense zone 153 would have already evacuated.

However, in order to wait for them, the cultivators in the tower City could only continue to defend and ensure the safety and smooth flow of the plane channel.

Who said that they were inevitably resentful? however, they were curious about the ident.i.ty of the cultivators in the city.

In a situation where most of the troops had already retreated from the battlefield, it was very risky to fight the void monster in a calm and steady manner.

If they were not careful, they might be devoured by the void monsters, and not even their bones would be left.

Those who dared to do this were either crazy or extremely confident in their own strength.

After checking the background of the cultivators, everyone suddenly realized that the cultivators who had not returned to the Holy Dragon battle zone were all contestants who were competing for the position of the Lord of the loucheng.

They wanted to seize this rare opportunity to madly gain battle merits so as not to miss such a good opportunity.

They only needed to kill a void monster to exchange for a large amount of battle merits. Where else could they find such a good thing?

As for the cultivators from the star elves ‘territory and the battle fanatic’s territory, they were bold because of their skills. Seeing that the cultivators from the sacred Dragon Warzone were not retreating, they naturally did not want to retreat.

After all, their battle zone was ranked fifth in the world in loucheng, which was many places ahead of the sacred dragon battle zone.

If not for Tang Zhen, the cultivators in the sacred Dragon Warzone would never have the chance to fight alongside them in their lifetime.

This wasn’t arrogance, but the truth. The difference in strength between the two battlefields was too great, and under normal circ.u.mstances, it was impossible for them to cross paths.

It was precisely because of Tang Zhen that the cultivators in loucheng city of the two territories had never looked down on the cultivators in the sacred Dragon Warzone.

The compet.i.tion between the three parties was only held in secret and not openly stated.

However, after hearing the suggestion from the command post, someone immediately objected.

who cares about them? let them have a match. This is a rare opportunity, so how can we miss it? ”

The battle maniac Lord was the first to jump out, shaking his head and rejecting this suggestion. Although he wasn’t involved, he couldn’t wait for the cultivators of the three sides to have a good compet.i.tion.

“How you all decide is your own business. However, the cultivators of loucheng in my Zhan Kuang territory definitely do not need any reinforcements!

So what if it’s a void monster? why don’t we take advantage of this opportunity to have a good fight and gain more combat experience?”

Zhan Kuang Lord said loudly. His tone was firm, and it was obvious that he had already made up his mind.

If he didn’t need to guard the rear, he would probably have rushed to the front line to watch the battle after saying this.

Before coming to the divine Kingdom, the cultivators of loucheng city in the battle fanatic territory had been conducting a compet.i.tion-like activity to achieve the purpose of training their soldiers.

Now that they were in the real battlefield, and the enemies they encountered were rare void monsters, how could the Berserker Lord miss such a good opportunity?

If he didn’t train the cultivators under him and kill the void monsters until their blood flowed like a river, it wouldn’t be in line with his character.

“You barbarian, you’re just messing around. Is this the time to show off?”

The star Spirit horde leader had always been a steady and resourceful person. He had worked with Zhan Kuang horde leader for many years, so he didn’t hold back when he spoke.

Other than feeling that the timing was not right, he was also afraid that Tang Zhen would overthink and cause an unnecessary misunderstanding.

we’re going to leave the Holy Kingdom soon anyway. It’s a good thing to watch a wonderful performance before we leave.

Tang Zhen, who was standing not far away, slowly opened his mouth and said.

He wanted to give Qian Chongyun and the others a chance as well. Only such battlefields could train true experts.

It was a rare opportunity and he should not miss it.

“That’s right, I think so too. If we just leave like this, wouldn’t it be very boring?

If someone were to ask about this mission in Scandinavia, how would you answer?

Could it be that he couldn’t defeat the void monster, was chased until he peed his pants, and finally fled the G.o.d’s kingdom in a sorry state?

In any case, I won’t admit it. Even if I’m really going to leave, I’ll have to fight to my heart’s content!”

Zhan Kuang tribal Lord’s voice rang out again. However, from his tone, it sounded like he was a young man in a fit of pique.

Perhaps this was his true nature, which was why he was so warlike and never afraid of enemies stronger than him.

Upon hearing Tang Zhen’s words, the star Spirit Lord didn’t say anything more. This was just a small matter and he didn’t take it to heart.

show me the data of all the cultivators in loucheng. I want to take a good look at the combat power of this weapon.

The battle fanatic Lord ordered loudly. As soon as his voice fell, an image appeared in the sky in front of everyone, and lines of data constantly refreshed.

“It’s a fierce fight. Tell me, which group will win?”

Zhan Kuang Lord looked at the image on the screen as well as the battle Points ranking that was constantly refres.h.i.+ng. He suddenly looked at Tang Zhen and the other two and asked.

I don’t know. Who can say for sure? besides, the outcome of this compet.i.tion can’t prove anything. It’s meaningless.

Tang Zhen didn’t speak, and it was still the star Spirit Lord who replied with a hint of disdain.

If it wasn’t for the large number of void monsters, the star Spirit Lord wouldn’t even be bothered to watch a battle of this level.

“Who says that this kind of compet.i.tion is meaningless? that’s because you don’t know the benefits of it. In the continuous battle, you can discover your own various shortcomings and make up for them in time.

As long as one persevered, one’s strength would rapidly increase. How could you not know this?

I’ll say something you don’t like to hear, but the Lou Cheng cultivators of your Star Spirit territory may not be a match for the Lou Cheng cultivators of my Zhan Kuang territory, because we know how to fight better!”

Under normal circ.u.mstances, battle fanatic Lord’s words would be no different from issuing a challenge.

However, the star Spirit Lord had known him for many years and knew his nature and habits. He knew that there was no malicious intent in his words.

But even so, the star Spirit Lord still laughed contemptuously and did not agree with what the other party said.

a bunch of brainless guys who only know how to act rashly. If we really fight, you’re not a match at all!

The star Spirit Overlord’s tone was very calm, but his disdainful att.i.tude was clearly expressed.

The battle fanatic Lord’s personality was one that could not be provoked, especially when it came to matters that concerned victory and defeat. He would never show weakness.

After hearing Star Spirit Lord’s words, battle maniac Lord’s eyes immediately widened, looking like an enraged bull.

“Hehehe, why do your words sound so harsh?

Since you’re not convinced, why don’t we have a compet.i.tion and see whose subordinate is better?”

Zhan Kuang Lord’s tone was filled with provocation as he stared at Star Spirit Lord.

If the star Spirit Overlord didn’t take the blow, it meant that it was a coward.

it’s good to have a compet.i.tion. It’ll let you figure out the truth and know your own strength!

The star Spirit horde leader’s words were impolite, but the battle Emperor horde leader didn’t care. He even laughed out loud.

In the past few years, he had been looking for an opportunity to let the cultivators of the two territories compete.

However, the star Spirit Overlord had a cold and arrogant personality. He was not interested in such matters at all. Even though Zhan Kuang Overlord had mentioned it many times, the star Spirit Overlord had ignored him.

Zhan Kuang horde leader had always been concerned about this matter. He had originally wanted to test the waters today, but he didn’t expect Star Spirit horde leader to agree.

The reason for his agreement might be related to Tang Zhen.

Zhan Kuang Lord didn’t want to figure out the specific reason. As long as they could compete in the previous round, it would be fine. He wanted to take the opportunity to let Tang Zhen and the other two see how strong the cultivators in loucheng were!