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Chapter 2299 – 2299 Chapter 2304-no way out?

2299 Chapter 2304-no way out?

“According to the information we’ve just received, we’ve found traces of more than 300 void monsters so far.

Only one-fifth of the void monsters were killed, and the rest had all fled. However, according to the habits of the void monsters, they should return soon.

According to his observations, there were still a large number of void monsters lurking near the route. These monsters had high intelligence and were probably preparing to ambush them halfway.

As they did not know much about void monsters, they could not be sure if there were any leader-level monsters in their group.

However, looking at their behavior, this possibility was very high, and it was recommended to be more careful.

The team in charge of scouting the path ahead is currently fighting with the void monsters. Before these monsters blocking the way are eliminated, I estimate that more monsters will come!”

A cultivator from loucheng city looked at the screen and reported to Tang Zhen. The screen in front of him marked the direction of the void monster.

With just a glance, one could tell that the void monsters had already completed their encirclement and were continuously gathering toward Tang Zhen’s group.

There were void monsters everywhere in the divine Kingdom, and there was no safe place.

how long has it been? the situation has become so serious. This void monster really lives up to its name!

Tang Zhen frowned as he listened to his subordinate’s report. He felt that the situation was not optimistic.

As soon as the route was determined, they encountered void monsters one after another. Although it was still within their expectations, it was the worst result.

This meant that the void monsters had already sensed the aura of the native G.o.ds and were swarming over in an attempt to devour them.

the longer they delayed, the worse the situation would become.

Under such circ.u.mstances, he could not hesitate any longer. He could only let go of his courage and continue moving forward.

if he was too afraid, he would miss the opportunity.

Tang Zhen had encountered such a dangerous situation more than once. He naturally knew how to deal with it.

Although the situation was critical, they were not at the end of their rope yet. If there was a need, they could mobilize more people to partic.i.p.ate in the war at any time.

There were many void monsters, but the number of cultivators in the building was much more.

Ever since Tang Zhen returned to the fifth battle area, this matter was no longer his own business. When he faced difficulties, he would also have reinforcements.

“Don’t be stingy with your ammunition. Bombard the entire way and don’t miss any spot.

All the buildings quickly approached and opened fire at the same time, responsible for the task of cleaning up and Prevention.

During the operation, if anyone tries to obstruct or sabotage the operation, kill them all!”

The plan had already reached a critical moment. Tang Zhen did not want any accidents to happen. Therefore, he decisively gave the order and started a carpet bombing on the route.

Even if there were many obstacles in front of them, they would use the fiercest artillery fire to open up a safe pa.s.sage.

As long as the void monster hid within the explosion range, it would suffer from continuous fire attacks, thus completely exposing its hiding place.

This was also a preventive measure, so that the void monsters would be afraid and not dare to approach. Or if they got close to the route, they could be discovered by the cultivators in the building immediately.

Although the void monster’s abilities were terrifying, it would still be torn to pieces when attacked by heavy wars.h.i.+ps.

Fortunately, this was the case. Otherwise, Tang Zhen would have long thought of another method and would not force his way through like this.

This order would consume a lot of ammunition, but in this special situation, they had to grit their teeth and bear it no matter how much it cost.

Tang Zhen was even a little worried that the output firepower of the cultivators in loucheng wouldn’t be enough to achieve the expected clearing effect.

hurry up! Full speed ahead!

The news of the void monster being eliminated came from the front. Tang Zhen immediately gave the order and the team advanced a distance forward again.

But at this moment, ear-piercing alarms kept ringing, and void monsters appeared one after another.

This time, it wasn’t just one or two, but a large group of void monsters. They entered the void through the hole that had just been torn open like venomous snakes.

The moment they entered the divine Kingdom, these void monsters were attracted by the aura of the indigenous G.o.ds. Like a pack of hungry wolves, they rushed toward the escort team.

As they had never fought with the cultivators of Lou Cheng, the void monsters did not know how powerful they were. At this moment, they only had eyes for the native G.o.ds and nothing else.

For most of the native creatures, void monsters were invincible existences and could be called unsolvable disasters.

In the face of the void monsters that were extremely large in size and had terrifying devouring abilities, the indigenous residents of the invaded plane had no ability to resist at all.

Because they rarely met a worthy opponent, these void monsters became unscrupulous. After discovering their target, they would swarm forward as if there was no one else around.

However, their opponents this time were cultivators of Lou Cheng, who were also intruders like them.

When the void monster attacked, the Lou Cheng cultivators also opened fire. Ear-piercing rumbles and dazzling spots of light appeared in the sky.

The void monster that was charging over suffered a head-on blow, and its mountain-like body was instantly covered in wounds.

In the blink of an eye, the void monster’s huge body began to shatter, and it fell to the ground while wailing.

The battles.h.i.+p in charge of guarding fired at full force and quickly cleared the monsters at the front. Then, it turned its muzzle and locked on to the location of the void breach.

From the terrifying hole, more and more void monsters rushed out. They were like a huge brush, painting the sky Black.

In just a short time, the hole had expanded more than ten times, and more void monsters had poured into the G.o.d Kingdom.

don’t worry about those monsters. Let’s continue moving forward. We’ll stop them while we retreat to avoid being surrounded by the void monsters!

When Tang Zhen saw that the situation was not right, he decisively gave the order to retreat and avoid being trapped by the void monsters.

If they were surrounded by the void monsters, new void monsters might surround them before they could kill them all.

If it really came to that time, Tang Zhen and the others would be tightly trapped, and it would be extremely difficult to break out of the encirclement.

The cultivators of loucheng who had partic.i.p.ated in the defense had obviously realized this, so they had almost used all their strength when they attacked.

The cultivators of loucheng were running in front while the void monsters were chasing behind. In front of the escort team, void monsters would jump out from time to time.

Even though there were troops clearing the way ahead, they were of little use. There were simply too many of them, and they simply couldn’t kill their way through.

Under such special circ.u.mstances, choosing to fight against the void monster was definitely a rather stupid move.

Tang Zhen didn’t linger in the battle. He commanded the cultivators of loucheng to move forward. At the same time, he gathered the cultivators and believers of loucheng that had gathered and continued to expand the scale of the guards.

Although the battle situation was becoming more and more intense, the escort team did not show any signs of chaos under Tang Zhen’s command. They were like a hot knife through b.u.t.ter.

This was because there were four Masters of creation, a large number of elite cultivators, and the strongest fighting force of the Aboriginal deities.

If these experts were unable to deal with the void monster even when they gathered together, Tang Zhen could only choose to ask for help.