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I Have A City In An Alternate World

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Chapter 22

Magical Cream!

The recovery speed of Tang Zhen’s injuries was really shocking. It was difficult not to attract attention in such an abnormal situation.

Murong Ziyan, Qian Long, and the others also witnessed the abnormality of Tang Zhen’s wound at the same time. The two of them looked at it for a while and also looked at each other in confusion and shock. Obviously, this was the first time the two natives had encountered such a magical scene.

Murong Ziyan looked at Tang Zhen’s wound and said with a puzzled expression, “Although the ivy ointment is precious and indeed has a miraculous effect on healing, it doesn’t have such an immediate effect. This is simply the same as the legendary Divine Power Potion.”

Qian Long nodded in agreement. Obviously, he had never seen such a healing speed.

“Divine Power Potion?”

Tang Zhen, who was lamenting the magical effect of the ivy ointment, looked up and asked, “What’s the Divine Power Potion? Does it have the same effect as this ivy ointment?”

Murong Ziyan nodded and answered for Tang Zhen, “The Divine Power Potion is a magical medicine that comes from a building and is refined by a n.o.ble pharmacist. The Divine Power Potion has many magical effects. Some can detoxify, some can increase battle power, and some can heal injuries. It’s said that as long as it’s not a fatal injury, after drinking the healing Divine Power Potion, it won’t be long before you recover.”

Seeing that Tang Zhen was in a daze, Murong Ziyan pouted slightly and said, “Although the effect of the Divine Power Potion is good, the price is really terrifyingly high. My father once bought a bottle from another building’s auction. I heard from him that he spent a hundred level-five brain beads, which is a million level-one brain beads!”

When Tang Zhen heard this price, he was simply speechless. A million brain beads was equivalent to ten million gold coins!

In that case, wouldn’t the building lord who sold these divine power potions be making a killing!

At the same time that Tang Zhen was feeling secretly envious, Murong Ziyan also said some rumors about the Divine Power Potion that she had heard. During this period, she even told Tang Zhen that this kind of ivy ointment could be swallowed with water and could effectively treat internal injuries.

When he heard that this ointment could still be consumed internally, Tang Zhen swallowed a small piece without hesitation.

He was extremely curious about the effect of the ivy ointment now. He couldn’t wait to try and find out if the effect of the internal medicine was really that magical.

The results of the experiment satisfied him. His originally stuffy and painful chest immediately eased a lot. When he breathed, his chest didn’t hurt so much.

At the same time, Tang Zhen felt a trace of air flowing in his chest. Following that was a numb and itchy feeling, making him have the urge to roar hysterically to relieve the itch.

A moment later, Tang Zhen suddenly coughed violently and spat out some black blood clots from his mouth.

The series of abnormalities on Tang Zhen’s body made Murong Ziyan and the others look shocked, but he himself appeared very excited, because the magical effect of this ointment made him seem to see a golden path!

The precious ointment of this world had a very magical effect when used on Tang Zhen, a person from an alternate world. He wondered if it would have such a miraculous effect on other Earthlings.

If it was really effective, it would be a good way to get rich!

Even if it was useless in his original world, it was still a pretty good life-saving thing to store some in case of an emergency.

Tang Zhen made up his mind to pay more attention to news about this kind of ivy in the future. If he encountered it, he would pay a huge price to get it.

In an alternate world, survival was the most important thing!

He asked the two of them about the ivy again, but he was told that this plant only grew in rarely seen valleys. Most of those places were very dangerous, and ferocious monsters occupied them.

It was a huge risk to collect herbs in such a place. Because some buildings with pharmacists offered high rewards to buy them, wanderer exploration teams often went to pick them.

There was naturally a huge risk hidden behind the huge benefits. There were also times when these wanderer exploration teams were completely destroyed by monsters. It was also because of this that the price of these herbs was extremely high.

The ointment in Murong Ziyan’s hand was something her father’s subordinate took with him when he escaped from the building back then. The original owner was Murong Ziyan’s father, the building lord.

As she spoke, Murong Ziyan also helped Qian Long and Big Bear apply medicine and carefully bandaged them.

After Qian Long and Big Bear’s injuries were treated, the three of them fell onto the bed and stared at each other.

Previously, they didn’t feel anything special, but once they lay on the bed, pain and fatigue attacked at the same time. Soon, they fell asleep.

They all slept soundly. When Tang Zhen woke up, it was already the afternoon of the next day.

Qian Long and Big Bear also woke up at this moment. After drinking two bowls of meat porridge cooked by Murong Ziyan, Tang Zhen stretched comfortably with a satisfied expression.

Seeing Big Bear eating porridge from a small basin, Tang Zhen smiled and turned to look at Qian Long. “I just thought about it. There’s no hurry to take revenge. We’ll let them be for a few days. It’s not too late to attack after I recover.”

When Qian Long heard that, a trace of unwillingness appeared on his face, but it quickly disappeared as he listened to Tang Zhen quietly.

Tang Zhen noticed Qian Long’s expression and seemed to have guessed that he couldn’t suppress the anger in his heart. However, he didn’t say anything. Instead, he paused and continued, “I plan to get a batch of goods to sell. I’m not familiar with this, so you’ll be in charge of this matter.”

“While selling the goods, it’s best if you recruit a batch of reliable subordinates. I’ll be in charge of the equipment.”

Tang Zhen took a deep breath and slowly breathed out. He said, “Hu, we have too few people. It’s too disadvantageous to fight like this. In the future, if we build a building, we will have to recruit more people, so this matter should be done sooner rather than later.”

Qian Long was wrapped in bandages. He leaned against the bed at the side and nodded silently.

Although his expression looked very calm, Tang Zhen felt that he was suppressing a wave of anger in his heart. If it weren’t for the fact that Tang Zhen had decided to take revenge later, he might have gone to take revenge on the bearded man now.

Big Bear, on the other hand, didn’t care at all. Although he was also injured, he was happily playing with the toy Tang Zhen had brought with him. Seeing his rough but careful appearance, it was quite a joke.

After the discussion, Tang Zhen lay on the bed, seemingly in a daze as he looked at the cave. In fact, he had absorbed the two level-two brain beads that Big Bear had brought back. Just as he had guessed, these two level-two monster brain beads had been exchanged for 200 gold coins, and the exchange ratio was 1 to 100.

Seeing this exchange ratio, Tang Zhen immediately felt his heart ache incomparably, and his hatred for the bearded man increased a little. For the current Tang Zhen, gold coins represented an increase in safety and battle power. Every loss made his heart ache.

Coupled with the humiliation and threat he had received previously, his hatred for the bearded man was not much less than Qian Long’s.

The days of recuperation represented boredom. Fortunately, Murong Ziyan’s ivy ointment had a miraculous effect. Tang Zhen only took three days to walk freely.

Early this morning, he came outside the cave to breathe fresh air for a while. Then, he instructed Murong Ziyan to take good care of the injured. He tidied up his equipment and slowly left the camp.

Half an hour later, Tang Zhen teleported back to his home.

After shaking off the feeling in his mind that it all seemed like a lifetime ago, Tang Zhen washed up and cleaned up the house before slowly leaving.

He took the car to a place near the suburbs. He remembered that when he pa.s.sed by here in the past, he saw several blacksmiths here.

After getting out of the car and walking around, Tang Zhen chose a blacksmith shop and walked in.

At this moment, there were no customers in the blacksmith shop. A strong middle-aged man with a big beard was wearing a singlet and sitting at the table drinking beer and eating pig trotters. When he saw Tang Zhen enter, he reached out to wipe his mouth and spoke with a strong voice.

“Brother, what are you doing?”

“I want to use car pieces to make a hundred sabers. Can you do it?”

Tang Zhen glanced at the decorations of the blacksmith shop and turned to ask.

“Why do you want so many sabers?”

The man sized up Tang Zhen carefully and asked.

“I want to open a Taobao store that specializes in selling swords. Do you know anything about online shopping?”

Tang Zhen didn’t feel that the other party was long-winded. Instead, he explained casually.

The man stood up and took a last sip of beer. He walked over and nodded. “Other people might not necessarily take your job. I can take it, but the price isn’t cheap. Are you willing?”

“I have to do this. Tell me the price first!”

After both parties agreed on the price, Tang Zhen raised his request and hoped to get the goods as soon as possible.

At the same time, Tang Zhen promised the other party that if the quality was good, he would hand his work to him in the future.

After paying a portion of the deposit and arranging the approximate time to collect the goods, Tang Zhen left the blacksmith shop.

After busying himself for most of the day, Tang Zhen, who felt a little hungry, casually found a small shop selling Malatang. After entering and choosing a portion, he sat at the table and waited.

The restaurant was busy at noon. More than ten tables in the restaurant were quickly filled with customers, most of whom were young.

There were also three girls who looked like students at the table where Tang Zhen sat. They were chattering about the topics they were interested in.

Tang Zhen’s hearing had become extremely sharp, so his ears were filled with various chatting voices. Listening to the fas.h.i.+on topic they were discussing, Tang Zhen felt that he seemed to be a little old, but in fact, he was only in his early twenties!

He sighed in his heart. Just as the Malatang was ready, Tang Zhen brought the number plate over and started eating.

Because he was hungry, Tang Zhen quickly finished his food and wiped his mouth before leaving.

At the same time that he left, the three girls at the same table also paid the bill and left, following behind Tang Zhen.

Tang Zhen thought about something as he walked. He took small steps and planned to cross the street, but at this moment, he suddenly heard a m.u.f.fled sound, followed by a piercing brake and scream.

He turned around and saw an off-road vehicle suddenly starting up in the middle of the road. It drove crookedly and was charging at him crazily.