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I Have A City In An Alternate World

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Chapter 18

Abnormal Battle Power and Rented Cave.


Tang Zhen stared blankly for a long time before spitting out a sentence, but it was a vulgar sigh.

Qian Long and Murong Ziyan nodded in agreement. Although they couldn’t understand the meaning behind the slang Tang Zhen used, they could guess from his tone that he was emotional and shocked.

As expected, this big guy wasn’t all show. His battle power was off the charts. He crushed this group of level-one monsters like cutting melons and vegetables.

With the abnormal battle power of the Big Bear, if he was matched with suitable equipment, he would be a proper humanoid monster harvester!

However, what the few of them didn’t expect was that this violent and swift battle was only the appetizer. The scene that shocked them even more was still to come.

After these monsters were all destroyed, Big Bear with an excited expression quickly ran to the corpse of a monster. After squatting down, he smashed the head of the four-armed rat wolf fiercely, looking like he was smas.h.i.+ng a watermelon.

The scene of shattered flesh and brain matter flying made everyone feel like vomiting.

But what happened next made everyone really vomit.

The Big Bear dug around in the monster’s head a few times and took out a dirty bead from the monster’s head. Then, he threw it into his mouth without wiping it.

He narrowed his eyes slightly, as if he was tasting a supreme delicacy.


Murong Ziyan directly vomited. Tang Zhen covered his mouth tightly, and Qian Long also had a constipated expression.

This was the first time Tang Zhen had seen a human swallow the brain of a monster. Even Qian Long and Murong Ziyan had never seen such a scene in the wilderness for many years.

Seeing Big Bear eat with relish, Tang Zhen felt disgusted. At the same time, he was secretly thinking.

“An ordinary brain bead contains energy that can be used as a power for teleportation, but ordinary wanderers only use it as a currency and to upgrade the building. I’ve never heard of it being absorbed by humans. Even if it can be absorbed, it has to be a brain bead above level six, right?

Perhaps I should pay attention to this information, but this dirty fatty can swallow brain beads raw. Is it also why his battle power is so fierce and his body is so huge despite not eating much?”

As Tang Zhen was thinking, Big Bear had already hit these monsters in the head one by one. After taking out the brain beads, he swallowed half of them. The rest were carefully placed in the pocket of his big leather pants and even patted it with his hand.

After doing all of this, Big Bear scurried over like a harmless puppy. This guy was now covered in the stench of brain and blood, mixed with the stench on his body. He was simply comparable to a biological weapon.

Facing this guy who swallowed brain beads raw, Tang Zhen’s heart really trembled a little. What kind of monster had he picked up?

Tang Zhen covered his nose and asked Big Bear, “Well… Big Bear, won’t you have a stomach ache after eating these brain beads? How do you feel ?”

The Big Bear touched his head in confusion and shook his head. Then, he revealed his white teeth and smiled foolishly.

Alright, this guy definitely couldn’t understand his question. He’ll just pretend like he didn’t ask.

Tang Zhen waved his hand. “Alright, let’s continue forward!”

After saying that, he turned and left, trying to stay as far away from Big Bear as possible. Everyone was the same. After all, the smell was too pungent.

The team continued to set off in the direction of the market. When they pa.s.sed by a waterhole, Tang Zhen immediately stopped with s.h.i.+ning eyes.

With a happy expression, Tang Zhen took out a piece of soap from his s.p.a.ce and threw it to the big bear. He originally wanted him to use it to shower, but he didn’t expect that after Big Bear took it, he actually bit half of it and chewed with interest.

Tang Zhen, who was speechless, taught Big Bear how to use the soap to shower. Then, the few of them walked to the side and waited. Although it took some time, everyone was willing. After all, not everyone could withstand living with a companion who emitted a stench day and night.

An hour later, Big Bear, who had finished bathing, walked over with a shy expression in his big leather pants. Tang Zhen turned around when he heard the voice and was immediately stunned. Qian Long and Murong Ziyan also looked like they had seen a ghost.

After the originally dark Big Bear took a shower, he actually looked quite cute with fair and tender skin. Even its appearance was like a child’s, looking extremely strange.

How thick was a layer of dust on this guy’s body? After all, there were even small fish floating in the waterhole. They had probably died from the smell.

Tang Zhen complained secretly and turned to look at Big Bear.

At this moment, Big Bear was blinking his big black and white eyes, looking at his clean body uncomfortably, as if he had lost the barrier to protect himself.

“Uh… This is very good. I’ll change your big pants later. It’ll be perfect!”

After hesitating for a moment, Tang Zhen said in an appreciative tone. After all, the clean fatty in front of him was much more pleasing to the eye than the dirty fatty in the past.

No matter what, at least he didn’t have to endure that pungent stench.

The rest of the journey was smooth. Soon, the wanderer town was in sight. When everyone arrived at the front of the town, apart from the big bear’s appearance, Tang Zhen and the others didn’t attract the special attention of the other wanderers.

After paying the corresponding beads according to the request, everyone entered the wanderer town. However, this time, they didn’t head to the inn. Instead, they planned to find a house to rent.

With the Murong sisters beside him, Tang Zhen had to consider things more carefully.

Tang Zhen was very unfamiliar with this aspect, but with the local tyrant, Qian Long, leading the way, they quickly found the manager in charge of renting houses in the wanderer town.

This manager was wearing a slightly damaged leather armor and a short knife and tobacco pouch at his waist. He looked very arrogant.

The manager had a mustache, and his gaze was always scrutinizing. After hearing that Tang Zhen and the others planned to rent a house here, he sized up the five of them one by one and looked at them carefully. His gaze stopped on Big Bear the longest.

After sizing them up, this guy said slowly, “If you want five people to live together and a quieter place, you can only live in the cave on the west side of the town. The rent is 200 level-one brain beads a year.”

When Tang Zhen heard this price, his heart ached.

Qian Long turned around and nodded at Tang Zhen, indicating that the price was alright. Tang Zhen could only take out the beads from his backpack in pain and hand it over. After the manager counted the bead, he took out a bone card from the table and threw it over. It was the proof of rent.

After Qian Long asked for the location of the house, everyone immediately headed to the destination.

After walking for a while in the winding alley of the wanderer town, everyone arrived at a raised hill. This was the edge of the town. Dozens of caves of various sizes had been dug out. Now, most of the caves were inhabited by wanderers.

On the way over, Tang Zhen had already learned from Qian Long that any wanderer who could stay in the town for a long time was basically a team with the ability to obtain a large number of brain beads, or a lone wolf with strong personal strength. Of course, there were also wanderers who were lucky enough to get rich.

As for ordinary wanderers, they didn’t have the money to stay here for a long time. At most, they would spend their brain beads to buy a spot to enter and exit so that they could do business.

After searching in front of the cave, Qian Long walked to one of the caves. After confirming that this was the place he had rented, Tang Zhen walked in first.

This cave was extremely dark. After his eyes adapted for a while, Tang Zhen saw the environment clearly. The total area of this cave was about 50 square meters. The air quality was relatively poor, and there was nothing around except dust and trash.

“Alright, everyone, start cleaning up. We’ll be living here for the next period of time.”

After Tang Zhen waved his hand and shouted, everyone put down their luggage and started to clean the cave.

After staring at the entrance of the cave for a while, Tang Zhen felt that the defense here was too simple. The entire cave could be said to be defenseless. Anyone could swagger in.

Thinking that if he and Qian Long went out, it would be very unsafe to leave the Murong sisters and Big Bear behind, Tang Zhen had the thought of strengthening the cave.

Before his building was established, he would probably have to live here for a period of time, so safety had to be taken seriously.

With this thought in mind, Tang Zhen couldn’t sit still anymore. After greeting Qian Long and the others, he walked out of the cave and came to an uninhabited cave nearby.

After confirming that no one was paying attention to him through the map, Tang Zhen activated the teleportation function.

In the blink of an eye, he returned to his home. Tang Zhen only sat on the bed to rest for a while. After changing his clothes, he ran out to shop.

He directly took a car to the metal building materials market and first bought cement and some red bricks.

Then, he bought a lot of thick steel plates and cut them into half a meter square. He let the workers weld them according to the requirements. This way, they could embed them into the wall during the construction and serve as protection.

At the same time, he also made an iron door that could also be broken down and a.s.sembled. It could be installed when it was built.

In order to ensure that this temporary shelter could deal with most dangers, Tang Zhen even bought items like gas masks and fire extinguishers to ensure that this place was safe enough when accidents happened.

During this period, Tang Zhen bought many daily necessities, canned food, and compressed biscuits as emergency food.

After getting some clothes, shoes, and hats for everyone that were durable and inconspicuous, and even a set of equipment for Big Bear, Tang Zhen hired a car to pull these things home.

After returning home, Tang Zhen placed these things in batches in his storage s.p.a.ce and placed them in the cave again.

After returning to the cave and calling Qian Long and the others over, everyone carried these things back to the cave they lived in at night.

Although Qian Long and the others were doubtful about the origin of these resources, since they had already decided to follow Tang Zhen, they naturally wouldn’t ask too many questions.

Moreover, the fact that Tang Zhen could get these things without anyone noticing proved that he was a powerful person.

This was a completely different world. Anything strange could happen, but as long as you had the ability to let everyone eat their fill and not be disturbed by monsters, everyone would listen to you.

Tang Zhen was also secretly observing the few of them. Up until now, they were the only ones that knew about his secret. If anyone had any crooked thoughts, Tang Zhen might have to take some measures.

But from the looks of it, everyone’s performance was not bad.

After moving all the supplies back, they lit a few candles in the cave and started building under Tang Zhen’s guidance.

With the various materials brought by Tang Zhen and the small amount of work, it was completed before dawn.

The reinforced hole looked very ordinary on the surface, but in fact, it was mixed with steel plates. The surface was covered by a layer of uneven cement.

The strong iron door was smeared with glue and stuck with rags, making it impossible to see its original texture. When they needed to use it, they could slide in the door bolts on both sides and it would not be easy to break in.

With such protection, Tang Zhen’s sense of security immediately increased a lot.