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I Have A City In An Alternate World

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Chapter 16

Retreat and Reunion

The moment the sharp arrow shot over, killing intent also attacked. The two of them immediately sensed it.

Tang Zhen quickly bounced away from the spot and saw a thin black shadow quickly flash in front of him. It was an arrow that ambushed him.

Fortunately, the speed of these arrows wasn’t too fast, giving the two of them a chance to dodge. However, in the face of this sudden arrow, Tang Zhen was still scared out of his wits.

The feeling of an arrow piercing through the heart made one’s scalp tingle.

After dodging this sinister sneak attack, the two of them pulled out their weapons at the same time and leaned back warily. Their weapons pointed at the surrounding gra.s.s.

At this moment, looking at the surrounding gra.s.s, eight or nine people actually jumped out of the gra.s.s. They surrounded him from all directions, the weapons in their hands flickering with cold light.

These people were also in ragged clothes, but compared to ordinary wanderers, their expressions were too fierce. At this moment, they looked at the two of them with a trace of greed.


Qian Long looked at the guys in front of him and a trace of vigilance appeared on his face.

Tang Zhen was shocked when he heard that and cursed his luck.

These raiders could be said to be notorious. They were hated by everyone like street rats.

There was no limit to what they did. They only wanted to do as they pleased. Killing for fun was common. Even human flesh was one of their recipes.

In many buildings in this world, there were actually secret methods to communicate with each other, and there were also organizations similar to mercenary unions. With the help of this communication platform, they issued a wanted list. The guys ranked in the top ten of the bounty were all raiders working in the wilderness.

Once these raiders were captured, they would definitely be hanged. Very few escaped.

They were simply crazy and evil!

This was Tang Zhen’s impression of the raider team, but now, these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds were targeting him.

A breeze blew gently in the wilderness. Tang Zhen vaguely sensed a murderous aura.

One of the members of the raider team looked a little familiar. In an instant, Tang Zhen recalled that he had seen this person in the grocery store before!

At that time, he and Qian Long were counting the beads, and this guy seemed to be standing at the side. Now that he thought about it, this guy had planned this all along!

It looked like these guys had long noticed him. After seeing him and Qian Long walk out of the wanderer town, they followed them to rob them.

If the robbery was successful, his and Qian Long’s lives would probably be in danger. These raiders wouldn’t allow anyone who knew their ident.i.ties to live. Otherwise, once they were reported and recognized, they wouldn’t be able to easily sneak into the wanderer town.

Robbing a fat sheep in a wanderer town was one of the main sources of income for this group of robbers.

Unfortunately, they had offended someone they shouldn’t have this time!

Since one side had to die, there was nothing to hesitate about.

Before the other party could say anything, Qian Long, who was at the side, already shouted angrily. He stretched out his hand and threw out a sharpened one-foot-long twisted steel pole.

The steel pole was heavy and heavy as it headed straight for the robber at the front.

It turned out that this large steel needle-like weapon was previously tied to Qian Long’s thigh holster. When it encountered enemies, it could suddenly be pulled out and thrown out.

This “hidden weapon” that weighed more than half a kilogram stabbed directly into the robber’s heart.

Tang Zhen seemed to have heard a soft sound. Then, he saw the hidden weapon stab into the robber’s flesh. The corners of the robber’s mouth twitched, and his body involuntarily twitched. At the same time, he waved his arms unwillingly and fell weakly to the ground.

After succeeding in one attack, Qian Long kept moving around, waving his weapon and fighting the robbers.

His movements were very agile, and his control over strength was also very precise. He seemed to be very free as he leaped and dodged. Coupled with the sharp weapon in his hand, he was actually not at a disadvantage when fighting the two enemies.

However, there were too many enemies after all. Soon, Qian Long was attacked from the front and back. The situation looked dangerous.

Tang Zhen, who originally wanted to draw his saber and fight, didn’t dare to hesitate when he saw this. He took out a pistol from his waist with lightning speed and quickly pulled the trigger at the three robbers charging at him.

He no longer wanted to kill or injure. He only wanted to intimidate these bandits and save Qian Long.

However, because his firing distance was very close, the three bandits didn’t expect Tang Zhen to have a pistol, so they gave Tang Zhen an opportunity.

“Bang, bang, bang…!”

In an instant, the magazine was empty. The three bandits were all shot and fell into the gra.s.s covered in blood.

The power of firearms was ferocious. Before the three bandits could approach Tang Zhen, they had already lost their lives.

The gunshots and powerful lethality that sounded like raindrops shocked the remaining robbers. They looked at their fallen companions in a daze, and a trace of panic flashed in their eyes.

They knew that the weapon in Tang Zhen’s hand was a firearm, and it was an extremely expensive repeating flare. They had only heard of this killing weapon, but they didn’t expect that these two actually had a firearm!

What a bad year. This wasn’t an easy target, but a freaking deathtrap!

At the same time, this thought appeared in the hearts of all the remaining members of the raider team, and they were slightly distracted.

How could the red-eyed Qian Long let go of such an opportunity? He took the opportunity to cut down one of his enemies and quickly leaned against Tang Zhen.

The last magazine had already been emptied. Tang Zhen took out a magazine from the storage s.p.a.ce and hurriedly wanted to replace it. Unfortunately, because he had never received training, he actually failed to insert the magazine three times in a row in a panic. He was so anxious that cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

If the bandits rushed up at this moment, they might be able to defeat him.

However, the bandits didn’t seize this fleeting opportunity. Just as he inserted the magazine for the fourth time and finally succeeded, the remaining bandits actually turned around and jumped into the gra.s.s together, fleeing in a sorry state!

Although they were ruthless, they weren’t stupid. They knew that if they stayed any longer, they might lose their lives here. Previously, they thought that Tang Zheng was an easy target. They didn’t expect the two of them to be so fierce. They had definitely suffered a huge loss this time.

The enemy’s weapon was so powerful. When would they run if not now?

Looking at the fleeing bandits, the two of them looked at each other and heaved a sigh of relief.

After checking the map and confirming that the bandits had run far away, Tang Zhen put away his weapon with trembling hands. At the same time, he cursed bitterly, “d.a.m.n…!”

Qian Long sat on the ground and panted heavily. The battle just now had consumed a lot of his physical strength.

After resting for a moment, Qian Long simply checked the wound on his arm. He stood up and began to search the corpses of these robbers. As the infamous wilderness raider team, these guys might have many good things on them.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go according to plan. These guys were even poorer than him. In the end, he only obtained dozens of brain beads and some small useless things from these corpses.

On the other hand, among the weapons left behind by the robbers, a few of them looked very good. Qian Long put them all away.

Tang Zhen didn’t fancy these things, so he urged Qian Long to leave quickly. He didn’t want to be attacked again by these robbers.

After they set off this time, the two of them became much more cautious. Tang Zhen didn’t even let go of his gun. Qian Long was very curious about Tang Zhen’s weapon. He asked a few simple questions and even fiddled with it twice before returning it to Tang Zhen.

Tang Zhen originally thought that Qian Long would be interested in firearms, but he didn’t expect the other party’s performance to be very calm. Instead, the other party was more obsessed with cold weapons.

Along the way, fortunately, no more twists and turns occurred. After avoiding the monsters wandering outside the abandoned factory, the two of them quietly entered the hidden bas.e.m.e.nt.

In front of the wooden board blocking the entrance, Tang Zhen shouted softly to prove his ident.i.ty.

At first, there was a faint rubbing sound. Then, the girl’s low cry of surprise came from behind the wooden board. After the wooden board was moved away, Murong Ziyan’s surprised face was revealed.

After making way for the two of them to enter, she quickly blocked the wooden board.

“Big Brother Tang, you’re finally back!”

Murong Ziyan pulled Tang Zhen’s arm and said with joy.

The little girl at the side held half a biscuit in her hand and nodded, revealing an expression of “Great, great!”

Patting Murong Ziyan’s shoulder, Tang Zhen smiled and introduced Qian Long to her.

While Murong Ziyan turned around, Qian Long secretly winked at Tang Zhen, revealing an ambiguous expression that all men understood.

Tang Zhen chuckled and turned around to ignore this guy.

As he leaned to the side to rest, Tang Zhen told Murong Ziyan his idea of establis.h.i.+ng the building. Compared to Qian Long’s rumors, Murong Ziyan, who was once the daughter of a building lord, should know more and be able to give pertinent suggestions.

After hearing Tang Zhen’s thoughts, Murong Ziyan was also very shocked. However, after the shock, she still told Tang Zhen some details that Qian Long had never mentioned before.

Compared to Qian Long’s hearsay, the information Murong Ziyan knew was much more detailed and accurate.

It turned out that apart from the cornerstone, establis.h.i.+ng a building also required a level-six or higher demon monster brain bead!

In this world, once a wanderer reached level five, their battle power would reach a bottleneck. Only by sacrificing in the altar of the building and obtaining divine power could they continue to advance to level six.

After sacrificing and obtaining divine power, some people would have the ability to cultivate martial skills, while others would have the ability to cultivate divine skills, but without exception, they were all very powerful existences.

The cultivators and monsters in this world were divided into levels. It could be said that the true level of the cultivator started after obtaining divine power. After level six, every time the cultivator increased by one level, their strength would multiply.

Among monsters, those below level five could only be considered ordinary monsters. After reaching level six, they could also obtain divine power and advance to powerful demons. At this moment, the brain beads of such demon monsters had already become extremely precious. They could be used as sacrifices or to help cultivation. It could be said that they were priceless.