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I Have A City In An Alternate World

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Chapter 15

Weapon Shop and Ambush

In the room of the inn, Tang Zhen and Qian Long chatted.

According to Qian Long, he had been busy selling the food left behind by Tang Zhen for the past two days. After comparing the goods, he finally chose to sell these “excellent” foods to this grocery store because they offered the highest price.

In the end, Tang Zhen’s food oil, which was not worth much in this world, was sold for a good price in the alternate world. After all, in this world, the most valuable thing was seasoning.

For the natives of the alternate world, the delicacies cooked with these seasonings were very delicious.

As he spoke, Qian Long handed the beads to Tang Zhen.

Tang Zhen took out 100 of them and handed them to Qian Long. Qian Long refused to accept them, but Tang Zhen still forced him to accept them. He didn’t care about this bit of beads. He cared about Qian Long.

Qian Long reluctantly accepted these brain beads and said that he had taken a fancy to the equipment. Now that he had these brain beads, he would go to the weapon store to buy them later.

Tang Zhen said, “In any case, we’re free. Why don’t we go to the weapon store in the town to take a look?”

Tang Zhen also had the intention to observe. After all, the price of weapons was so high. It would be a lie to say that he wasn’t tempted. Now, he could take this opportunity to observe.

Qian Long couldn’t wait either, so they immediately moved.

After the two of them walked out of the inn side by side, they walked along the messy street and quickly arrived at the weapon store across the street from the grocery store.

The name of the weapon store was Blade and was written in a strange language. Qian Long didn’t know it, but he had heard its name from others.

Tang Zhen recalled that there was an automatic translation language and text transfer in the cell phone’s app store. The download price was 10,000 gold coins. It looked like he could download it to test the effect when he had enough money.

This weapon store faced the street. There were several rows of wooden weapon racks with many swords and weapons hanging on them, s.h.i.+ning coldly under the sun.

On the wooden shelves inside were armor of various types. The disadvantage was that they weren’t very beautiful.

In the deepest part of the weapon store, Tang Zhen also saw a few fire shovels hanging on the wall, as well as a dagger and a flintlock pistol placed on the counter.

He tested these weapons. The edges were sharp, the weight was moderate, and the quality was very good.

Seeing that Tang Zhen was watching carefully, Qian Long said, “These are all ordinary weapons, but the price is not low. Ordinary wanderers can’t afford them at all.”

Tang Zhen heard the hidden meaning and couldn’t help but ask, “These weapons are all pretty good? Then according to you, there are better weapons than these.”

“Of course, but ordinary wanderers like us can’t come into contact with it.”

Qian Long continued confidently, “That kind of weapon is called a demon weapon. It’s divided into nine stars. The materials used to forge it are very rare and precious, so it has a strange ability. It’s called an attribute by the craftsmen. While the price of this kind of weapon is high, it’s also a symbol of ident.i.ty and strength.”

As the two of them spoke, they had already entered the weapon store.

Looking around, in the backyard of the weapon store, there were a few blacksmiths waving iron hammers and guarding the furnace, sweating like rain, hammering the red iron bars on the anvil into the form of swords.

There were more than ten people as a.s.sistants beside him.

There were also weapons placed in the store, but compared to the outside, these weapons looked better.

Tang Zhen took out a long and thin saber and looked at it. He saw that the blade of this saber was about 90 centimeters long. The hilt and sheath were very exquisite, and the mirror-like surface of the blade was polished to the point where one’s reflection could be seen. It was also very smooth to swing it in his hand, and the edge that emitted a cold light looked very sharp.

Tang Zhen liked this saber very much, so he asked the waiter how much it was. The other party’s answer was 280 white brain beads.

Upon hearing this price, Tang Zhen couldn’t help but be speechless.

The brain beads were very important to him, but having a good weapon to protect himself was also very important. However, the value of the brain beads was relatively higher. Therefore, Tang Zhen could only sigh and put it back.

He turned around and looked at Qian Long. This guy was fiddling with a short bow and looked like he couldn’t bear to part with it.

The body of the short bow was made of an unknown material. It was a purple and red color, but its surface was covered in green patterns like meridians. The black bowstring seemed to be extremely flexible and wouldn’t cause one to cut their hand when handling it.

Qian Long tried to pull it. It was a little difficult and looked like it weighed a lot.

Tang Zhen smiled when he saw this. So this was what Qian Long wanted!

He happened to have a set of bow and arrows in his storage s.p.a.ce. The quality couldn’t be said to be better than what Qian Long was currently using, but at least he didn’t have to spend money. From the looks of this short bow, it was obvious that it was expensive. Presumably, Qian Long had only come to have fun.

He would give that set of bow and arrows to Qian Long directly later. When he returned next time, he would buy a few more sets to prepare. He might need them at some point.

At the thought of this, Tang Zhen immediately pulled the reluctant Qian Long back and told him that he would give him a set of bow not much worse than this later.

Qian Long’s eyes lit up when he heard that, but he was also skeptical. However, he still left the weapon store with Tang Zhen.

When he pa.s.sed by a roadside stall in the market, Tang Zhen spent some money to buy all the jewelry he had taken a fancy to previously. Then, he secretly placed them in his storage s.p.a.ce.

After returning to the room in the inn, Tang Zhen first told Qian Long about the Murong sisters and then told him that he wanted to build a building!

Qian Long was stunned by Tang Zhen’s thoughts. In his heart, it was already difficult to become a resident of a building, let alone establish a building. Was this Tang Zhen thinking properly?

“Are you… sure… you really… want to establish a building?”

Qian Long stuttered and stared at Tang Zhen.

“Of course I’m serious, and I definitely won’t give up halfway after making up my mind. Buddy, are you interested in completing this magnificent feat with me?”

Qian Long seemed a little annoyed. He supported his head with his hand and said in a slightly mocking tone, “I guess you must be crazy, but why do I actually have the urge to give it a try?”

“Cut the c.r.a.p. Are you going to do it or not?”

“Screw it. If the establishment of the building fails, the worst outcome is only death. I’ll do it!”

“Don’t say such depressing things. To tell you the truth, if I want to build a building, I’ll build the largest building in this world. Then, I’ll demolish all the buildings of those foreign races!”

Qian Long rolled his eyes when he heard that. “Demolish the buildings established by those foreign races, hehe… You haven’t seen the horror of those foreign race warriors. Now, I’m sure that you’re really crazy…”

Although he felt that Tang Zhen was playing with fire, since he had already joined Tang Zhen’s building plan, Qian Long became serious.

The two of them began to discuss how to obtain the cornerstone, where to build the building, how to obtain the materials needed to build the building, and how to resist the monster attack after it was built.

Only then did Tang Zhen realize that there were still many things he had to prepare to establish a building. Moreover, he was still clueless in many aspects. It looked like his original idea was a little simple.

Fortunately, there was a preliminary plan now. The two of them just had to carry out the plan they had discussed.

Establis.h.i.+ng a building was not a small matter, so they had to keep it a secret in the early stages. Otherwise, if they were targeted by bad people, it would be more or less troublesome. In this way, the town was not very safe. The two of them and the Murong sisters had to find a new residence as soon as possible.

However, living in a small town was also beneficial. It was convenient to trade here, and they could resist the attacks of monsters and obtain more information. Moreover, this place was close to a building, and from time to time, caravans would trade with the market.

Tang Zhen even tried to find an opportunity to enter the building to investigate.

Although the factory where the Murong sisters lived could also accommodate them, Tang Zhen was afraid that this d.a.m.n place would be discovered by monsters, so he would bring the two sisters along with him!

After asking Qian Long if there was an ideal building location, Qian Long recalled a place that was hidden, easy to defend, and difficult to attack. It wasn’t too far from here.

That place was once the camp of a plundering team formed by a group of wanderers. There were hundreds of people, and all the wanderers who knew about that place would deliberately avoid it.

Later on, he heard that this unlucky raider team was wiped out by a powerful monster pa.s.sing by. That valley had been empty since then.

Qian Long also discovered the location of that camp by chance. Later on, after the plundering team was killed, he also went once in an attempt to search for some useful resources. Unfortunately, that place had long been plundered clean by the wanderers who came first.

Since there was a suitable place, Tang Zhen would naturally find an opportunity to take a look.

However, they still decided to bring the Murong sisters back first to prevent any changes from happening. Therefore, the two of them immediately set off and went straight to the abandoned factory after leaving the wanderer town.

Not long after leaving the town, when the two of them pa.s.sed by a withered vine forest, a chirping bird cry sounded. Tang Zhen looked up and saw that it was a bird similar to a turtledove. It looked pretty fat.

Looking at the trees filled with birds, Tang Zhen turned around and casually asked, “You said that you used to be hungry often. Don’t you usually hunt these birds to eat?”

Qian Long shook its head and said, “With what? A bow and arrow? I don’t have one.”

“Then can’t you make one yourself!”

Tang Zhen asked.

Qian Long shook his head and said, “The lethality of the bow and arrows I made is completely useless. The range is too limited, and the power is too small.”

Tang Zhen nodded when he heard that. He seemed to have seen the introduction before. A real bow was actually very complicated. It wasn’t as simple as getting a bamboo pole and tying a rope. Although there were also bow styles like English longbows in this world, there didn’t seem to be any wood suitable for making bows in this world. The plants in the wilderness he had seen were mostly strange vines that filled the sky and looked like woods, but he had never seen a single tree.

Since he was bored, Tang Zhen continued the topic. “If you don’t have a bow, don’t you know how to use traps and slingshots?”

“The harvest of the trap is a risk. These birds have become spirits, and most of the time, they don’t fall for it at all. Also, what’s a slingshot?” Qian Long asked in confusion.

“Is this slingshot also a type of bow?”

Tang Zhen was stunned. “A slingshot is a slingshot. Don’t you know what a slingshot is?”

Qian Long shook his head in confusion, indicating that he really didn’t know!

Tang Zhen shook his head when he heard that. He told himself in his heart that this was an alternate world and he couldn’t think according to the train of thought in this world.

Thinking of this, Tang Zhen only said that he would give one to Qianlong later and stopped talking about this topic.

The two of them had just walked a short distance on the deserted path when Qian Long pulled on Tang Zhen’s clothes with a serious expression and said softly, “Be careful, someone wants to rob the path. Prepare to attack at any time!”

Tang Zhen’s heart skipped a beat. He calmly looked around, but he didn’t find anything unusual. However, Tang Zhen believed in Qian Long’s beast-like intuition. That was a survival skill cultivated from countless close encounters with death.

He opened the map and took a look. As expected, there were many people hidden in the nearby gra.s.s, surrounding them. Seeing this scene, Tang Zhen immediately broke out in a cold sweat.

It looked like he had been careless!

At this moment, two cold arrows suddenly shot out from the gra.s.s and headed straight for the two of them.