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I Have A City In An Alternate World

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Chapter 14

General Store (2)

Seeing this, Tang Zhen could only shrug and give up on teasing the little girl. Instead, he sat down and fell into deep thought.

The changes in this world caught Tang Zhen off guard. Although he had already heard some descriptions of similar situations from Qian Long, he still needed to see it for himself to believe it. The hidden danger made him even more cautious.

Now that he only had a pistol in his hand and his ammunition was very limited, it was clearly not appropriate to bet his entire life on +it. Although the swords and bows he had prepared previously were also lethal, they lacked proficient operation skills. They definitely couldn’t maximize their effect when dealing with a group of ferocious monsters.

When one person fought a group of monsters, the weapon in his hand had to have an absolute advantage and his battle power had to be super strong. Otherwise, the other party could suppress him with numbers alone.

Looking at Tang Zhen, who was deep in thought, the Murong sisters tactfully hid to the side and quietly watched him fall into deep thought.

Ever since she made her choice, it meant that the man in front of her was her only support in the future. Murong Ziyan was still a little nervous and expectant, but at the same time, she felt a little sad.

In this chaotic world, she definitely couldn’t protect herself and her sister with her own strength, but this man who could kill five monsters with a wave of his hand gave her a huge sense of security she had never felt before.

“This man is very strong, and he didn’t bully me with his power. Perhaps my choice wasn’t wrong!”

As Murong Ziyan thought about it, her gaze on Tang Zhen became gentler.

This day pa.s.sed in the intermittent conversation between Tang Zhen and Murong Ziyan. During this period, he asked about various detailed information regarding the entire world, but Murong Ziyan also didn’t know much.

However, Murong Ziyan was very sure of one thing. That was that the buildings had very magical abilities. Moreover, some of the sizes of the legendary buildings were not inferior to a continent!

Of course, Murong Ziyan didn’t know the word “continent”. The description she gave was that it would take months to walk out of the building on a fast horse!

Tang Zhen was stunned when he heard that. After all, the size of such a huge building was really shocking.

In fact, Murong Ziyan didn’t know much. If it weren’t for the fact that she once had a father who was a building lord, she probably wouldn’t know much.

However, Tang Zhen didn’t mind. The information he obtained today was already shocking enough. He believed that as he explored step by step, he would eventually understand all the relevant information in this world.

The night pa.s.sed in the blink of an eye. When they woke up the next day, the sisters were still sleeping soundly in the corner.

Obviously, with Tang Zhen around, they could sleep soundly.

Tang Zhen sighed in his heart and woke up the sleeping Murong Ziyan. He told her that he would be away for a day or two and instructed them not to go out for the next two days.

After leaving some food behind, Tang Zhen left the bas.e.m.e.nt under the worried gazes of the sisters and headed in the direction of the wanderer market. On the way, Tang Zhen encountered a few wandering monsters, but he didn’t attack. Instead, he carefully avoided them.

Soon, the wanderer market appeared in front of him. Some wanderers were entering and exiting the gate of the market. When Tang Zhen approached to enter, a warrior wearing a long saber and simple leather armor blocked his path and asked him for the fee to enter the market.

Tang Zhen took out a bone card from his pocket. It was the certificate he had obtained when he and Qian Long handed over the bead last time. It could allow him to stay here for a month. When the warrior guarding the door saw the bone card, he reminded him to tie the bone card to his waist and let him enter the market.

The market in the day was clearly very lively. On both sides of the road were wanderers sitting on the ground. In front of them were piles of resources for trading. When he pa.s.sed by a stall, Tang Zhen surprisingly discovered a group of birds raised in cages that looked like chickens.

He asked curiously, but the other party said that these were wild chickens caught with a trap.

Tang Zhen thought to himself, Are you freaking kidding me? Can’t I even differentiate between a wild chicken and raised chicken?

However, when he recalled that this wasn’t his original world, he didn’t dwell on this problem anymore. Apart from these wild chickens that looked like hens, there were also some birds placed on the stall. Most of them were caught by traps. A small number had been shot down by bows and arrows.

At the side, there were some wild beasts that Tang Zhen didn’t recognize. Most of them had been cleaned up and were waiting to be sold.

Tang Zhen looked around and discovered a few items that were useful to him. However, he wasn’t in a hurry to exchange them. Instead, he went straight to the inn.

After entering the inn, he didn’t find Qian Long. He asked the boss and learned that this guy had gone out to sell things. Tang Zhen was a little surprised because he didn’t see Qian Long on the street just now. Where did he go to set up a stall?

After asking again, he realized that the place where Qian Long sold things was the grocery store in the market, not a stall by the roadside.

According to the inn owner’s guidance, Tang Zhen quickly arrived in front of a relatively tall house. The wall was even painted with smoke-brown paint, making it more pleasing to the eye than the houses beside it.

Tang Zhen glanced at the burly man guarding the door and walked in.

After entering the house, the light in front of him suddenly darkened. Fortunately, he quickly adapted to the environment and saw the decorations in the house clearly.

Compared to the crudeness of the street stalls in the wanderer town, the items in this store were much higher-end. There were many resources searched by wanderers from the wild buildings, and some were goods from the building.

The goods here included food, clothing, as well as accommodation and travel items, but they were all very expensive.

At this moment, Qian Long was standing in front of the counter of the store. When he saw Tang Zhen, he smiled, and a hint of relief appeared in his eyes.

“Is the way back safe? I heard that the monsters nearby have increased a lot. There’s also a wild building nearby. The monsters inside are also very powerful…”

Qian Long spoke confidently, while Tang Zhen replied from time to time.

A muscular waiter walked out from the back room behind the counter. He held a small enamel basin in his hand. Inside was a large pile of white beads, making “Hua Hua!” sounds.

Upon hearing this noise, Tang Zhen felt his heart skip a beat. He stared straight at the beads. The desire rising in his body made him want to swallow all these beads in one bite.

“This is the price we discussed. There are a total of 400 level-one white brain beads. Count them!”

The waiter handed the beads to Qian Long, but Qian Long was really helpless against all the beads. He glanced at Tang Zhen and saw Tang Zhen nod before handing the basin over for Tang Zhen to count.

After confirming that the number of beads was correct, the two of them turned and left the grocery store, returning to the inn they had previously stayed in.

After the two of them left, a very inconspicuous-looking wanderer walked out of the grocery store closely behind. After glancing at the direction of Tang Zhen and his companion with narrowed eyes, he sneered twice and turned to enter a mud hut not far away.