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I Have A City In An Alternate World

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Chapter 13

General Store

Murong Ziyan’s action made Tang Zhen’s body stiffen. He instinctively grabbed with his hand and felt that it was extremely soft.


The girl opposite him blushed and couldn’t help but grunt in pain.

When he returned to his senses after feeling the soft ball of meat in his palm, Tang Zhen’s gaze was very calm.

The girl’s actions caught him off guard, but after thinking about the girl’s motive, he couldn’t have dirty thoughts about this girl who was covered in filth but had a clean heart, let alone do that kind of thing in front of a child??

Looking at the girl in front of him, Tang Zhen couldn’t help but recall his childhood experience.

That time, he and his sister were really hungry and uncomfortable. His sister couldn’t help but steal the dried radish from a family with a bad reputation. In the end, she was caught by the female owner on the spot.

Seeing that his sister was grabbed by the clothes and about to be slapped by the scheming woman, Tang Zhen rushed up like a madman and knocked the woman away. He shouted for his sister to run, but he was knocked to the ground by that woman and her son. As the woman hit him, she cursed, “You motherless little beggar!”

Tang Zhen was beaten black and blue, but he smiled very happily. This was because his sister wasn’t beaten up and even took away a large amount of dried radishes. She didn’t have to starve tonight.

The current Murong Ziyan was so similar to her at that time!

With a gentle smile, he signaled for Murong Ziyan to let go and gently pressed her down until she was seated on the ground.

Reaching out to push away Murong Ziyan’s long hair, Tang Zhen was shocked to discover that although this girl’s face was covered in mud, her original appearance was definitely beautiful, especially that stubbornness and motherly aura that vaguely appeared on her face.

Tang Zhen knew that something might happen to the two of them in the future, but definitely not at this moment.

“I can help you, but this is definitely not an exchange. Do you understand?”

That kind of naked transaction was no different from getting a prost.i.tute. Tang Zhen didn’t like it!

Tang Zhen’s tone was very gentle as he said calmly, “My name is Tang Zhen. Call me Brother Tang in the future!”

Looking at the smiling Tang Zhen, Murong Ziyan nodded obediently. After obtaining Tang Zhen’s promise, a trace of hope rose in her originally confused eyes.

Although her actions just now were rash, if she was given another chance to do everything over again, she would still try it without hesitation.

It couldn’t be helped. She, who had once lived like a princess, had long understood that stubbornness and self-esteem couldn’t bring her powerful martial strength, fill their stomachs, or help them stay away from the danger that existed everywhere. She didn’t do it for herself, but for her young sister.

If she wanted to get something, she naturally had to give up something. That was all she could give.

Even if the outcome wasn’t ideal, she had no regrets. After all, there were very few opportunities to change her current survival situation. It could only be chanced upon by luck.

The opportunity disappeared in a flash, but Murong Ziyan successfully grasped it. He had to admit that she had good judgment and was quite decisive.

Murong Ziyan looked at the man in front of her and felt emotional.

With the appearance of this man, she and her sister would have a higher chance of survival. No matter what, ever since Tang Zhen saved her from the monster, she had already made up her mind.

After all, human lives in the wilderness were the most worthless thing. She didn’t expect much, as long as she and her sister could live.

Looking at Murong Ziyan, who was originally fighting like an injured female wolf protecting its cub in a difficult situation, but now relaxed like a helpless kitten, Tang Zhen recalled the difficult days when he and his sister relied on each other. He couldn’t help but pull her slightly rough little hand over and pull her directly to his side.

Murong Ziyan’s body trembled again, but she sat down obediently.

Tang Zhen hugged this lonely and stubborn girl. Even if her body was filled with strange smells, he didn’t mind. He just hugged her silently, like how he treated his sister, making her thin and weak body feel a little warm.

Life was not easy, and people had to cherish each other!

Unexpectedly, when Murong Ziyan saw him hugging her, she suddenly recalled the happy days she had with her parents.

She hugged Tang Zhen’s neck and sobbed softly. Her aggrieved tears seemed to be endless.

After expressing her att.i.tude in front of Tang Zhen just now, Murong Ziyan had already treated Tang Zhen as her man. At this moment, she fell into this man’s broad arms and even relieved all her worries and burdens. Her tears couldn’t be stopped anymore.

“Look at you, you’re crying like a cat… Aiyo, Ziyue is also crying!”

Tang Zhen hurriedly coaxed the two of them. His sorry state made Murong Ziyan laugh through her tears. She turned around shyly and wiped the tears on her face. Then, she ran to the side to comfort Little Ziyue, who was crying along with the crowd.

This scene was very heartwarming but also very cruel.

The two sisters, who were as beautiful as flowers, had endured too much hards.h.i.+p and suffering at an age that should have been protected and doted on.

Looking at the two sisters who entrusted their future to him with a gentle gaze, Tang Zhen felt that all of this was so unexpected. However, the trust that the other party placed his life in made his mentality change a little.

Initially, he treated himself as a pa.s.serby in this world. With a wave of his sleeve, he only took away the wealth he wanted, but now, he had an additional responsibility and concern on his shoulder.

Looking at the smiling Little Ziyue, Tang Zhen slowly walked over, wanting to tease this very cute little girl. Unfortunately, the little girl was a little afraid of strangers. When she saw Tang Zhen coming over, she subconsciously dodged, and her cute big eyes began to mist up again.