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Chapter 12

Murong Sisters (1)

When the scavenger gnomes heard the sound, they immediately turned around. After discovering Tang Zhen running over, they stared at him with fierce and bloodthirsty eyes and let out ear-piercing low roars.

At the same time, the two scavenger gnomes quickly changed directions and pounced fiercely at Tang Zhen.

On the other hand, when the girl saw Tang Zhen, the unexpected intruder, a trace of surprise flashed in her eyes. Then, she seemed to have realized something and roared at Tang Zhen, “Run, run, these monsters eat people!”

The girl’s words were anxious, clearly reminding Tang Zhen to escape quickly. However, judging from her choppy tone, it seemed like she had not communicated with anyone for a long time.

Tang Zhen was very grateful for the girl’s kindness. She was in danger, but she could still think about the safety of others. For this, he had no reason to stand by and watch.

In the blink of an eye, Tang Zhen quickly raised his pistol, aimed at one of the monsters, and pulled the trigger without hesitation.


After a crisp sound, the bullet hit the target. The monster that was shot cried out in pain. A green round hole was immediately opened in its head. It struggled desperately for a few times before twitching and dying.

This gunshot immediately stunned the remaining four monsters. They were clearly creatures with simple intelligence. The sudden death of their companions shocked them. After chattering for a while, a trace of fear appeared in their eyes. Then, they turned around and ran at the same time.

Perhaps they had seen the power of firearms before, so they were so afraid.

Tang Zhen was delighted when he saw this. He even fired at the backs of the four monsters without hesitation. After a series of rapid gunshots, the four monsters fell to the ground and died twitching.

Tang Zhen was quite surprised that he could kill the five monsters so easily. After all, he had personally experienced how difficult these monsters were.

Tang Zhen glanced at the monster’s corpse. The green mucus that emerged from its body made him feel slightly disgusted, so he simply didn’t look at the corpses anymore. He retreated the emptied magazine and replaced it with a magazine filled with bullets.

He took out his sword and squatted down. He took out the brain beads of the five monsters and wiped his hands with a tissue. Only then did he turn around and look at the girl. He smiled at the girl whose fear had yet to subside and put the pistol in his belt.

The girl had already put down the iron knife across her chest. She sat on the ground and hugged the crying little girl in her arms as she twitched. Clearly, the terrifying experience of life and death just now had frightened her.

Seeing this, Tang Zhen didn’t say anything. He only grinned and shook his palm that was cut by the pistol sleeve, sighing to himself that he was still too fl.u.s.tered.

However, for him, who was using a weapon for the first time, it was already very good that he could successfully kill the monster and not send the bullet flying into the sky.

Seeing that the girl was crying non-stop, Tang Zhen couldn’t help but interrupt, “Can you stop crying first? This place isn’t safe. Should we move to a different place first?”

The girl stopped crying when she heard that. She wiped her mud-covered face and silently glanced at Tang Zhen before waving at him.

She carried the cute little girl and walked in front, while Tang Zhen followed closely behind. They turned left and right and walked very far. When they reached the edge of the abandoned factory, she stopped in front of a weed in the gra.s.s and a cement pipe that could only accommodate one person.

The girl waved at Tang Zhen again and entered first.

After hesitating for a moment, Tang Zhen quietly took out his pistol and covered it under his clothes. Then, he crawled into the dark entrance. After lowering his head and bending down for more than ten meters, an underground ca.n.a.l about ten square meters appeared in front of Tang Zhen.

The environment here was very simple, and it could only shelter them from the wind and rain.

A strange smell filled the air. The sisters, who had lived in this environment for a long time, also had this smell on them, making Tang Zhen involuntarily cover his nose.

Seeing this, the girl blushed slightly. Tang Zhen realized that it was inappropriate and quietly put down his hand.

A few rays of sunlight shone into the underground s.p.a.ce through the cracks in the ruins. In the corner was a small bed made of wooden hay. After the girl put it down, the little girl was sitting on it and looking at Tang Zhen curiously.

At this moment, the girl was carefully collecting the seeping water from the depression in the bas.e.m.e.nt and gathering it in a gla.s.s bottle.

Seeing that Tang Zhen was looking at her curiously, the girl’s eyes dodged slightly. Then, she handed the bottle to Tang Zhen. Because she had just roared at the top of her lungs, the girl’s voice was a little hoa.r.s.e. She said in a slightly choppy voice, “You, sit down and drink water!”

Tang Zhen was slightly stunned when he heard that. Could it be that the girl wanted him to drink this dirty water that had acc.u.mulated on the ground? However, after thinking about the girl’s environment, Tang Zhen also guessed that this bottle of water might be very precious to her.

At the thought of this, Tang Zhen smiled and shook his head in refusal. Under the girl’s slightly aggrieved gaze, he waved his hand gently and picked up a bottle of mineral water and a few bags of biscuits.

The girl was shocked by the sudden appearance of food. She took a few careful looks and judged that it was food. Then, she asked carefully, “You are a holy master?”

This was the first time Tang Zhen had displayed the ability of the storage s.p.a.ce in front of others. He was originally in a flaunting mood, but when he was asked by the girl, his heart suddenly trembled. He seemed to have thought of something and hurriedly asked, “Holy Master? Could it be that the Holy Master you mentioned can create things like me?”


The girl nodded slightly and replied, but her eyes were fixed on the food on the ground. At the same time, she gently pursed her dry lips.

Tang Zhen shook his head slightly when he saw this. He picked up a bag of biscuits and a bottle of water and handed them to the girl. “As long as you tell me all the rumors you know, these foods are all yours.”

The girl’s eyes immediately erupted with light. She stared at Tang Zhen and asked, “Is what you said true? Give them all to me?”

“Of course it’s true.”

Seeing Tang Zhen nod in affirmation, the girl immediately pulled over the bag of biscuits and took a fierce bite with her teeth, but she bit the plastic bag.

Tang Zhen laughed when he saw this. The girl blushed. She rolled her eyes and ignored Tang Zhen. After handing the cracked biscuit to the little girl beside her, she quickly hid the rest of the water and food behind the bed.

Tang Zhen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when he saw this. He hurriedly waved his hand and said, “Don’t worry, it’s all yours. No one will s.n.a.t.c.h it from you. Hurry up and sit here. Tell me everything you know.”

The girl didn’t listen to Tang Zhen. She only curled her long legs and hugged them with her arms. She watched gently as the little girl wolfed down the food and started telling the story with a blank gaze.

It turned out that the girl’s father was once the lord of a small building. Back then, when the foreign race’s warriors attacked the human building where her family was located, the girl’s parents died in battle. The girl and her sister were saved by a few warriors with all their might.

In the following days, the few warriors left or died in battle for various reasons. In the end, only the girl and her sister were left wandering in the wilderness.

The place they lived in was discovered a year ago. It was an abandoned underground cave.

Logically speaking, such a place wasn’t very safe, but because the girl’s hiding place was very hidden and she was usually very cautious, she was actually very lucky to survive a year safely.

But the evening the day before yesterday, this factory ruin suddenly appeared here, only inches away from her hiding place. At that time, she was almost frightened. She hugged the little girl and shrank in a corner, not even daring to breathe loudly, afraid that she would alarm those wandering monsters.

However, at noon yesterday, a group of warriors from the nearby building barged in. They first cleaned up the wandering monsters and found a hidden bas.e.m.e.nt. They fought with a few powerful monsters for a long time and finally left after killing those monsters.

The girl witnessed the entire process of the battle. During this period, firearms were also used. There was also someone who used the method of creating things out of thin air like Tang Zhen. The girl overheard the other warriors calling that person Mr. Holy Master!

The girl had only seen warriors who cultivated martial skills in the past, but this was the first time she had seen a holy master.

Seeing that the monsters had all been cleared and that her sister was so hungry that she felt uncomfortable, the girl took the risk to go out and find food.

Although she was extremely careful, she was still discovered by the hidden monster. Before Tang Zhen appeared, she thought that she and her sister would become food for the monster, and she had already fallen into complete despair.

Listening to the girl’s choked explanation, Tang Zhen frowned slightly. He didn’t expect the fate of these two girls to be so miserable. A trace of compa.s.sion rose in his heart.

No matter what, Tang Zhen couldn’t bear to see them continue to endure the threat of hunger and death at such a beautiful age. Moreover, after understanding the tragic situation of the humans in this world, Tang Zhen was even more unwilling to watch his own race die without doing anything.

Looking at the girl who was immersed in her past memories, Tang Zhen casually asked, “Do you have a name? What’s your name?”

The girl reached out to push away the hair that covered her eyes and whispered, “My name is Murong Ziyan, and my sister’s name is Ziyue!”

“Yes, h.e.l.lo, Uncle. I’m Ziyue.”

The little girl sitting at the side nodded and said crisply. Under her yellow hair caused by malnutrition, a pair of lively eyes looked at Tang Zhen.

“Just call me brother. My surname is Tang.”

Tang Zhen smiled when he heard that. Looking at the two sisters who were struggling in the wilderness and relying on each other, Tang Zhen felt a strong sense of kins.h.i.+p in his heart. This reminded him of his childhood experience with his sister.

Therefore, he chuckled and said, “Your names are both very nice and beautiful.”

Murong Ziyan shook her head gently when she heard that. She reached out and touched her sister’s dry hair, as if she was filled with worries.

After a while, Murong Ziyan looked a little conflicted. She pursed her lips and turned to look at Tang Zhen. She said with a pleading tone, “Can you stay? I’ll be your woman!”

Tang Zhen didn’t expect Murong Ziyan to suddenly say this. For a moment, he didn’t know how to answer. On second thought, he understood Murong Ziyan’s motive. She just wanted to find someone to rely on for herself and his sister.

Although Tang Zhen wanted to refuse, when he noticed the loving gaze Murong Ziyan gave her sister, he immediately extinguished the thought.

After all, she was a weak woman with an ignorant sister. How could they survive in this chaotic world filled with danger? Perhaps relying on a strong man was the best choice. Even if Murong Ziyan treated this as an exchange, she was still willing.

Shaking his head gently, Tang Zhen sighed at the heartlessness of fate, but Murong Ziyan misunderstood.

Her body trembled slightly, and she gritted her teeth fiercely. Murong Ziyan suddenly pounced over. Before Tang Zhen could recover, she grabbed his palm, pulled off her clothes, and placed his hand on her bare chest

Placing Tang Zhen’s big hand on her bare chest, Murong Ziyan looked straight at Tang Zhen and begged, “I can cook, sleep with you, and even give birth to your child. I can do anything a woman can do! Stay, please stay!”