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Chapter 25 – Let’s First Spin With 10000 Pa.s.sive Points

Xu Xiaoshou immediately returned to the red interface after the attendant left.

“Sharpness (Acquired Lv. 9)”

“Sharpness (Acquired Lv. 10)”

“Sharpness (Innate Lv. 1)

Xu Xiaoshou held a spirit crystal in his mouth and constantly inhaled it. His eyes were unfocused, and there was a blissful, foolish smile on his face.

When he was poor, he’d never dreamed that being rich could make him this happy.

He splurged on his techniques since he now had so many Pa.s.sive Points. However, he only spent 3000 points, which was negligible considering he now had more than 40000 Pa.s.sive Points.

Xu Xiaoshou finally had a second Innate-stage pa.s.sive skill after Strengthen.

As Sharpness reached the Innate-stage, an undulating transparent sheen appeared on the surface of his body. It looked like it could slice through anything. It looked like a glistening treasure, and was extremely splendid.

Xu Xiaoshou had a thought. He willed the light to gather in his forearm and transformed his arm into a blade. Then, he sliced his hand down toward the ground.


A deep crack appeared in the ground, as if a sharp blade had just sliced through it.

Xu Xiaoshou’s eyes glimmered, and he gathered the light to his toes and swept toward the ground again.


His shoes were torn apart.

Xu Xiaoshou was speechless.

However, he couldn’t contain his excitement when he saw the sword-like marks under his feet.

“Indeed, every pa.s.sive skill will undergo a huge transformation when it’s raised to the Innate-stage.”

He remembered Strengthen. That pa.s.sive skill had taken his body into the Innate-stage the moment it reached the Innate-stage. Now, a transparent glow that gave every part of his body extraordinary slicing capabilities had appeared the moment Sharpness reached the Innate-stage.

This was the best weapon for It was indefensible.

He could suddenly kick an opponent during the compet.i.tion and tear enemies into two…

Xu Xiaoshou couldn’t help but tremble at the thought. That was too terrifying!

Because it was a pa.s.sive skill, there was no casting time or prelude, so how could anyone defend against his attack, even if he used it out in the open?

They couldn’t!

“You can defend against my kick to your nether regions, but can you defend against the rest of my attacks?”

Xu Xiaoshou thought outside the box. He gathered the transparent glow onto his hair, then took out a spirit crystal and threw it up into the air.

Thud, thud!

His hair swept past the crystal, and the crystal, which was as hard as granite, was reduced to fragments. The pieces. .h.i.t the ground with a series of thuds.

Xu Xiaoshou was dazed. “That was an unconventional idea. But it worked?”

He felt immense pity for the shattered spirit crystals on the ground. “What a waste,” he thought. “I should have tested the pa.s.sive skill on a piece of rock instead.”

Xu Xiaoshou finally realized how powerful the Pa.s.sive System really was. Each of his pa.s.sive skills were spiritual techniques that could be upgraded. Furthermore, he could enhance them without training.

Currently, he had two Innate-stage spiritual skills, and he had another two skills that could be enhanced to the Innate-stage!

But this wasn’t the most important thing. More crucially, these were all pa.s.sive skills. If used well, they were basically active skills that could be instantly cast!

“That’s too terrifying…”

Xu Xiaoshou giggled as he exchanged his points for ten Pa.s.sive Keys. I’ll use 10000 Pa.s.sive Points for now. I’ll top it off if that’s not enough!

Originally, the Fleeting White Clouds was his trump card. However, he’d had to show it before he wanted to because of Wen Chong, and no longer had a finis.h.i.+ng move in his a.r.s.enal.

Having all of his trump cards exposed was a dangerous thing.

He had to obtain a pa.s.sive skill with more destructive capabilities. Otherwise, he might not be able to defeat the two Innate-stage fighters, Mo Mo and Zhao Qingteng, if he encountered them in his upcoming battles.

Xu Xiaoshou had become a little arrogant. At the very least, in his eyes, only the two Innate-stage fighters could be a match for him in the Outer Yard.

That was the truth. He’d even defeated powerful people like Wen Chong, Liu Zhen, and Zhang Fei. In the eyes of the crowd, he had the right to compete for the top spot on the scoreboard.

Xu Xiaoshou placed the keys into the wheel one by one, feeling really good. He’d feel even better if he got a black screen again.

The illusion of the white clouds that the Sword Technique Expertise had given him had more than doubled his powers, and he naturally wanted more.

As the last key disappeared, Xu Xiaoshou went through his routine and shouted, “Hah! RNGesus bless me!” and then looked expectantly at the notification panel.

“Better luck next time!”

“Better luck next time!”

“Better luck next time!”

“Better luck next time!”

“Better luck next time!”

“Better luck next time!”

“Better luck next time!”

“Better luck next time!”

“Better luck next time!”

“Better luck next time!”



Xu Xiaoshou fainted, and his eyes rolled back into his head as he fell face-first onto the ground.

Another attendant in the waiting area felt that something was off. He had constantly been keeping an eye on Xu Xiaoshou’s antics. Xu Xiaoshou had sliced the ground and tossed his hair around, looking like he was having a lot of fun playing by himself, just like a child from the attendant’s family.

However, why did he suddenly fall?!

This was a grave matter.

He quickly ran over and shook Xu Xiaoshou awake. Xu Xiaoshou was dazed when he first woke up, and he fainted again when he saw the notification panel.


“The judge was right. This Xu Xiaoshou is a handful!” he thought.

As a qualified attendant, he had some medical experience and could tell that Xu Xiaoshou had fainted from mental trauma.


This was his first time seeing someone make himself faint by tossing his hair around!

Slap, slap, slap!

The attendant repeatedly slapped Xu Xiaoshou using his spiritual strength, and finally woke Xu Xiaoshou up again. Xu Xiaoshou, who had just woken up, looked blankly at the attendant, and two rivers of tears flowed down his cheeks.

The attendant was fl.u.s.tered. “What’s going on?” he thought. “I didn’t do anything to you when you were unconscious!”

“Leave, I don’t want to see you. Let me have some time alone!” Xu Xiaoshou cried.

The attendant was confused.

He turned around and decidedly left.

Xu Xiaoshou felt extremely bitter. He had considered the worst-case scenario, but he hadn’t expected it to really happen.

“That was 10000 Pa.s.sive Points!”

“Gone just like that. You’re toying with me!

“You didn’t even give me an extra key. You’re cruel, you’re merciless, you’re ridiculous!”

Xu Xiaoshou felt like his body had been hollowed out, and he no longer had the strength to stand up. He thought about the 30000 points he had left. “Should I level up the Breathing Technique and Sword Technique Expertise?” he thought.

“No, I don’t believe this. I’ll do ten more spins!”

Xu Xiaoshou was someone who would never admit defeat. At least, that was what he thought. Thus, he exchanged his points for ten more keys.

“If I don’t get anything this time, I’ll…


“Hah!” He exhaled and chose to give in to his fear. He silently inserted the keys until the last one had disappeared.

“Hah! RN…” Xu Xiaoshou shouted out of habit, but then his voice gradually became softer, and he looked up at the sky without saying anything.

“Forget it, I can’t get hyped up,” he thought to himself.

“Better luck next time!”

“One extra key!”

“Better luck next time!”

“One extra key!”

“Better luck next time!”

“Better luck next time!”

“Obtained Fundamental Pa.s.sive Skill: Eternal Vitality!”

“One extra key!”

“Better luck next time!”

“Better luck next time!”

Xu Xiaoshou’s eyes shone with greed, and he bounced around with excitement.

“Look at that long line that’s so out of place!”

“I! Got! Something!”


He laughed maniacally at the sky. The Pa.s.sive Points needed for 20 keys was equivalent to the points needed to level-up two techniques to the Innate-stage. But he’d gotten a new pa.s.sive skill out of that. Was it worth it?


Xu Xiaoshou felt that it was extremely worth it!

He couldn’t level-up his skills if he didn’t have any, but he could slowly ama.s.s more points in the future to level-up the skills he’d obtained.

Xu Xiaoshou hugged the pillar and bounced around as if he’d gone insane. He raised his head, and his manic laugh spread through the waiting area.

“He’s gone mad, he’s gone mad!”

The attendant looked at Xu Xiaoshou, who was constantly rubbing himself against the pillar, looking like he’d just opened a door to a whole new world.

Could someone really get that much happiness from playing by oneself?

“Am I the one who can’t keep up with the times?”

He sighed melancholically as he looked at Xu Xiaoshou, who was hugging the pillar. He was extremely worried, as the pillar got a little thinner every time Xu Xiaoshou jumped. What a terrifying situation!

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