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Chapter 24 – Three Sentence Technique

Everyone in the arena gasped.

“He really just used one punch and one palm!”

“Why do I feel so bad for Zhang Fei? But it is a little funny. He used all his effort to get into the top 64, but in the end…”

“It’s undeniably funny. But this Xu Xiaoshou might be a little too powerful. He’s almost as strong as the people ranked first and second on the scoreboard!”

“After seeing this, can’t you tell that this person might really have an Innate-stage physical body!?”

“Innate-stage physical body?”

“I don’t know. Someone a.n.a.lyzed the situation a few days ago and said that the probability of that being true is 70%. Now that we just saw that punch and palm, I would think that probability has increased to 90%.”

Many people fell silent after hearing this. An Innate-stage physical body was extremely difficult to cultivate, and a person’s efforts might not even yield any results, yet someone had managed to obtain an Innate-stage physical body?

“Maybe it’s because Xu Xiaoshou took drugs? Look at the scorching heatwave radiating from his body. He’s already requested to be barred from the compet.i.tion. Why isn’t the judge doing anything about it?” some people protested out of jealousy, and their words naturally reached Xiao Qixiu’s ears.

He disregarded them. He didn’t even care to explain himself.

Everyone has their opportunities. Was there a rule against mastering a powerful technique before the compet.i.tion?

Even if there was such a rule, were they going to prohibit someone from training before the compet.i.tion, achieving a breakthrough during the compet.i.tion, or improving after reflecting on the compet.i.tion?

This was the case for Xu Xiaoshou. The Infernal Fire Seed that Elder Sang had given him couldn’t even be regarded as an opportunity, as his body might be destroyed if things went wrong.

You can obtain an Innate-stage physical body if you have the ability, but someone might use you as the subject for their experiment.

Xu Xiaoshou ignored his surroundings and walked back to the waiting area. The compet.i.tion continued. Thirty-two people out of the original 64 would be advancing. There were still many battles to go. He had more than enough time to rest.

While he sniffed at the Red Gold Pill, he paid attention to his notification panel and couldn’t help but be elated.

“Got respected. Pa.s.sive Points +142.”

“Got envied. Pa.s.sive Points +874.”

“Got mocked. Pa.s.sive Points +113.”

“Got attacked. Pa.s.sive Points +1.”

The notifications told him about the emotions he had stirred up rather than the Pa.s.sive Points he’d gained!

“Listen, so many people in the spectator seats are saying good things about me!” he thought. “Look, so many people are secretly envious of me. Tsk tsk!”

Xu Xiaoshou glanced down the notifications.

“Pa.s.sive Points: 42888.”


He hit his head on the railing, and a wave of mocking laughter came from the spectator seats. The number of Pa.s.sive Points soared again to 43003.

“How could I have so many?”

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned. He remembered that he only had a little more than 10000 points after the three battles in the preliminary round. How could his Pa.s.sive Points have skyrocketed in just one morning?

He tried his best to think back but couldn’t recall having done anything to anger anyone.

“Killing Wen Chong?

“Impossible,” he thought. I was still in the barrier during that time and wouldn’t have received the bulk of the Pa.s.sive Points then. Even if I had, I imagine it would’ve been several hundred points, or a little more than a thousand at most.

“How could the points have risen by more than 30000!”

Xu Xiaoshou quickly scrolled through the past notifications to take a look. All of the notifications looked objective and realistic. They each gave him a dozen or several hundred points, but no numbers larger than that appeared.

“Could the system have made a mistake?” The thought flashed through his mind. However, he quickly discarded the idea. He’d sooner believe that a meteor was falling from the sky.


“Got attacked. Pa.s.sive Points +1.”

“Got attacked. Pa.s.sive Points +1.”

While he was in a daze, the notification panel continued to update every second. It constantly updated. Xu Xiaoshou groggily looked at the notifications, then suddenly slapped himself on the head.

“The Infernal Fire Seed?!” He seemed to understand what was going on now.

His body had continuously been burned since dawn, which was when he ate the item. The system must have cla.s.sified the burn as an attack received per second.

Which meant that he’d gotten one Pa.s.sive Point every second.

Getting a Pa.s.sive Point every second wasn’t very impressive, and Xu Xiaoshou didn’t pay it any attention.

However, those points would really add up as time went on!

Xu Xiaoshou did a simple calculation in his head. It must’ve been around seven in the morning when he met that detestable old man. It looked like a little more than three periods had pa.s.sed.

Xu Xiaoshou started counting on his fingers, then used his toes to continue counting.

Three periods was six hours. There were sixty minutes in an hour, sixty seconds in a minute…

Over 20000 seconds!

Over 20000 Pa.s.sive Points!


Xu Xiaoshou exhaled two jets of steam and forgot about the chair he was sitting on. He released the spiritual strength around his b.u.t.tocks and the heat emanating from his body completely melted the chair.

He fell onto the ground with a thump.

An attendant immediately ran over and asked him what happened.

In a daze, Xu Xiaoshou waved his hand to signal that he wasn’t in any trouble. The attendant was about to leave when Xu Xiaoshou quickly stopped him. “Wait, help me calculate how many seconds there are in a day,” he said.

“A day?”

The attendant thought for a while, then said, “Around 86400 seconds, I think!”


Xu Xiaoshou crushed the cup in his hand. He’d been struggling to get up, but he fell limply onto the ground once again. “What did you say?” he exclaimed. “Say it again!”

The attendant looked at Xu Xiaoshou’s body, which was constantly emitting steam. He didn’t know whether to help him up or not. All he could do was say again, “Eighty-six thousand and four hundred!”


Xu Xiaoshou swallowed. More than 80000?

His facial expressions were interesting. One second it was pain, then bliss, then shock, then a silly grin…

The attendant didn’t know why Xu Xiaoshou was acting so insane, but then he suddenly remembered the instructions he’d gotten from the panel of judges. He needn’t care about Xu Xiaoshou, no matter what requests he had or what condition he was in. He could just regard Xu Xiaoshou as an idiot.

He silently left the waiting area, thinking that the chief judge lived up to his reputation. He knew about everything!

Xu Xiaoshou held up the Red Gold Pill and took a deep breath to quell his agitation, and shuddered. After doing this, he noticed that he was about to run out of Red Gold Pills.

In just a little more than half a day, he had used up the two bottles of pills Elder Qiao and the previous judge had given him.

Xu Xiaoshou thought it was a pity. Those were items that could save his life!

However, this proved how powerful the Infernal Fire Seed was.

However, after realizing how valuable the Infernal Fire Seed was, Xu Xiaoshou was no longer in so much pain that he needed to vent. Instead, he started to feel happy.

“Pain?” he thought.

“Hehe, it’ll pa.s.s in a flash.

“A successful man doesn’t become successful without going through immense pain. If I only pay attention to the pain, I won’t experience the bliss that comes after.”

He waved his hand and summoned the attendant once again. “Go and look for Elder Xiao, the chief judge in the arena,” he instructed. “Ask him for some Red Gold Pills. Remember to bring me some.”

The attendant looked at him like he was an idiot.

“Are you dreaming?” he thought.

Xu Xiaoshou’s face was already red, so there was nothing for him to be shy about. He continued, “I’ll teach you the three-sentence technique. Remember it well!”

“First, if he doesn’t agree, tell him, ‘you were unwilling to give me medical attention, so you should at least give me some Red Gold Pills. I’m also a candidate. I will not stand for this!'”

The attendant was at his wit’s end. “He thinks I’d dare to talk to Elder Xiao like this?” he thought. “He’s the chief elder of the Spiritual Law Division, not a street vendor.

“And for free?

“Keep dreaming!”

“Second,” Xu Xiaoshou continued, “If he still doesn’t agree, you can say, ‘Hehe, don’t think I don’t know that you’re partners in crime and are experimenting on human bodies.’ Your tone must be firm. You must be fierce!”

The attendant was a little dizzy. “This Xu Xiaoshou is definitely daring,” he thought. “Be fierce? Have a firm tone? Why don’t you go and die?”

“Third, he must have agreed by this point. There’s no way that he’d dismiss the request. You can add a final line, ‘Since you’re already willing to give me the pills, are you not embarra.s.sed that you’re giving so little? Add a zero to the back!'”

“Go yourself!” the attendant laughed coldly.

“Go by myself?” Xu Xiaoshou immediately became unhappy. “I’m a candidate, and you’re an attendant. We each have our jobs to do!

“I still have to battle and fight later, so I need to recuperate now. Hurry and head over.

“Do your best. Don’t be afraid. He isn’t scary. You have to know that people who hold higher positions than you are more afraid of soiling their reputation. He wouldn’t attack you for no reason.”

The attendant staggered backward. “Are the things you’re asking of me not good reason enough?” he thought.


Xu Xiaoshou waved his hand. The attendant didn’t know how to react momentarily, and could only leave with a bitter expression on his face.

“It’s too hard!” he thought.

“I want to change my job!”

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