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Chapter 23 – One Punch, One Palm

In the arena, Xu Xiaoshou looked menacing.

There was a manic look in his eyes. He took off his s.h.i.+rt and revealed his chest. His body was stark red, and there was steam rising from his skin. He looked like a living G.o.d of war.

“Where are you, Zhang Fei? Come up here and battle me!” Xu Xiaoshou shouted. He wanted to infuriate Zhang Fei to get him to attack him. That way, Xiao Qixiu would take action and save him when he saw the pitiful scene about to unfold.

Of course, the most important thing was removing the Infernal Fire Seed in his body.

In the waiting area.

Zhang Fei and his friends looked worried.

“In my opinion, you should admit defeat. He’s Xu Xiaoshou. Besides the two Innate-stage fighters, he’s the most notorious dark horse in this compet.i.tion.”

Zhang Fei looked a little hesitant. “But…”

“Look at him. That guy really has taken drugs. Didn’t you see him when he killed Wen Chong?”

“He wasn’t as manic then as he is now. If you go up the arena, you’ll either be killed or dismembered!”

Zhang Fei s.h.i.+vered. What his friend said made sense.


He raised his hand and looked at the bite mark on it. He knitted his brows and said, “I just talked trash about him yesterday. Wouldn’t it be really disgraceful to admit defeat the moment we encounter each other today?”

“Is losing face worse than losing your life?”

Zhang Fei thought about it, then shook his head and said, “He might not be able to break through my defenses!”

He shrugged off his friend’s hand and quickly got into the arena.

“Sigh, what a fool!” A pitiful sigh came from behind Zhang Fei.

“You’re Zhang Fei?”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the tall muscular man. His fists were like bags of sand.

Great. It would definitely be a pathetic scene if he got beaten up by this person.

Which was the effect he wanted!

He glanced smugly at Xiao Qixiu. The chief judge would have to save him if he was faced with the spectator’s skepticism later!

As long as the chief judge had to save him, there was no way he could disregard the seed in his body.

Zhang Fei clasped his hands. “h.e.l.lo, Senior Xu. The technique that I’ve cultivated is called the Great Metal Bronze Body. My defenses are exceptional, so please don’t hold back.”

Great Metal Bronze Body?

Xu Xiaoshou staggered. “Isn’t that a defensive spiritual technique?” he thought. “You’re supposed to be beating me up. How could you have cultivated such a technique? You’re not living up to your great physique.”

Xiao Qixiu instantly snickered. How could he not know what Xu Xiaoshou’s plan was?

He waved his hand. “Battle, start!”

This wasn’t good. He had to force the other party to attack. Otherwise, his first plan would be foiled!

He made a provocative gesture at Zhang Fei. Then, he got into a loose battle stance and signaled that he wasn’t going to move if his opponent wasn’t going to move.

Zhang Fei gave a slight smile. He let out a low grunt and got into the same battle stance. The spiritual strength in his body surged as his skin turned a shade of copper.

The battle reached a stalemate.

The spectators burst out laughing.

“Hahaha, I have to hand it to the both of them. This is a compet.i.tion. What are they doing!”

“Zhang Fei’s Great Metal Bronze Technique only has one retaliation move at the end. What’s Xu Xiaoshou doing? Doesn’t he have offensive techniques? Attack!”

“Attack? Don’t you know he’s called Sandbag Xu? Xu Xiaoshou will only get attacked. He’ll feel itchy all over if he isn’t beaten up!”

“Haha, I can’t take it anymore. We’ll be watching them stay their stances until nightfall at this rate!”

Xiao Qixiu’s expression darkened. He’d been angry more times today than in the entire year combined.

All of them, what were they doing?

This was a compet.i.tion!

“Please take note, candidates, that the battle only lasts 30 minutes!”

Xu Xiaoshou knitted his brows. “This Zhang Fei has good focus. It looks like he isn’t planning on attacking, so isn’t my first plan foiled?

“Do I really have to attack to get rid of the scorching energy in my body?”

He could attack, but he was afraid that his opponent wouldn’t be able to withstand it!

Xu Xiaoshou turned back to look at Xiao Qixiu. “You’re really not going to save me?”

“Hehe!” Xiao Qixiu replied with a snicker.

“You don’t believe my attack will kill him?” Xu Xiaoshou pointed at Zhang Fei.

Zhang Fei’s face turned green. He felt his legs go numb, and he fought back the urge to jump out of the arena.

“Your beef is with judge Xiao, not me,” he thought. “Why did you drag me into it?”

Xiao Qixiu’s expression turned cold. “This lad is trying to threaten me?” he thought.

“Attack if you please,” he said. “If Zhang Fei dies, I lose!”

Zhang Fei felt his legs shake. “D*mn it. I’m not an object you can wager on. I’m a living person!”

The panel of judges was startled.

“Boss Qiao’s become furious?!”

“Darn it, this Xu Xiaoshou is impressive. To think that he could make Boss Xiao utter those words. I have to hand it to him!”

“Hehe, I’ve told you that this Xu Xiaoshou is impressive. However, I’m quite worried about the lad on the other side.”

“Level Nine… He should be able to take the attack…”

In the arena, Xu Xiaoshou raised his brows slightly when he heard Xiao Qixiu’s words. He wasn’t looking at Zhang Fei. He was looking straight at Xiao Qixiu.

“Are you sure?”

He activated the aura of the Infernal Fire Seed in his body, then fiercely punched the ground.


A large crater appeared in the arena, and a scorching energy instantly blasted through the surroundings, burning the area a few meters around the crater pitch-black.

“I really took drugs. No one will be able to take this attack!” Xu Xiaoshou flexed his arms to show his muscles.

Just that?

Xiao Qixiu looked disdainful.

Zhang Fei was tired. Seeing how nonchalant Xu Xiaoshou was, as well as how unphased Xia Qixiu was, he could see his pitiful fate.

“Save me. Do I continue standing here or not?” he thought.

Xu Xiaoshou’s punch had scared him half to death and made everyone’s eyelids twitch.

“My G.o.d, that destructive power…”

“Zhang Fei is too pitiful. He managed to defend his spot for three consecutive battles in the preliminary round, but it’s like he doesn’t even exist in front of Xu Xiaoshou.”

“Please take a look at Zhang Fei before you guys continue with your conversation. His legs are trembling!”

Zhang Fei’s legs were trembling. But it wasn’t just his legs. His voice also trembled as he said, “Senior Xu, please hold back. Don’t take what I said earlier seriously. Just give me a few light taps.”

He muttered, “Please allow me to save face…”

The spectators burst out laughing. Seeing that Xiao Qixiu was silent, Xu Xiaoshou fiercely charged forward. “Enjoy the last moments of your life!”

Xiao Qixiu stared at him. Even though he felt that the lad was joking, he had to be prepared if Xu Xiaoshou was serious!


Xu Xiaoshou’s punch landed on Zhang Fei’s chest, and a pulsing, scorching energy burst forth, and he felt the high that comes with letting loose.


Zhang Fei’s hair was singed, and even his clothes were a little charred. However, he didn’t move from his position.

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked. “To think that he managed to take his punch at 50% power!” he thought. “He’s decent!”

Letting loose really had an effect. His opponent had a strong defense. Since that was the case, the chief judge need not save him. He should save Zhang Fei!


He took a deep breath, engaging his diaphragm. This would be his first time using his spiritual strength in his attack.

A visible scorching aura gathered around his left hand. It looked like his hand was burning with a formless fire, causing the area around it to distort slightly.

Zhang Fei’s pupils dilated.

“Take it, I have to take it!” he thought. “It won’t be embarra.s.sing to admit defeat after taking this attack!”

Xu Xiaoshou calmly said, “One punch, one palm!”

Zhang Fei became fl.u.s.tered. He immediately changed his mind. “I admit…”


A beam of light flashed, and Xu Xiaoshou’s punch landed on Zhang Fei’s chest. An explosion was heard in the air, and a visible heatwave spread throughout the surroundings. The stones in the arena were instantly charred and sent flying.

The pulsing spiritual strength behind this punch made Xu Xiaoshou feel as though he were slapping a mosquito. He instantly sent Zhang Fei flying.

Zhang Fei hadn’t yet finished his sentence when he immediately became unconscious from the impact and was sent flying out of the arena. His body was dragged backward along the ground from the momentum of his fall, creating a deep ravine in the ground.

Thud, thud!

Sparks flew the moment his body stopped flying backward, and flames erupted over his body.

“Save him!” Xiao Qixiu roared.

The white-robed angels didn’t need to be told this. They’d already gone over to Zhang Fei the moment he was sent flying. They split the work evenly between themselves and extinguished the fire and tended to Zhang Fei’s wounds.

“That felt great!”

Xu Xiaoshou took out a Red Gold Pill and sniffed it. He let out a comfortable moan.

He had managed to expel a good amount of the scorching energy in his body from his attack. Even though he still felt miserable, he’d won in terms of letting loose!

He glanced at Chief Judge Xiao, who was glaring at him. “I was holding back,” he said innocently. “He’d already be dead if I hadn’t.”

Xiao Qixiu was speechless.

The spectators were speechless.

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