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Chapter 20 – Eating A Seed

Xu Xiaoshou stood next to Goose Lake the entire night.

The lake was always surrounded by insects during summer. Right now, a few of the insects that didn’t know their place wanted to use their meager powers to give Xu Xiaoshou some Pa.s.sive Points.

However, their weak stingers could no longer pierce through Xu Xiaoshou’s body like before, as he’d since pa.s.sed into the Innate-stage.

It was very cold at dawn. Xu Xiaoshou pulled his robes closer around himself. He had mostly calmed down and was going to leave the place.

He turned around and saw a withered face staring at him.

Xu Xiaoshou was startled.

This old man looked fine in every regard except the two scary dark circles under his eyes.

“You’re from the outer yard?

The lips of the old man twitched into a smile as he said, “Young lad, aren’t you going to watch the Windcloud Compet.i.tion?”

Xu Xiaoshou staggered backward a few steps, putting some distance between them. He felt that the old man’s voice was rather familiar.

“You are…”

Xu Xiaoshou tried to identify the old man. Wasn’t he the old man he’d come across during his arduous journey on his wobbly legs to the group-stage compet.i.tion?

Was fate pus.h.i.+ng them together?

The old man chuckled. He placed the straw hat in his hands onto his head, and Xu Xiaoshou instantly recognized him.

“Elder, you are…”

Xu Xiaoshou was doubtful. He could attribute one encounter to chance, but two encounters were too much of a coincidence.

Had this old man intentionally come looking for him?

The old man wearing the straw hat placed his hands behind his back and said, “You’re missing out. I heard that there are many talents in the recent Windcloud Compet.i.tion.

“There was a young lad yesterday. I think his name was Xiaoshou?”

“He even killed someone. Tsk tsk. These young people sure are brazen!”

Xu Xiaoshou’s expression darkened. “Why did you have to go and mention that?” he thought. “The killer is standing right in front of you!”

However, the old man didn’t seem to recognize him. “That’s all right though,” he continued. “I’m not here to find him. I’m here to find you!”

“I am…” Xu Xiaoshou started to say, but the old man reached a hand out to stop him.

“I know you!

“Old Xiao and Old Qiao told me that another swordsman who mastered the Acquired-stage Sword Will appeared in the outer yard two days ago.

“But I like you the most!”

Xu Xiaoshou couldn’t take it anymore. “You’re talking a bunch of nonsense!” he thought. “You mentioned four people, two of whom are me!”

“I am…”

“Hey!” The old man glared at him, signaling for a young man like him to not be that impatient and allow him to finish saying his piece.

“Hey hey, you have an Innate-stage physical body. I’m not wrong, am I!”

“I’ve been searching for you for a few days now. I looked all around the outer yard but didn’t expect you to be admiring the geese here. You sure live up to the admiration I hold for you…”

“You know how to have fun!”

Xu Xiaoshou secretly rolled his eyes. “How is that fun? I was thinking about life, not admiring the geese.

“What’s there to admire about these plump geese? They make for better eating.”

“I came here last night and watched you!”

The old man’s words shocked Xu Xiaoshou. “Last night?” he thought. “I didn’t notice you!”

He secretly observed the old man and realized that he couldn’t see his aura. It was as though a normal old man was standing in front of him.

But how was that possible?

An ordinary old man in the Tiansang Spirit Palace?

This person was definitely a boss!

He secretly pondered the situation. He didn’t know why such an important person would come looking for him. Was it because of his Innate-stage physical body?

Fun, body, secretly observing…

Xu Xiaoshou s.h.i.+vered. Why did he feel that something was wrong?

The old man didn’t notice Xu Xiaoshou acting strangely and continued talking with his hands behind his back. “I observed you for an entire night. Good lad, you have great resolve!”

“You didn’t move an inch even after being bitten by insects and hearing the sinister, eerie howls in the area. You didn’t even look back.”

“I have to admit that you’re a lot like me when I was young!”

Xu Xiaoshou staggered backward. He remembered that he’d frequently felt a chill on his neck during the night, as if someone were breathing behind him….

A person really had been breathing behind him?

He suddenly felt scared. He’d felt tired after thinking about life and coming to a critical realization, and he’d dozed off while he was standing. How did he not notice this old man?

Now that he thought about it, his notification panel also hadn’t indicated that there was anything like a surprise attack or a threat. It had failed in its job!

“This can’t do. I honestly have to go back to my yard to sleep in the future.

“I shouldn’t stand around outside in the future. Otherwise, I might die without even knowing how!”

The old man couldn’t help but nod with satisfaction. He observed Xu Xiaoshou from head to toe, then suddenly asked, “I’ve talked for so long. Do you have anything you want to say?”

Xu Xiaoshou was confused.

He said with a steely-green expression, “Weren’t you the one who stopped me from speaking?”

“Did I?”

“Didn’t you?”

“Think about it again. Did I?”

Xu Xiaoshou wanted to retort but suddenly thought back to their interaction. The old man only stopped him with his gaze and his hand. He hadn’t said anything.

He said in frustration, “I’ve disappointed you, elder!”

“The brazen young murderer that you talked about is me. The one who mastered the Sword Will is also me. The person with the Innate-stage physical body… Yes, that’s also me!”

“Also, my name is Xu Xiaoshou!”

He paused for a moment, then continued, “I have to attend the Windcloud Compet.i.tion now, not as a spectator. Goodbye!”

Even though he didn’t know why the old man had come, it was best not to offend him. It was best for him to run.


The old man grabbed him. He had immense power, and his grip made Xu Xiaoshou’s wrist hurt.

“Elder, let me go! I wouldn’t taste good! I didn’t even take a shower last night!”

The old man’s eyes twitched. “Why are you talking about eating? Aren’t pills delicious enough to eat? Why would I eat you?”

“Good grief!”

He once again looked Xu Xiaoshou up and down. “Are you really a genius?”

Xu Xiaoshou glanced at the notification panel and saw that he hadn’t been doubted. He said with a nasal tone, “You’ve already believed me, so why are you asking me that question?”

“Good lad!”

The old man cracked a smile. “You have such a confident tone. You’re like me. I bet I wouldn’t be wrong if I picked you to win the Windcloud Compet.i.tion!”

He took out a red seed-like item from his pocket and handed it over to Xu Xiaoshou, “Eat it!”

Xu Xiaoshou almost peed his pants. What was that!

“This messed-up old man must be sick in the head,” he thought. “He caused such a fuss when he suddenly appeared and now he wants me to eat a seed?”

“I swear, I, Xu Xiaoshou, will never loiter out here in the future!”

Must I have a wretched life! Must I lose my innocence because of a dead Wen Chong?

“Eat it!” the old man said authoritatively when he saw Xu Xiaoshou’s pleading gaze. “It’ll be fine. It might be a little painful, but with your Innate-stage physical body, it’ll be over after you bear with it for a while.”

“I’m begging you to stop talking!” he thought, and almost kneeled. “It was fine when you didn’t say anything about it, but now that you’ve said this, even the flame of hope in my heart has gone cold!”

He was forced to take the red-colored seed that was about the size of a fingernail, and found that it was unexpectedly hot in his hand.

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked. He had an Innate-stage physical body. Wouldn’t the seed have dissolved and fallen through an ordinary person’s hand?

He glanced at the old man in the straw hat again and noticed that he was looking at him rather expectantly. “Eat it! It’s delicious!”

He was definitely an important person, so there was no need for him to use poison or aphrodisiacs to toy around with him…


Xu Xiaoshou felt bitter. Even though he was handsome, he wasn’t so handsome that someone would fall head over heels for him and do anything within their means to get him.

“I’ll go all out!” he thought.


Xu Xiaoshou felt as though he were consuming poison. He swallowed the seed with a look of despair, then looked to the old man. “What’s next?”

“Next?” he asked.

“There is no next!”

The old man let out a wretched laugh, then vanished without a trace.


Xu Xiaoshou was about to explode with anger. “What is this?”

“You give me an unknown item, ask me to eat it, and then leave after I eat it…

“You left!

“You really left!”

Xu Xiaoshou was manic. He swore that he would immediately use his Fleeting White Cloud if he ever saw the old man again. He would teach him what the words “there’s no next” really meant!

The next second, Xu Xiaoshou felt his entire face turn red, and his entire body became hot.

Even his face was trembling.

“I’m finished!

“My body, my body feels strange…

“What kind of strange sensation is this!?”

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked. “Did that old man leave to call someone over!?”


“I’m not worth it! Help!”

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