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Chapter 1593 – 1593 Three Disciples, Curse to Kill Ye Xiao (3)

1593 Three Disciples, Curse to Kill Ye Xiao (3)

Who would dare to call such a person a higher void?

The likes of Double Dumba*s and Hong Dang could not even be compared to half of Ye Xiao’s finger!

However, the stronger Ye Xiao was, the crazier Xu Xiaoshou became.

Now, he still had the Five Decays of Heaven and Man with him. If he were to face Ye Xiao on his own in the future, would she still choose to attack regardless of anything else?

Then what should he do?


Wait for death?

Since he could not let Ye Xiao live and continue to target him, the only thing he could do now was to bury her here, in the Yin Cao world created by the Three Gates of Suffering!

As long as he did not die, he would go all out.

Xu Xiaoshou did not use the Vanis.h.i.+ng Technique. After he roared at the Five Decays of Heaven and Man, his body was completely immersed in the boiling soup amid the sea of fire that allowed the countless headless little ghosts that had not been boiled to mush to pounce on him.

His body glowed with the golden light of Buddha.

It was very faint, but it seemed to be able to ward off the tens of thousands of ghosts.


The Five Decays of Heaven and Man would never have thought that while he waited for Ye Xiao to weaken, Chen Ruye from Xu Yue Gray Palace would choose to pay such a painful price so he could have the opportunity to attack.

Was that touching or what?

Even at this time, the Five Decays of Heaven and Man didn’t even know what the so-called ‘opportunity’ was and when it would occur.

But what kind of person was Chen Ruye?

This was a person who could represent the Xu Yue Grey Palace to fight for the Abyss Island in the Eastern Region.

This was the Ghost Beast who arrived at the First Hall of Sins on a mission and successfully released the ice-type Demi-Saint Ghost Beast, the Frost Ferret!

Even though he refused to reveal the slightest bit of the Ghost Beast aura until his death, the Five Decays of Heaven and Man still chose to believe Chen Ruye unconditionally!


The air of decay exploded on the surface of his body and turned into a spherical barrier with layers of defense.

The Five Decays of Heaven and Man didn’t hesitate. Laden with countless Karma Fire Soul Blade, it charged at full speed toward Ye Xiao who stood behind the Three Gates of Suffering and did not seem to care about the consequences.

Ye Xiao was shocked.

Even though he had activated Acalanatha and was immune to most of the damages, he could still feel the heat rising in his body. The pain from the karma fire gave him a splitting headache.

But, this Five Decays of Heaven and Man, he really must have lost it!

Ye Xiao and Xu Xiaoshou could see that with his speed and the air of decay around him, not even a layer of the power of soul blade karma fire had been cut off.

However, even as he endured the damage inflicted by the countless soul blades and karma fire, the Five Decays of Heaven and Man did not make a sound and headed directly toward Ye Xiao.

What was this?

Xu Xiaoshou could hardly imagine the kind of torture one had to go through in order to remain silent under the spiritual attack inflicted by the Three Gates of Suffering.

The Five Decays of Heaven and Man…

Had he suffered the punishment of death by a thousand cuts?

Or was it that he was already a dead man, and would never feel the pain that normal people could feel, the pain that came from the seven emotions and six desires, and the three scales of his spiritual root?

However, his eyes were contorted in pain as he dashed forward!

Ye Xiao couldn’t take it anymore.

She severed the connection to the Three Gates of Suffering.

Because the Five Decays of Heaven and Man was not human at all, he gritted his teeth and endured the pain of being burned by the karma fire. He was already close and ejected a Qi of decay across the air.

“Pa… pa… pa…”

Ye Xiao’s form exploded and turned into an illusory flock of three-legged black owls. They flapped their wings and tried to fly away from the decaying aura.

However, it was also at this moment that Xu Xiaoshou couldn’t hold on any longer!

With a buzzing sound in his mind, his Acalanatha saturated in the boiling soup in the sea of fire exploded into a huge wave in the distance.


The moment he regained his rationality through the Spirit Awakening, Xu Xiaoshou subconsciously wanted to use the Vanis.h.i.+ng Technique to avoid the pain.

He didn’t want to fight anymore. This was too torturous.

But he suddenly stopped!

This was because Ye Xiao who had transformed into a flock of owls that scattered in the distance suddenly exploded in a mess of blood.

Ye Xiao’s condition is even worse than mine…

Ye Xiao had cast a spell. Her Three Gates of Suffering was so powerful that it must consume a lot of energy. If we forcibly stop it, the backlash would be even more terrifying..

I’ve been injured by the explosion caused by the Acalanātha. Based on the experiment with Lei Xi’er, Ye Xiao must have been injured as well. And all the combined backlash must be worse than mine…

“+(Cursed. Pa.s.sive Points +)+1.”

As Xu Xiaoshou’s mind spun, he realized almost immediately that the curse could only have come from Ye Xiao, who had suddenly realized that her injuries were because of the connection with Chen Ruye.

He was overjoyed.

Because at this moment, Ye Xiao;s original body had been blown out of the scattered flock of owls from the backlash of Acalanatha.

The attack of the Three Gates of Suffering was forcibly interrupted at this moment. Under the backlash, Ye Xiao could not even make any counterattack except to curse!

What kind of person was this Five Decays of Heaven and Man?

He finally saw the ‘opportunity’ when Chen Ruye asked him to take action.

“Lord of Calamity!”

At this moment, he once again straightened his back and puffed out his chest. Xu Xiaoshou finally heard the shudders of endless pain from his roar.

However, even while he endured the pain of being burned by the karma fire, he could still move.

Behind him, the towering, ferocious, and evil giant monster outlined by the air of decay rose again.

And now, as soon as the monster appeared, it stabbed the motionless Ye Xiao.


A scream rang out.

Xu Xiaoshou’s pupils trembled as he looked at the Lord of of Calamity who resembled a Void Attendant, in shock. It turned into an endless Qi of decay and poured all its power into Ye Xiao’s convulsing body.

“This, this is too terrifying!”

No one could imagine what would happen to a Spiritual Cultivator who had been injected with so much decaying Qi, except for the Five Decays of Heaven and Man.

Ye Xiao also didn’t expect that he had maintained such a long distance confrontation with the Five Decays of Heaven and Man because of Chen Ruye’s unknown Spiritual Technique…

It was all because of that inexplicable backlas.h.!.+

A single misstep would cause a thousand years of hatred. Not only did she fall into the trap, but she also felt like she had fallen into an abyss!


The sound of a black owl’s cry echoed in the sky.

Ye Xiao seemed to have been awakened. She struggled as her body seemed about to disintegrate and split into three-legged black owls and disappear.


However, the Five Decays of Heaven and Man laughed.

Even in his dreams, he wanted Ye Xiao to come into contact with a large amount of decaying Qi in a short period of time, so that his curse could be completed.

How could he let the other party off?

Under Xu Xiaoshou’s dazed gaze, the Five Decays of Heaven and Man took out a long nail from his sleeve.

This was a rust encrusted nail without the slightest bit of spiritual energy and was like a product of the secular world. It couldn’t even be considered a tenth-grade spiritual weapon, and was as long as a forearm and as thick as a thumb.

The Five Decays of Heaven and Man held the nail and looked at the flocks of owls that were about to disappear in the distance. His chest heaved rapidly, as if every breath he took caused him immense pain.

After that, he released his breath, and his eyes were filled with relief.

“Killing curse!”

The sound fell.

The Five Decays of Heaven and Man suddenly took the rusty nail and pierced it into his forehead through the mask. The rusty nail penetrated through to the back of his head and blood spurted out.

Xu Xiaoshou’s pupils trembled, and his hair stood on end. His body, which had just been soaked in boiling soup, suddenly turned cold.

“+(Startled, Pa.s.sive Points,+) +1.”

Bang! Bang!

Another blood mist exploded in the air.

This was the second time Ye Xiao had transformed into a flock of owls in order to escape, but she was forced to reveal her original form again.

It was as if she had hit her head on an intangible barrier while she was on the run. Her hood exploded on the spot, and her body flipped upwards. After she spun around, her long black hair was flung in the air.

Time seemed to have stopped at this moment.

In the time and s.p.a.ce of the Yin Cao world that was full of mountains of daggers, seas of fire, boiling soup, and countless hungry ghosts, the beautiful and poignant face on the horizon finally broke away from the darkness and revealed its true appearance.

Her eyebrows were shaped like willow leaves and she had red lips and phoenix-like eyes. Her skin was fair and her hair was as black as the night.

However, at this moment, the eyes on her beautiful oval face had already lost its focus.

On her forehead, there was also a thumb-sized… a blood hole that slowly exuded wisps of decaying mist!

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