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Chapter 1591 – 1591 Three Disciples, Curse to Kill Ye Xiao (1)

1591 Three Disciples, Curse to Kill Ye Xiao (1)

The battle on the horizon began.

The Five Decays of Heaven and Man seemed to have forgotten what it meant to talk nonsense.

He had a long chat with Chen Ruye, but when it came to Ye Xiao, he didn’t even say a word. After he coldly stated ‘You will die an unnatural death’, he raised his hand.


There was a strong wind.


The illusory, huge Lord of Calamity rose from behind the Five Decays of Heaven and Man, outlined in a grayish-black mist of decay. It seemed to have been blown over by a gust of wind and it swooped down in front of the Necromancer.

“Death Rod!”

Ye Xiao was the epitome of a taciturn being. She did not waste any words and used her mind to control the undead. The muscular Necromancer did not even utter a word and the giant scepter in his hand erupted with a dark light.


The Necromancer drew his weapon out of thin air.

With just one strike, the s.p.a.ce was instantly shattered.

The Lord of Calamity, who swooped downward, exploded into an invisible fog under the surge of this huge force and could no longer morph into an intangible form.

The Five Decays of Heaven and Man remained indifferent, as if he had long expected his first attack would be destroyed.

He quickly formed a pinching spell and a gray light surrounded his body. After he totally dispelled the aura of death, his body was illuminated by a spiritual source and he released his aura.

“Falling maggots!”

Within half a breath’s time, the Five Decays of Heaven and Man clasped his hands and shouted.

The dense mist of decay that filled the sky suddenly surged forward and turned into a grotesque scene. The surroundings were suddenly filled with a ma.s.s of ugly, twisted and disgusting gray maggots.

This swarm of maggots no longer seemed weightless like the decaying fog, but rather weighed as much as tens of thousands of cattie.

As soon her morph form appeared, Ye Xiao who sat on the Necromancer’s shoulder seemed to turn into the center of the world and possessed an endless gravitational force.

“Pa… pa… pa…”

The maggots rained down from the sky like hailstones and smashed onto the Necromancer’s body.

These disgusting creatures seemed to scramble in order to be the first to get the most delicious hookless baits. They climbed up the Necromancer’s body and tried to enter Ye Xiao’s body.

The scene became extremely horrifying!

“The power of decay…”

A cold glint flashed in Ye Xiao’s eyes, which were hidden under the shadows, and she seemed hesitant.

She already knew that the Five Decays Of Heaven and Man was one of the Five Extreme Physiques with the Body of Decay.

With such a const.i.tution, even a Demi-Saint wouldn’t want to fight with this fellow, let alone her.

Therefore, the priority was not to continue the fight with the Five Decays of Heaven and Man, but to find an opportunity to leave this special s.p.a.ce-time during the fight.

However, the structure of of the s.p.a.ce-time in this bright wilderness was very stable, as if it had blocked everyone’s retreat from the beginning.

Ye Xiao could tell.

The Five Decays of Heaven and Man had never wanted to touch Chen Ruye from the beginning.

She had been his target from the very start!

He had sealed the s.p.a.cetime before he started the battle.

As long as the battle dragged on long enough, even a Demi-Saint would have to kneel before the Body of Decay.

And these disgusting maggots were made entirely from the power of decay… Ye Xiao was able to use the Dissolve ability to disintegrate the Necromancer and turned him into an endless number of three-legged black owls.

Once the flock of owls appeared, the maggots would be like moths drawn to a flame and would be devoured one by one.

But that was the point!

The Five Decays of Heaven and Man was a Body of Decay, and he possessed the power of ‘misfortune’ and ‘curses’.

In terms of difficulty, this surpa.s.sed even the power of the ‘G.o.d of Death’. It was simply the best in the world!

Ye Xiao dared to use the three-legged Black Owls to devour all living and dead things in the world, but she was afraid that after they swallowed these morph forms, it would bring her endless misfortune.

When she thought of this, she no longer hesitated and decided to give up all direct confrontations with the Five Decays of Heaven and Man.


The black owl on her shoulder suddenly shrieked.

Ye Xiao’s body rose from the Necromancer’s body and her black-feathered cloak fluttered in the wind. A pair of white hands that seemed to have never been exposed to the sun emerged from the cloak, and performed some hand seals.

“The Three Gates of Suffering”

A cold voice rang out, and the sky suddenly darkened.

With a loud boom, three extremely high gates suddenly descended from the depth of darkness of the Nine Heavens.

The three gates smashed into the ground and stirred up a cloud of dust and dry gra.s.s.

They were pitch-black and looked ancient and mysterious.

The gates were engraved with the depiction of preparation of meals for the hungry ghosts, people being cooked in large cauldrons, mountains of daggers and seas of flames, and other complicated and strange patterns. It was filled with the aura of death.

As soon as they landed, the three gates spread out in a fan shape between Ye Xiao and the maggot-covered Necromancer, as if they had forcibly separated the world of the living and the underworld.


Ye Xiao’s commanded sounded like an Imperial Decree.

The three gates of death swung open instantly.


From the first gate, an endless swarm of hungry ghosts rushed out. They grabbed and bit everything within their reach. It clearly showed what it meant to be truly hungry.

Before the Necromancer could react, the hungry ghosts pounced on him and even tore out his spirit meat along with the decaying maggots and stuffed them into their mouths.


For a moment, the wails of the hungry ghosts and the screams of the Necromancer resounded through the sky.

If there were any mortals present, they would have seen the Nine Serenities h.e.l.l, that was simply too horrible a sight!

Xu Xiaoshou was frightened.

He felt that the Five Decays of Heaven and Man was already disgusting enough, but he didn’t expect that the Dark Division Chief, Ye Xiao, would do something even more horrifying.

The hungry ghosts from the Three Gates of Suffering did not distinguish between friend and foe.

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