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Chapter 5

Noodles with Chili Oil

Her mother was able to endure and accept it.

If not for her father’s death and Grandmother Lin’s intention to sell her to the old widower in the neighboring village as a wife, her mother would not have gone against her for the first time. In the end, she was chased out by the Lin family.

“Okay! I’ll make a necklace for you!” Liu s.h.i.+’s face lit up as she looked at the interspatial ring on Lin Xiaoyue’s finger.

Then, without waiting for Lin Xiaoyue’s reply, she went to get the needle and thread.

Grandmother Lin came over yesterday and ransacked the house. All the food and valuables had been taken away, including the few purses that Liu s.h.i.+ embroidered. But she didn’t touch Liu s.h.i.+’s needle and thread.

It wasn’t out of kindness, but she wanted Liu s.h.i.+ to continue sewing. After the embroidery was done, she would come back to take the finished products.

Then, Liu s.h.i.+ started to make a necklace

Lin Xiaoyue initially wanted her mother to stop doing these things for now. Seeing her mother’s serious look, she shut her mouth.

Forget it, her mother was afraid of that old hag from the Lin family. If she didn’t hide the interspatial ring as soon as possible, she wouldn’t be at ease either.

At this time, his brother came over.

Timidly looking at his sister on the bed, curiosity flashed in his eyes.

When Lin Xiaoyue looked over, he subconsciously hid behind Liu s.h.i.+.

Lin Xiaoyue felt a little depressed again.

Then, her eyes flashed.

She took out three lollipops from her interspatial ring.

Then, in front of Liu s.h.i.+ and her brother, she removed the candy wrappers from the lollipops.

“Mom, eat this.” Then, she stuffed the first lollipop into Liu s.h.i.+’s mouth.

Liu s.h.i.+ was stunned for a moment before she subconsciously opened her mouth and licked it.

The sweet taste instantly bloomed on the tip of her tongue, and Liu s.h.i.+ was surprised.

The corners of Lin Xiaoyue’s mouth curled up as she put the second lollipop into her mouth.

Then, she looked at her brother and signaled for him to come over and take it himself.

Seeing that he didn’t move, Lin Xiaoyue playfully asked Liu s.h.i.+, “Mom, is it sweet?”

Liu s.h.i.+ smiled and looked at the child behind her. Knowing her daughter’s plan, she smiled and said, “It’s so sweet. Hehe.”

The child couldn’t help but swallow his saliva when he heard that.

Then, he saw his sister take out the lollipop from her mouth and lick it with a face of enjoyment. “It’s so delicious!” She said exaggeratedly.

He swallowed even harder.

“Sister…” he finally called out and came to the bed.

His soft voice almost melted Lin Xiaoyue’s heart. She hurriedly handed the lollipop to him.

Then, she asked Liu s.h.i.+ to carry him to the bed.

Holding the child who was eating the lollipop with a red face and no longer resisting her, Lin Xiaoyue was full of satisfaction. This was her little brother..

Soon, Liu s.h.i.+ finished making the necklace and tied Lin Xiaoyue’s and her interspatial rings around their necks. Then, she went to cook.

Considering that everyone was hungry, Lin Xiaoyue ordered a few dishes.

She asked Liu s.h.i.+ to make six poached eggs and then half a handful of noodles.

Liu s.h.i.+ was a little distressed at first, but considering that her daughter was hungry and had just woken up, she did as she was told.

While cooking, Liu s.h.i.+ discovered that the vegetable oil in this bucket could actually be used to cook.

Although it didn’t have the fragrance of lard, it was still very good.

Then, the noodles were quickly cooked and out of the pot.

She scooped up some chili oil according to her daughter’s instructions and poured it into the noodles. After she stirred it and looked at the color, she couldn’t help but swallow her saliva.

Then, when it was time to eat, Liu s.h.i.+ and Lin Xiaoyue almost swallowed their tongues.

What kind of G.o.dly noodles are these? Oh, they are so delicious…

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