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Chapter 23

Giving Away Some Pheasant Meat

“Sis, you are the best hunter!” He pulled on his sister’s pants in admiration.

Lin Xiaoyue smiled and stroked the boy’s head.

Then she rubbed her flat belly.

“Mom, let’s go and eat!” She said to Liu s.h.i.+.

Without waiting for her reply, she looked at Aunt w.a.n.g.

“Aunty, please go back and see if uncle and the others are back. When they are back, ask them to come over and eat!”

Aunt w.a.n.g hurriedly said, “Aiya, no need, no need. We already told your mother that we will bring some back and we won’t be eating here anymore.”

There were quite a lot of pheasants, but meat was expensive.

If their whole family really came, what would be left for them?

Moreover, they didn’t have enough bowls, chopsticks, tables, and chairs. They had to bring their own bowls and chopsticks when they came over. How silly was that?

Lin Xiaoyue paused. She seemed to have recalled something.

“That’s fine, but pack more home. I’ll personally send them to your house!” She immediately said.

“Aiyo, one portion is enough! This girl is too nice!” Aunt w.a.n.g looked at Lin Xiaoyue with a look of fondness.

Lin Xiaoyue chuckled and immediately went into the house.

Then, she quickly scooped out two big bowls of pheasant meat from the pot.

As the stove had not been lit for a long time, the bowls were not hot, so Lin Xiaoyue picked up the two bowls of pheasant meat and went out.

“Let’s go. I’ll send you back,” she said with a smile.

The people in the courtyard smelled the aroma of pheasant meat and saw the big lumps of meat. They could not help but swallow their saliva.

“Let Erya take them. I’ll send them back to you after emptying the bowls,” Aunt w.a.n.g said to w.a.n.g Erya.

w.a.n.g Erya was about to take them, but Lin Xiaoyue stopped her.

“Let me do it! I just want to go to your house to borrow a basket so that I can go to town tomorrow to sell things,” Lin Xiaoyue said.

“Hehe, okay! Let’s go!” Aunt w.a.n.g finally said.

Then, she left with w.a.n.g Erya and Lin Xiaoyue.

Lin Xiaoyue followed the two of them. As they walked out, she turned around and shouted to her mother and brother, “Mom, Xiaozhi, wait for me to come back for dinner!”

Liu s.h.i.+ covered her smile and looked at her son who was pulling her. “I can’t be bothered to wait for your sister. If she comes back late, she can just have the soup,” she said with a chuckle.

“No! Let’s wait for her to eat it together!” The little boy immediately retorted.

Liu s.h.i.+ was amused.

With these children, what was there to be afraid of in the future?

“Humph, mom is bullying me…” as Lin Xiaoyue spoke, she had already walked far away.

Aunt w.a.n.g’s house was not far from Lin Xiaoyue’s house. They walked straight for about a hundred meters and arrived at the next slope.

When they arrived at the w.a.n.g family’s house, Uncle w.a.n.g and w.a.n.g Shuanzi had also returned.

When they found out that Lin Xiaoyue had sent over two big bowls of pheasant meat, the two of them thanked her profusely and even asked Aunt w.a.n.g to go to the kitchen to get something for Lin Xiaoyue to bring back.

Lin Xiaoyue was not willing to accept it. She quickly said, “Aunt w.a.n.g always sends a lot of things to our house. If you insist on giving me things, I won’t come anymore.”

“Uncle, I’m here to borrow a basket. I’m going to town tomorrow. Do you need it?”

“No, you can take it!” Uncle w.a.n.g immediately said.

“Shuanzi, quickly go and get the basket for your Yue’er!” He said to his son.

“Okay!” Shuanzi quickly went.

Lin Xiaoyue refused a few more things from Uncle w.a.n.g. Then, she followed Aunt w.a.n.g into the kitchen and took the bowls back.

Next, she took the basket that w.a.n.g Shuanzi brought out and ran away.

Aunt w.a.n.g took out a basket of eggs. When she saw that Lin Xiaoyue had run away, she sighed at Uncle w.a.n.g.

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