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Chapter 20

He Must Keep a Secret

“Hehe, yes, I know that you are good at studying!” Lin Xiaoyue said proudly.

The little boy’s eyes immediately showed pride.

“In the future, when I am a high-ranking official, I will let you and mom live in a big house and eat delicious food!”

Lin Xiaoyue’s eyes almost lit up with joy.

“Of course!”

Then, Lin Xiaoyue told him what she wanted to say originally, which was to be wary of strangers.

“Little Red Riding Hood’s story tells us that children can’t trust strangers. Just like Little Red Riding Hood, if she doesn’t trust the Big Bad Wolf, how can the Big Bad Wolf hurt her and her grandma?”

Lin Xiaozhi nodded.

Lin Xiaoyue emphasized, “Xiaozhi, look. If it weren’t for the appearance of the hunter, Little Red Riding Hood and her grandma wouldn’t have survived. Also, Little Red Riding Hood’s mother will be so sad when she finds out that something happened to them.”

Lin Xiaozhi’s eyes immediately flashed with fear.

Yes, if he were Little Red Riding Hood and brought the Big Bad Wolf back to harm his sister, his mom would definitely cry to death.

Thinking of this, Lin Xiaozhi quickly hugged her sister. “I will definitely not be like Little Red Riding Hood.”

Lin Xiaoyue nodded her head in satisfaction. Suddenly, she thought of something.

“Then, you must keep a secret for us. Outsiders must not know the true situation of our family,” Lin Xiaoyue lowered her voice and told Lin Xiaoyue.

Knowing that he didn’t really go out to play and that the child didn’t understand a lot of things, she wasn’t really worried that he say anything.

But she knew sooner or later that he would go out. In order to avoid trouble, it was better to give him some advice.

“Are you talking about the treasure that dad gave?” Lin Xiaozhi asked, looking at Lin Xiaoyue’s neck.

The thing hanging around it was Lin Xiaoyue’s interspatial ring.

Lin Xiaoyue was stunned. She didn’t expect him to understand the situation.

“Yes.” Lin Xiaoyue nodded.

Looking at her brother, she said, “Actually, dad also gave you a gift. It’s just that you are still young, so don’t need it for the time being. When you grow up and keep the secret, dad will let you know.”

Lin Xiaozhi’s little face lit up with joy, and he quickly nodded.

“I will definitely keep the secret!” He whispered to her sister.

His look made Lin Xiaoyue laugh again.

“Then you have to remember that you can’t tell anyone. This is our secret. If other people find out, our family will be in danger.”

Lin Xiaoyue looked like she was discussing serious matters with her brother, and the little guy’s expression was solemn when he heard it.

“Yeah. I’ll never tell anyone even if I’m beaten to death!”

“Haha, good!”

The fragrance of the chicken soup in the pot became stronger and stronger.

Lin Xiaoyue felt that it was about time and got up from the stool.

She went to the stove and lifted the lid of the pot. Then, she used the spatula to turn over the pheasant meat.

The fresh fragrance of the pheasant meat a.s.saulted her nose, causing Lin Xiaoyue to swallow her saliva.

When she saw that the little boy was also looking at the stove, she also swallowed her saliva. After thinking for a while, Lin Xiaoyue took out another lollipop and unwrapped it for him to eat.

“Thank you!” Lin Xiaozhi took the lollipop and quickly returned to the stove.

Lin Xiaoyue smiled and scooped some water into the pot.

The soup was almost done, but the pheasant’s meat still had to be stewed, so she could only add water.

After adding water, Lin Xiaoyue returned to the stove and continued to tell her little brother a story.

Time pa.s.sed quickly. In the blink of an eye, it was four o’clock. The pheasant meat was almost cooked.

At this time, the firewood in the house was almost out.

Lin Xiaoyue finally stopped adding firewood.

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