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Chapter 18

Cleaning Pheasants

There were actually quite a few pheasants and rabbits in the basket.

“What’s going on? How did you get them?” Aunt w.a.n.g asked excitedly.

w.a.n.g Erya, who was beside her, also had a look of disbelief on her face.

Liu s.h.i.+, on the other hand, laughed.

“Hehe, Yue’er learnt how to hunt from her father. In the morning, after she sent me and Xiaozhi back, she went back to the mountain to hunt.”

This was a conspiracy between her and her daughter.

It was only a matter of time before her daughter was discovered hunting in the mountains. It was better for them to tell the others first.

Her daughter was right. They were already struggling, so why should they care about their reputation?

Besides, what was wrong with female hunters? They didn’t steal or rob, and they didn’t do anything bad. Moreover, in the countryside, it was common for women to work in the fields. Others might wish that their daughter could hunt too.

She had thought it through. Their family lacked a man. When the family conditions were better, she could find a live-in son-in-law for her daughter. This way, her daughter wouldn’t leave her after getting married.

“What?” Aunt w.a.n.g was surprised.

Seeing that Liu s.h.i.+ stopped smiling, she quickly put away her surprised expression and pulled Liu s.h.i.+ aside to ask about the situation.

Liu s.h.i.+ did as Lin Xiaoyue said and told Aunt w.a.n.g.

After hearing that, Aunt w.a.n.g looked at Lin Xiaoyue with fear in her eyes.

Lin Xiaoyue didn’t mind and smiled at Aunt w.a.n.g. “Mom specially asked me to cook two pheasants. I’ll treat you, uncle, Brother Shuanzi, and Erya to dinner tonight!”

Aunt w.a.n.g hurriedly said, “No need! The pheasant eggs you gave me this morning are enough!”

“Hehe, you’re welcome, Aunt w.a.n.g. It’s all thanks to you and uncle who took care of our family in the past. Now that I’m better and have the ability, I want to repay you,” said Lin Xiaoyue.


“Alright, you don’t have to be polite with her. Let’s go do some needlework. Didn’t you and Erya want to learn from me?” Liu s.h.i.+ smiled and tugged on Aunt w.a.n.g.

“Eh. How can this be? I have to help at least!” Aunt w.a.n.g said as she handed the needle basket to w.a.n.g Erya.

“No need. She can handle it herself. I went to help just now, but she didn’t want me to.” Liu s.h.i.+ said as she looked at her daughter.

Lin Xiaoyue smiled.

“No need to help. You do your work. I have nothing to do this afternoon. Take your time.”

“Aiya, let’s go,” Liu s.h.i.+ pulled on Aunt w.a.n.g’s sleeve again.

Aunt w.a.n.g’s face was full of embarra.s.sment.

“Erya, then you stay here and help Yue’er.” She said to w.a.n.g Erya.

“I really don’t need help here. You said this morning that you brought Erya over to learn needlework. Please don’t delay her learning.” Lin Xiaoyue hurriedly said.

“Come! Come with me,” Liu s.h.i.+ quickly pushed the pair of mother and daughter out of the door.

“Don’t forget to put them in the water tank!” Aunt w.a.n.g reminded her before leaving the house.

“Got it!” Lin Xiaoyue replied.

There was a big tree on the far left of the small courtyard. This summer, it was actually cooler down there than in the thatched cottage. Usually, Liu s.h.i.+ would sew purses there.

After leaving the house, Liu s.h.i.+ led Aunt w.a.n.g and w.a.n.g Erya there.

Hearing the discussion outside, the corners of Lin Xiaoyue’s mouth curled up.

She walked to the basket and put the basket and everything inside it into her interspatial ring.

Then she went back to continue cleaning the pheasants.

After plucking the feathers, Lin Xiaoyue took a water bucket, two bowls, and led Lin Xiaozhi out the door.

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