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Chapter 951 – Lecture

Despite the difference in the levels of improvement between Ketchup and Bacon, Iris didn’t favour one over the other. She was equally thorough in training each of them and emphasizing the importance of teamwork.

“You are individuals with your own set of strengths and weaknesses,” she lectured them in their current session. “But in a hacking battle especially against someone who has better skills than you two, always remember that you should fight as one unit.”

“Aye aye, Mommy! Meow~”

“Understood, Mother.”

Iris studied the simulation results on the screen of her portable computer station. “I think it would be better if I could streamline the connection between your systems so that you can share data commands faster.”

“Mother, Bacon is against this idea. I don’t want Big Sister Ketchup instantly knowing what’s on my mind. This is a breach of my privacy rights. Allowing my sister to have direct access to my system as if it’s her own is also not”

“Hmph! Bacon you big meanie, how dare you talk like that about Ketchup who is your super-duper to the highest level awesome big sister?! Unlike this super-duper to the highest level big meanie beside me, Ketchup doesn’t mind Mommy’s plan because we’re all one big happy family! Right, Mommy? Meow~”

Bacon silently bared the claws of one black, fluffy paw and waved it threateningly at his sister.

“Eeek! Mommy, look! Bacon is being a big meanie to Ketchup! Mreow!”

Jin Liwei happened to pa.s.s by at this time. Before Iris could stop the AI children from fighting, her husband was already marching towards them with a stern scowl on his face.


“Eeeek! Meowuwuwu!” Ketchup was frightened by her dad’s scary roar and curled into a tight ball while crying.

Bacon immediately retracted his claws and sat silently, his head and shoulders shrinking a little, as he watched his furious dad.

“We never point weapons at our family,” Jin Liwei told him in a soft but angry tone. “Ever. Even if it’s just a joke, I won’t allow it!”

“Liwei…” Iris reached out to him in an effort to calm him down and take it easy on Bacon.

“Evelina, this child needs to learn this lesson as early as possible. If we don’t correct him now, he might one day hurt his sister by accident.”

She looked torn but didn’t stop him in the end.

Jin Liwei continued glaring at his AI son. Bacon was blinking his golden eyes that became bigger and remorseful, looking extremely adorable and totally different from his usual stone face. His tail was slowly swis.h.i.+ng back and forth in a very hesitant manner. Jin Liwei felt himself softening but was able to catch himself in time. This kid’s charm was becoming more potent. How dangerous!

Taking a few deep breaths, Jin Liwei made his severe expression a little gentler before lecturing Bacon in all seriousness until the black AI cat apologized to his Big Sister Ketchup and their parents.

“I’m sorry. I won’t do it again. From now on, Bacon will only attack other people especially our enemies and never members of our family.”

“Good.” Jin Liwei’s expression finally relaxed after hearing Bacon’s promise. “Your punishment for today’s misdemeanour will be delayed another day since your mother is still busy working on your training and configurations at this time.”

Bacon’s tail drooped. “Under…stood, Father.” Even his usual bored façade cracked a little after his dad told him that he still needed to be punished despite already apologizing.

Although Iris felt sorry for Bacon, she agreed with her husband’s firm way of disciplining their children. She knew that she was incapable of doing the same thing as Jin Liwei. For now, she was relieved that everything ended well without a big fight. Bacon was obedient at least. She hoped that he would remain so in the future.

Since her husband was already here, she pulled him to sit beside her and explained all the processes in the simulations she designed for their AI children’s special training. He didn’t understand the most difficult technical parts but he was intelligent enough to get the gist of things.

While she was explaining Ketchup and Bacon’s differing performances in their training and also her ideas on how to improve their systems based on their overall results, Jin Liwei also shared some suggestions based on his level of understanding. Although his technical knowledge in this highly specialized field was limited, his sharp logical thinking that contributed to his current status as one of the top business leaders in the world helped him provide Iris with some rather great ideas.

She was about to start expanding on one of his ideas when he put a stop to it.

“You’ve worked for too long already,” he told her. “Isn’t this the usual time that you have your afternoon nap? You should rest again and continue this another time.”

Her first instinct was to insist that she was fine and could work a little longer but her body immediately betrayed her. Upon hearing his reminder that it was nap time, she was a.s.saulted by a huge yawn. It was as if a big bucket of drowsiness was thrown over her head. She felt sleepy all of a sudden even when she was feeling fine just a few seconds ago.

In the end, she was unable to fight off sleep nor did she want to. After all, her body needed to recharge more often to replace all the energy it was using up to grow two human beings.

Overseeing their AI children’s special training became part of the couple’s everyday routine. Jin Liwei insisted on learning enough of the simulations’ controls so that he could oversee the special training by himself to give more rest time for Iris.

If other people were to know how the newlyweds spent the majority of their honeymoon, they would be shocked about how unexciting it was compared to their perception of how the rich and famous usually lived.

Iris and Jin Liwei barely left the private island. Most of their “fun” activities were quiet, relaxing and intimate. Despite this, the two of them felt very content and wouldn’t change a thing about their honeymoon.

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