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Chapter 95 – Already Over

The following days were like an avalanche of misfortune for the Alarm Girls. An oppressive atmosphere surrounded them, starting from when the police dragged them from the nail polish company to the police station to be interrogated.

The three girls and their manager refused to respond to the police’s questions, resulting in the officers feeling frustrated and having a bad impression of them. Wanwan didn’t help the situation either by losing control and threatening the officers of suing them for mistreatment.

Feifei and their manager tried to stop her, but Wanwan was just like a crazy beast who snapped at everyone. Mimi was too preoccupied with her nonstop wailing. As a result, the police couldn’t muster any niceness or sympathy towards the girls and threw them in jail.

Their manager pleaded with all his might with the officers but he was ignored. The three girls thought that he was the most useless and incompetent manager for not only failing to secure an endors.e.m.e.nt deal for them but also for allowing the police to throw them behind bars. Now they hated him as much as they hated that sl*t Iris Long.

Finally, a lawyer arrived sent by their talent management company. The three girls grabbed at him like he was their lifeline, spilling all their grievances to him. The lawyer was able to bail them out.

However, the nail polish company’s corporate lawyer also arrived not long after, bringing a horde of reporters, journalists and cameramen with him. He formally pressed charges against the Alarm Girls on behalf of Mr. Chen’s secretary who was still being treated at the hospital. He also even sued the Alarm Girls’ manager and their talent management company on behalf of the nail polish company for false and misleading representation of their artists, deceiving Mr. Chen and the nail polish company of almost signing such violent people as endorsers.

In other words, the three girls, their manager, and even their talent management company were all slapped with numerous counts of charges.

After leaving the police station and struggling through the bloodthirsty sea of hungry reporters and journalists, they were escorted back to their company-issued apartment.

As soon as they arrived, Wanwan wrecked the entire place and roared and screeched like a deranged animal. Mimi dove to her bed and burrowed under the covers, still crying her eyes out. Feifei did her best to control her emotions and checked what people were saying about them online.

The results were horrendous. The catfight video instantly went viral. Everyone was denouncing and cursing them. Clearly, the nail polish company moved quickly and mobilized people to defame them and exaggerate details about the incident.

Then someone brought up the incident with Iris Long backstage during the last episode of “MusicFest Tonight”. Now everyone believed that the Alarm Girls really bullied Iris and even caused her to faint.

Since Iris Long’s name was dragged, the Black Stars fan club members couldn’t stay silent. They quickly mobilized and joined in on the online roasting.

CaptainBlackStar: “Someone exorcise these three evil spirits! First they attacked our dear Iris causing her to faint. Now they attacked a poor woman and even sent her to the hospital with injuries. Despicable!”

iEatSlippers: “Let my mighty slippers whack them all the way to the eighteen levels of h.e.l.l!”

MrsLovePhantom: “How can such nice-looking girls act like savage beasts? I am aghast. Didn’t their parents teach them proper behaviour?”

JJNumber2Fan: “The poor girl. She got beaten up so badly. I hope she’s alright.”

JJNumber3Fan: “Heavens! I only noticed that the brats pulled the poor girl’s hair so hard that there are now bald patches on her head! How horrible!”

JJNumber1Fan: “Oh no! Not the hair!”

Moments later, banners with “Lock the Alarm Girls in jail” written on them in big, bold characters appeared on various popular websites. Some of them even hijacked and replaced the normal ads and had to be taken down by the websites. However, they just kept on reappearing, causing a ma.s.sive headache to the website administrators.

Some sharp-eyed people noticed a small dot at the low corner of the banners. When they zoomed in, they saw that the dot was actually a simple clip art of what looked like a monkey’s head.

The incident blew up to the point that even the major TV news programs and newspapers reported about the story. Following the trend online, many of them also mentioned the alleged altercation between the Alarm Girls and Iris Long at “MusicFest Tonight”.

Director He of the show was even intercepted and interviewed. He admitted that the incident really happened and it was also true that Iris Long fainted because of the stress of being bullied. After his admission, the people were in uproar.

Seeing the issue blowing up to such a degree, the nail polish company grabbed the opportunity to finally be in the limelight and milked the drama for all its worth, condemning the Alarm Girls as evil and painting Mr. Chen’s secretary as the pitiful victim.

The clearly sided with Mr. Chen’s secretary and the nail polish company.

The nail polish company might have lost their planned endorsers but this incident was proving to be many times better in advertising their company’s name.

Of course, the Alarm Girls’ talent management company wasn’t happy. In fact, they were furious.

The very next morning, they banged on the girls’ apartment and unceremoniously told them that their contract with the management company was terminated. They were also ordered to vacate the apartment within three days.

The three girls didn’t sleep at all. They looked like zombies. Hearing that they were being kicked out, they felt that their world was ending.

Wanwan: “What do you mean that our contract is terminated? Didn’t we just renew it? And leave this place in three days? Where are we gonna go? You can’t do this to us!”

Mimi: “We’re finished we’re finished we’re finished we’re finished we’re finished….”

Feifei: “Please, please! Don’t do this to us. We’ll apologize to everyone. We’ll do it! We’ll explain ourselves and even offer to pay for the hospital fees of Mr. Chen. Just please don’t terminate our contract. Our careers will be over if you give up on us at this critical time!”

The management company’s representative was unsympathetic. She scanned the three girls and told them coldly, “It seems that you still don’t understand your situation. Your careers are ALREADY over.”

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