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Chapter 91 – Catfigh

Another hour pa.s.sed by. Lunch time was over. The employees returned to their work after eating.

The Alarm Girls were hungry and angry. They snapped at their manager who offered to buy them lunch, telling them that they should eat while waiting.

‘Fine, if you don’t wanna eat then don’t eat. Hmph!’ he thought as he chewed on another biscuit.

Finally, after more than five hours of waiting. Mr. Chen’s secretary stepped out of the elevator and found them.

She introduced herself in a detached, professional manner, observing the bedraggled appearances of the three girls. She inwardly shook her head at the girls’ stupidity and bad luck for offending someone they shouldn’t have offended. Only someone with a screw loose would dare offend Jin Corporation, yet these girls did.

“h.e.l.lo,” the manager immediately greeted the secretary with a fawning smile. “These are Wanwan, Feifei and Mimi. They’re the Alarm Girls and I’m their manager. Is Mr. Chen ready to see us?”

“We’ve been waiting for five hours,” Wanwan grumbled.

The secretary cast a cold look at the complaining girl.

The manager laughed awkwardly. He wanted to knock some sense into the stupid girl’s head. He smiled at the secretary. “Please lead the way. We are looking forward to meeting with Mr. Chen.”

The secretary inwardly sighed at being a.s.signed the unpleasant job of informing these unfortunate girls that they waited for so long in vain. Alas, her boss had no desire to meet them in person. She cleared her throat and spoke in a cold tone.

/p>”Miss Wanwan, Miss Feifei, Miss Mimi, Mr. Manager. I regret to inform you that our company cannot continue on with this endors.e.m.e.nt deal with you. There are issues that cropped up at the last minute and we decided that the Alarm Girls aren’t the best fit to endorse our products. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we stand behind our final decision. We wish you good luck on your career. The exit is that way. Please stay safe on the road. Have a good day.”

The manager blinked. His mind turned blank. W-what? This wasn’t happening, right? He worked so hard and so long to obtain this deal. H-how come? What in the world happened?

The three girls also froze, not believing what they just heard. The endors.e.m.e.nt deal was off? Just like that?

No way.

Wanwan: “What the h.e.l.l are you saying? Say that again!”

The secretary ignored the girl’s att.i.tude and spoke in a cold voice. “Our company has decided that the endors.e.m.e.nt agreement with you is now cancelled. After much consideration, we believe that your group is not suitable to endorse our products. Please kindly leave because Mr. Chen will not be meeting with you.”

“Wait! I…there must be some mistake,” the manager said. He was sweating hard. “I talked with Mr. Chen a number of times and he a.s.sured me that the endors.e.m.e.nt deal will be given to my girls.”

“Mr. Manager, there is no such thing as a sure thing in the business world, especially if the contract is not signed yet. I’m sure you know that.” The secretary made a show of looking at her wrist.w.a.tch. “Please excuse me. I am quite busy at the moment. The exit is right there. Please show yourselves out.”

Feifei couldn’t take it anymore. She had been the most understanding while they were forced to wait for hours. Now that they learned that they waited for nothing, she felt furious.

“Is this how you treat your endorsers?! You made us wait for more than five hours! If the deal is off, you should’ve told us earlier! Then we wouldn’t have waited all this time!”

“Miss Feifei, you are mistaken. First of all, we treat our endorsers very well. Some of the successful ones even launched their own nail polish line with us. Many of them are our bestsellers. Second of all, you are not our endorsers so we don’t have any obligation to you.”

“You! How dare you?!” Mimi shrieked. Her voice was so shrill that it echoed across the entire lobby, attracting a lot of attention.

People stopped what they were doing and looked at their direction. Many of the employees recognized Mr. Chen’s secretary. Some of them called for security to intervene just in case the undisciplined girls hurt their fellow colleague.

They already had a bad impression of the girls, especially after hearing them badmouthing their company earlier. Now they were even shouting at Mr. Chen’s secretary. Were they crazy? How dare they?

“Calm down, girls,” their manager told them. “Let’s try to talk this out. I’m sure there must be some kind of mistake.”

Wanwan: “Calm down?! Mistake?! They made us wait for more than five f*cking hours and now they’re telling us that the endors.e.m.e.nt deal is off! How do you expect us to calm down?! This is all your fault! You’re such an incompetent manager! You can’t even connect us with a reputable company!”

“And what do you mean by that, Miss Wanwan? Are you saying that our company is not reputable?” The secretary’s voice became colder.

She started working for the company since she graduated from university. She had only experienced working for the company and was very loyal to it.

Wanwan: “That’s exactly what I’m saying! Because if you’re really reputable, how can you treat us this way?! You’re just a bunch of losers with trashy products! Who wants to endorse your cheap nail polis.h.!.+ We don’t!”

The manager was already beyond panicking. Everything was ruined! These idiotic girls ruined all his hard work!

“I see. That’s good to hear because our company doesn’t want to work with you either. We don’t a.s.sociate with conceited spoiled brats like you who think too highly of yourselves. Who do you think you are? There are a lot of other girl groups who are more deserving to become our endorsers than you. If you don’t have any more business with our company, please leave or do you want someone to show you where the exit is?”

“You b*tch!” Wanwan pounced at the secretary, pulling hard at her hair.

The secretary wasn’t a pushover either. She slapped and scratched at Wanwan’s face.

Of course, Feifei and Mimi jumped into the fray, ganging up on the secretary. Feifei and Mimi held the secretary while Wanwan attacked with all her might.

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