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Chapter 8 – Image Overhaul
Chapter 8: Image Overhaul

Day after day, Iris Long grew stronger and healthier compared to when she first woke up from coma. Now she only needed the physio and rehab sessions once a week.

Despite this, she still wasn’t satisfied by her body’s current condition. Her muscles lacked power and her stamina embarra.s.sed her with just one flight of stairs. But all she could do for now was persevere in rebuilding her body with time and effort.

The renovations were also finally completed. She disliked the original Iris’ taste in interior design and wardrobe choice. Everything was sparkly, s.h.i.+ny, neon-bright, glittery, and maddeningly garish and tacky!

Now that she was living as Iris Long, she replaced everything with the tasteful elegance of cla.s.sic style. The newly renovated and decorated penthouse gave a serene and sophisticated atmosphere.

Iris also added a big library office with a connecting computer room separated by a pa.s.sword-locked door. She filled the library with all kinds of books in different languages. Many of which were her favourites from her past life.

As for the computer room, she designed it herself. Currently, there were seventeen different state-of-the-art computers and devices arranged neatly inside the room. One wall was completely covered with flat-screen monitors. The room looked like the c.o.c.kpit of a s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p.

And not everything was delivered yet. She was still expecting more to arrive. The majority of the computers were not available on the regular market. She had to use her virtual connections from her past life to obtain these rare devices.

The room was sealed and she was the only one who had access to enter it. n.o.body else was allowed inside without her permission because the room contained a lot of technology acquired from the international black market. It wouldn’t be good for her if other people were to know about these items.

A recording studio was also added in another part of the penthouse. She couldn’t believe that the original Iris Long didn’t have one when she was a pop singer. The girl relied on other people to compose and write her music, thinking that she only had to sing, dance and act pretty.

Now that she was living as Iris, she was determined to live her life to the fullest. Her first order of business was to establish a successful career.

She thought about it and decided that she would continue the original Iris’ career in music. She also loved music in her past life. She planned a complete image overhaul to suit her true style which was completely different from the original Iris’ style.

Aside from the penthouse renovation, almost her entire wardrobe was also replaced. She couldn’t make herself wear all the s.l.u.tty clothes the original Iris preferrred. They all looked extremely uncomfortable to wear.

Dominic Chua, her new a.s.sistant, along with the maids packed about 90% of the clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, makeup and other knickknacks into boxes. Dom’s eyes bulged the entire time, followed by gasps of shock and admiration.

“Boss, what do you plan on doing with all of these?” he asked Iris, stroking a seven-inch, rainbow-coloured metallic high heels.

“I’ll let you decide,” she said. “Sell them, donate them. I don’t care.”

Dom was so confused as to why his new boss wanted to throw away and replace her entire wardrobe. These were all brand-named goods! Maybe this was how the rich lived. They replaced whatever they didn’t like anymore.

‘Can’t relate,’ he thought to himself.

If he owned these much brand-named items, no matter how outdated they were, he would treat them as treasures and a.s.sign them as heirlooms to the Chua family’s next generation. He picked up a crystal-encrusted purse and then glanced at his young boss.

“Uhm, boss? You see…I have a lot of female relatives back in the Philippines. I’m sure some of these will fit them. I know my mother will be absolutely thrilled to have some of these purses. My sisters, aunts and cousins, too. I think some of them have the same shoe size as you. Uhm, so, I’m just saying….”

“Sure, send all these boxes to your family. No problem.”

Dom gasped, his jaw falling. “R-really? You’re serious?! OMG! Thank you thank you THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I thank the Lord Almighty for giving me the BEST BOSS EVER!”

He jumped around and clapped excitedly. And then he bowed at Iris, almost prostrating himself on the floor.

Iris chuckled watching her new a.s.sistant’s antics.

“You’re so generous, boss.” He called the maids. “Come, come. The boss gave me full authority on how to discard all of these. Come and take some for yourselves.” Then he glanced at Iris, silently asking her if it was alright.

Iris waved her hand, allowing him.

“See? The boss says it’s okay! Come, come! Don’t forget to thank the boss!”

“Thank you, Young Miss!” The maids bowed and smiled bashfully. They were all excited and started choosing items for themselves.

Iris nodded.

“Thank you, boss. I won’t send everything to the Philippines. I’ll just choose the ones that I think my Momsy, my sisters, aunts and cousins will like. Then we’ll sell the rest on the internet.”

“I’ll leave everything to you.”

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