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Chapter 79 – Meh!

The other men coughed hearing Jin Liwei’s super cringey honey words. They almost choked. They couldn’t believe that such words came out of their cold and indifferent Third Brother’s mouth.

“Let’s eat, too,” Lin Yehan finally suggested.

The brothers had always liked eating durian, so they wouldn’t reject the offer. Iris ate a couple more bites of the stinky fruit before stopping. The men, on the other hand, finished the entire fruit by themselves in no time.

Even Jin Liwei ate a lot, and then gave another deep kiss to Iris, forcibly making the two of them share the pungent smell and taste.

She was already used to the smell by that time, so she didn’t mind it anymore.

They drank water and rinsed their mouths, but still couldn’t remove the smell. Iris opened her leather backpack and took out a pack of mints. She shared with everyone and the stink in their mouths decreased a little.

Afterwards, they walked to the animals. There were chickens, pigs and cattle. Iris was very amazed at the egg production. She listened intently to Lin Yehan as he explained the process. She asked intelligent questions, impressing him. More points for her!

Next were the goats. They entered the tall and st.u.r.dy pen. Someone handed a milk bottle to Iris for her to experience feeding the baby goats.

She stretched her arm and fed the kids, maintaining a good distance from them. She felt apprehensive but thought that the little goats looked (kind of) cute drinking from the bottle in her hand.

Jin Liwei took photos of her with his phone.

Then one of the workers called for Lin Yehan. The other men looked interested so they followed their Eldest Brother as he discussed something with the worker at the far corner of the pen. They left Iris alone.

She continued feeding the baby goats, when suddenly she noticed a big goat standing a few metres away from her with very long and sharp-looking horns. The goat stared at her with unblinking eyes while stomping its front hooves. To her, it looked like it was glaring at her. She felt spooked.

She glanced quickly at Jin Liwei and the others, but they were still busy talking with the worker.

The men, absorbed in their discussion, were suddenly interrupted by a high and piercing scream. The sound was so blood-curdling that Jin Liwei felt his heart stop for a moment.

Their heads snapped to one direction and saw Iris running for dear life before impressively jumping high and climbing the tall fence. She stayed on top, lying on her stomach and hugging the fence like her life depended on it.

“Whoa, she’s like Spiderman,” the worker commented when he saw her quick and agile movements.

“As expected of my beloved student,” Yu Mo spoke with pride.

Jin Liwei immediately ran to her, his heart pounding.

“Baby, what’s wrong?”

“Aaaaah! Noooo! Get it away from me! It wants to kill me!”

“What?! Who wants to kill you?”

Iris refused to look at the goats again, pointing randomly with a shaking finger instead. “The goat! The goat wants to kill me!”

Jin Liwei: “…”

Yu Mo: “Pft! Bwahahahaha! Ahahahaha!”

w.a.n.g Yingjie: “Don’t laugh too much…Pft!”

Lin Yehan was able to suppress his laughter unlike his brothers, but it took a lot of effort. He walked over to the couple.

Jin Liwei’s mouth twitched but didn’t dare laugh at his baby girl. He cast a vicious glare at his imbecile brothers instead.

“n.o.body wants to kill you,” he spoke to her in a gentle, coaxing tone. “Come, I’ll help you down.”


“Don’t worry, baby girl. I’ll protect you.”

Iris calmed down a little hearing his voice. She turned her head and saw him extending his arms up to her. Reluctantly, she reached down and started climbing down from the top of the fence. He caught her in his arms.

Her eyes caught the evil goat running to her direction again. She screamed at the top of her lungs. The pitch was so high that it was impressive. Indeed, she was a singer. She quickly climbed up Jin Liwei’s body until her legs coiled tightly around his upper chest.

With her b.o.o.bs on his face, Jin Liwei couldn’t help but grin. Good thing that she couldn’t see his expression.

“See? See that? The evil goat wants to kill me! It’s still chasing me!”

Yu Mo: “Aiyo! I can’t take it anymore. Ahahahaha!”

Lin Yehan finally reached them. He reached down for the big goat and patted it. “Xiulan, calm down. The goat would never kill you. It’s chasing you because it likes you. Don’t be afraid.”

Eldest Brother’s words made sense and she started to feel embarra.s.sed of her overreaction. Indeed, how could a domesticated goat kill her? How ridiculous. She was about to ask Jin Liwei to put her down when…


The evil sound almost made her soul fly out of her body. She shrieked again and closed her eyes tightly. She tapped Jin Liwei, begging him to exit the pen.

“Oh my G.o.d! Please oh please. Liwei darling please get me out here! Ah! Hurry up!” In her fear, she forgot her embarra.s.sment in calling him this way.

Jin Liwei felt so happy hearing her call him “darling” that he felt like he was floating in the clouds. Added to her generous b.o.o.bs squis.h.i.+ng him on the face, he felt like he was in paradise. To prolong the moment, he walked slowly like an astronaut on the moon towards the pen’s gate.

Once outside, Iris climbed off him and sat on the ground, catching her breath. Jin Liwei felt a little disappointed but became concerned when he saw her pale face.

“Baby, are you alright?”

She focused on her breathing. “Give me a moment.”

Everyone exited the pen and looked at her with concern, but amus.e.m.e.nt still danced in their eyes.

After a few minutes, she finally calmed down and regained her rosy complexion. She tilted her head, thinking deeply. Then she looked up at Jin Liwei.

“I…I have a fear of goats…a little.”

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