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Chapter 75 – Brothers

The man waved back.

“Stay there. No need to walk so far to meet us here,” Jin Liwei spoke to the man on the phone. “We’ll meet you there.”

After the call, they drove and parked in front of the mansion. The man Jin Liwei called “Eldest Brother” waited for them below the steps, a welcoming smile on his face.

“Stay there. I’ll open your door,” Jin Liwei told her.

After both of them got out of the car, he held her hand and led her to the man waiting for them.

“Third Brother, you’re finally here,” the tall, thin man greeted them. He had a very amiable aura.

“Eldest Brother, thank you for having us,” Jin Liwei answered.

The two gave each other a one-armed manly hug, patting each other on their backs.

“Ahaha! What are you saying? You sound like a stranger. My brothers are always welcome in my home.” He turned a curious look at Iris. “And this beautiful lady is?”

Jin Liwei wrapped his arm around her tiny waist before introducing her. “Eldest Brother, this is Long Xiulan, my girlfriend.”

A surprised expression appeared on the man’s face, even though he already suspected as much, seeing the couple’s matching outfits and the way Jin Liwei clung to her. Hmm… Who would’ve thought?

“Baby, this is Lin Yehan. He owns this farm villa. He’s one of my best friends.”

She stepped forward with a graceful smile and offered her hand. Her actions were natural, smooth and elegant. Very much like a proper lady.

“h.e.l.lo, Mr. Lin. It is a pleasure to meet you.”

Lin Yehan accepted her hand and shook it, silently impressed at her n.o.ble bearing. “h.e.l.lo, Xiulan. A pleasure to meet you too. Welcome to my villa.”

“Thank you. Your place is beautiful.”

Jin Liwei cleared his throat and pulled her close to his body, breaking their handshake.

Lin Yehan inwardly snickered.

“In our group, we call him Eldest Brother. You can call him Eldest Brother too,” Jin Liwei told her.

“Yes, that’s right. Please don’t be a stranger. Seeing that you’re our Third Brother’s girlfriend, I would be more than happy if you call me Eldest Brother as well.”

Iris looked at Jin Liwei. Seeing him nod at her, she turned and smiled at Lin Yehan. “Alright. Thank you, Eldest Brother.”

The three entered the mansion. The interiors were all wood and big stone bricks, giving a rustic elegance to the place. Although the house was ma.s.sive, it still felt like home; warm and cozy.

“I suggest to eat lunch first before touring the villa,” Lin Yehan said.

They agreed with him, especially Iris who was looking forward to finally eating a proper meal.

They were about to head off to lunch when they heard a car horn outside.

Lin Yehan frowned. “Sorry. Wait here for a moment. Let me see who it is.” Then he went outside.

Jin Liwei embraced Iris while they waited. He pointed at some things in the living area and shared some interesting stories about them.

“Third Bro! I heard you’re coming here today. Where are you?” A loud male voice called out from the entrance.

“Stop shouting, Fourth Brother. Third Brother is not deaf,” another male voice spoke.

Lin Yehan: “Hai. Why are you two here today?”

Jin Liwei scowled while Iris tilted her head to the side. The first voice sounded familiar to her.

“Ahahaha! Why are you being like this, Eldest Bro? Aren’t we brothers always welcome here? You mentioned the other day that Third Bro will be coming here today so here we are! We haven’t hung out together for a while so―”

“Your presence is not needed here today. Leave.” Jin Liwei’s cold voice was like a whip cutting mercilessly at the voice’s owner.

The three men ahead stopped. Lin Yehan smiled helplessly, feeling a little guilty.

“Third Bro, how can you be so heartless? We just want to…eh? Xiao Xiu, is that you? Why are you here?”

“Teacher Yu?” Iris exclaimed in surprise. Then she turned to Jin Liwei. “Oh, right. You mentioned that Teacher Yu Mo is your friend.”

Lin Yehan: “Ah? What? You know each other?”

Yu Mo: “Of course we know each other. Xiao Xiu is my beloved Systema student.”

Jin Liwei’s face turned black, his eyes cold; his voice low and dangerous. “Xiao Xiu? Beloved?”

The two new arrivals finally noticed that Jin Liwei and Iris wore matching outfits and that their arms were around each other’s waists.

Yu Mo: “Eh? Xiao Xiu, why are you with Third Bro? And why are you both dressed like that? Wait, don’t tell me…”

Jin Liwei: “Go away. I’m here on a date with my girlfriend.”

Yu Mo: “G-girlfriend? Ah what? Ahahaha! I think there’s something wrong with my ears today. Maybe I forgot to clean them.”

Lin Yehan looked at his stupid friend and shook his head. “Hai. Good luck.”

The other man who also just arrived stepped forward. He had a similar cold appearance like Jin Liwei, but looked more approachable. His sharp eyes looked amused. He gave a slight smile and extended a hand to Iris. “h.e.l.lo. I’m w.a.n.g Yingjie. Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you, too. I’m Long Xiulan,” she smiled at him and shook his hand.

Jin Liwei pulled her to him again, breaking the handshake. He nodded at w.a.n.g Yingjie. “Second Brother.”

w.a.n.g Yingjie: “Third Brother, you hid her well. We had no idea that you already have a girlfriend.”

Yu Mo: “F*ck! Are you for real? You’re really Third Bro’s girlfriend? Xiao Xiu, why didn’t you tell me?”

Iris: “I didn’t know that Teacher Yu and Liwei are friends―”

Jin Liwei: “Hm? What did you call me?”

No way. Oh no no no! She was sort of alright saying it in front of Dom, but not in front of all these people she just met. Absolutely no way.

Jin Liwei: “Baby girl, what are you supposed to call me again? Hm? We already talked about this, didn’t we?”

Yu Mo: “Hey, Third Bro! Are you bullying my beloved student?”

Jin Liwei glared at him so viciously that Yu Mo immediately shut up, feeling cold sweat on his back.

Jin Liwei: “Say it again. Properly this time. Come on, baby girl. Don’t be shy. These are all my brothers.”

She pursed her lips at him.

He kissed her forehead, encouraging her, but his eyes remained insistent.

Iris: “I didn’t know that Teacher Yu and…and my…my darling are friends…”

This was so stupid! If only she wasn’t meeting his brothers for the first time, she would’ve already punched Jin Liwei’s face.

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