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Chapter 73 – Yes What?

Holding hands, Iris and Jin Liwei stepped inside the private elevator. Dom ran after them, dressed to the T. He looked even more dressed up than the two of them.

“Ehehehe. Wow, boss and sir boss! You look cute in your matching outfits,” Dom, of course, had to comment with sparkling eyes after the elevator door closed behind him. He was a little breathless after running to catch the elevator.

“Thanks.” She smiled. “Going to church?”

“Yeah! I’m gonna pray for the success of boss’ alb.u.m, my family back in the Philippines, everyone’s good health, and of course for boss and sir boss’ relations.h.i.+p. Ehehe. Oh, and world peace! Can’t forget about that!”

Her eyes softened, chuckling. “Thank you, Dom. I appreciate it. Have fun with your day off today.”

“Thanks, boss! By the way, where are you going?”

“Liwei is taking me out for our first date.”

Jin Liwei pulled her close to his side and spoke in a low, dangerous tone, “Hm? What did you call me?”

She stiffened. There was no way she was going to call him that in front of other people, even if it was just Dom.

“Baby girl, didn’t we just agree on this? Call me properly. Say it again.”

She pressed her lips together. One second. Two seconds. Three seconds. Then she sighed, giving in to him.

“My darling is taking me out for our first date.”

“Good girl.” He kissed her forehead.

“Ayiiii!!! So romantic! Oh my G.o.d. I need some air!” Dom fanned himself with his hands in a dramatic manner. “Is it getting hot in here or what?”

Iris hid her burning face on Jin Liwei’s chest.

“See? I told you it’s supposed to be romantic.” Jin Liwei stroked his baby girl’s head, a smug expression on his handsome face.

Finally, they walked out of the elevator to the main lobby. Dom bid them goodbye outside the building before skipping away to enjoy his day off.

Jin Liwei pulled her by the hand to a gorgeous silver luxury car waiting a few steps away. The door to the driver’s seat opened. A man in a black business suit wearing an earpiece and dark sungla.s.ses stepped out, and then walked towards them. It wasn’t Xu Tian.

“Master,” the man greeted Jin Liwei and gave a brief nod to Iris before handing the car key.

Jin Liwei nodded and received the key.

/p>The man bowed, turned and walked away, and then climbed into the pa.s.senger seat of another waiting car.

When the other car drove away, Jin Liwei opened the car door for her. She climbed into the pa.s.senger’s seat. He closed the door, walked around to the other side, and then climbed into the driver’s seat.

Once inside, he leaned over and pulled the seatbelt for her, locking her in place. Then he grabbed her by the neck and gave her a quick, searing kiss.

“Ready?” His voice was husky.

“Yes.” The kiss was quick but it already made her breathless.

“Yes what?”

She bit her lip.

“Hm?” He nibbled on the lip she just bit. “Yes what?”

“Yes, darling,” she finally whispered.

He grinned and gave her a loud, smacking kiss before putting his own seatbelt. He started the car’s engine. Moments later, they were driving away from her condo building.

Along the way, Jin Liwei stopped over by a bistro in response to her hunger complaints. He told her to wait for him in the car as he went inside the bistro by himself. When he returned, he was carrying a couple of simple sandwiches and bottled drinks.

He chuckled when he saw her dismay upon seeing the sandwiches. “Bear with the sandwiches for now, we’ll eat lunch at the place we’re going to,” he explained.

“Oh, okay.” She felt better when she heard his promise. She was really feeling hungry. She wanted to eat at home before leaving, but he insisted on leaving right away.

They ate while driving. He had to focus on driving, so she had to feed him. He just opened his mouth like a king while she did all the work of feeding and wiping him. Iris had the niggling feeling that he bought take-out just for this very purpose.

After about an hour of driving, they reached a rural area. There weren’t many houses visible from the road. Everywhere they looked were farms, pastures, plantations, open fields and forests.

The area looked very quiet and peaceful, totally different from the bustling city filled with tall buildings and traffic.

There were so few cars driving in this place that at one point, they were the only ones on the road.

Where was he taking her?

They drove for a few more minutes before arriving at a gated property. Tall cypress trees blocked the view from inside.

Jin Liwei lowered his window and spoke to the gate’s intercom. A few seconds later, the gate opened automatically and they drove inside.

After going through the cypress forest, Iris finally realized where Jin Liwei was taking her. It was a large farm villa. Strong horses ran inside a large stable. On the other side were barns for the cattle and sheep.

Although the place was technically a farm, the big country mansion sitting majestically at the end of the long paved driveway gave the place a high-cla.s.s atmosphere. Carefully maintained yet natural-looking gardens were spread throughout the entire property, especially near the mansion.

Iris could see plantations of different fruit trees. There was also a lake with a dock of small boats.

It was a beautiful place.

She turned to Jin Liwei with excited eyes.

“Like what you see?” he asked when he felt her looking at him.

“Yes!” She gave him a bright smile. She almost couldn’t wait to step out of the car and explore the entire farm villa.

“Yes what?”

“Yes, darling.” She was feeling so excited that she forgot her unwillingness in calling him this endearment.

The car suddenly stopped.

“Eh?” She looked at him in confusion.

Why did he stop? They were still along the driveway. Were they getting off here?

“Kiss me, baby girl,” he demanded. His eyes were dark with desire.

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