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Chapter 64 – I’m Your Lover
Chapter 64: I’m Your Lover

Jin Liwei forcefully pushed away the guilt he was feeling and focused on his plans to make Xiulan completely his instead. Tonight, he would make sure to imprint himself on her as deeply as possible so she would never dare think about other men besides him ever again.

After a few more minutes, the bathroom door opened. His baby girl came out wearing a bathrobe and a towel twisted on top of her head. She looked flushed from the hot shower. Traces of white cream were on her face and she gently smoothed it all over her skin with light fingers. She gave him a quick smile before heading to her walk-in closet.

Of course he wouldn’t miss this opportunity. He stood up and followed after her.

Iris opened a drawer and took out a small cotton panties. When she felt him behind her, she immediately felt wary.

“Liwei, can you wait outside while I put on clothes? I’ll be quick, I promise.”

“Don’t mind me. Go ahead and put your clothes on.”

Her brows furrowed. What did he mean? He wanted to watch her?

“Are you feeling shy now?” he teased.

She scowled. “So what if I’m feeling shy? Isn’t it normal for me to feel shy in this kind of situation? What do you take me for? A shameless person who strips in front of strangers?”

It was his turn to scowl. “What strip in front of strangers? You’re not allowed to show your naked body in front of other people besides me!”

Huh? Wasn’t this man missing the point by too much? And what did he just say?

“What do you mean by besides you? I’m not going to show my naked body to other people, much less to you! Who do you think you are?”

“I’m your lover!”

She froze. Ah, what…what? She blinked a few times. The panties in her hand fell to the floor.

She was still frozen when he bent down to pick the panties from the floor. Then he crouched down in front of her and stretched the elastic waistband of the panties, holding it before him.

“Here, baby girl. I’ll help you wear it.”

His words snapped her out of her momentary daze. When she realized what he was trying to do, her cheeks and ears burned from embarra.s.sment. She tried to s.n.a.t.c.h the panties from him, but he evaded her, holding it out of her reach.

“What are you doing? Give it back! I’ll wear it myself.”

“Be good. Stop fighting me. If you just let me help you, we won’t need to waste this much time.”

“You…” Iris took a couple of deep breaths and looked at the ceiling. The man was exasperating!

“Liwei, please give it back. I’m not a small child. I can put it on myself.”

But the man completely ignored her and crouched down in front of her again, holding out her panties in ready-to-wear position. “Come on, baby girl. No need to be shy in front of your lover.”

“I…who’s your lover? When did we become lovers?”

Jin Liwei sighed in an exaggerated manner, shaking his head. “What hurtful words, baby girl. You mean you don’t consider me your lover when you have kissed me so many times already and even used my body to make you o.r.g.a.s.m?”


Why was he making it sound like she was the one taking advantage of him?

He waved the panties. “Are you wearing this or not? If not, I’m fine with that too.”

“I’ll wear it,” she hissed at him. “Give it to me.”


She glared at him. What feeling was this? She felt so embarra.s.sed and furious at the same time. This was the first time she felt so mortified in her two lives.

After a few moments, she sighed, suddenly feeling tired. She didn’t want to argue with him anymore.

“Fine.” She gestured for him to hold the panties properly.

She didn’t even realize that all she needed to do was get another panties from the drawer and wear it herself.

Smug of his victory, he immediately complied. She stepped into the panties and he pulled them up her smooth legs from inside her bathrobe. He looked in antic.i.p.ation at the slit in the robe for a glimpse of her treasure, but his chin was pushed up by her hand, forcing him to look up at her cold, beautiful face instead.

He sighed inwardly. Fine, he couldn’t see but he could still feel. When the panties reached the desired area, he made sure to grope her thighs, hips and squeeze her s.e.xy b.u.t.t.

“You!” She slapped his bare chest, furious at his audacity. But when his shameless hands caused a hot pool of pleasure to form within her lower abdomen, she wrapped her arms around his waist instead and pressed herself against him.

“Baby girl, do you feel good?” he asked in a low, husky voice. His hands continued to knead her bottom cheeks.

“Mmn.” She didn’t realize that her hands had become infected by his shamelessness, travelling across his bare, muscled back before dipping low to his tight b.u.t.t and squeezing him as well.

He gasped and then groaned, his rod instantly hardening. His eyes turned predatory.

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