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Chapter 42 – Mortal Enemy
Chapter 42: Mortal Enemy

Jin Chonglin’s dressing room.

Everyone inside was quiet as they watched Iris Long’s impressive performance. When one of his a.s.sistants was about to comment, Jin Chonglin raised a hand and gestured for him to be quiet.

He wanted to focus on watching her entire performance, not missing any detail, no matter how big or small.

When the song ended, Jin Chonglin even stood up and clapped his hands. Lin Dong and the others followed suit.

“That was a brilliant performance. And what a wonderful song.” Jin Chonglin sat back down. “I didn’t know that her voice can reach that range. Wow. She’s full of surprises.”

“I almost can’t believe that she’s really Iris Long,” Lin Dong said.

“Me too. This musical style really suits her better, especially with the quality of her vocals. She already had a great voice before, but her previous songs lacked too much depth to showcase her true abilities. Now…wow. Even I’m amazed.”

“Yes.” Lin Dong narrowed his eyes as he looked at Jin Chonglin. “Don’t tell that she’s your type now.”

“You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! I’m an engaged man. Stop doubting my faithfulness!”

Lin Dong snorted. “I already warned you, Chonglin. Even if you can’t completely avoid Iris Long especially now that you both work under the same company, it’s safer to lessen your interactions as much as possible. Both of you can’t afford to get involved in a scandal right now. You’re getting married and she’s just had her comeback.”

“Tsk. I already know! Don’t keep reminding me!”

“My job is to remind you so little Chonglin down there won’t forget!” Lin Dong’s eyes lowered to Jin Chonglin’s crotch.


“At your service.”


Although he said this, Jin Chonglin thought that it would be interesting to work with this new Iris Long. Maybe they could create some music and sing together.

His character might be questionable, but beneath his playboy tendencies, he was first and foremost an artist. A talented and skilled one at that. If not, he wouldn’t reach the level he was at now. Working with other talented and skilled artists was something he naturally craved.

However, it seemed that he and Iris Long were not fated to work together with all the stupid rumours surrounding them.

What a pity.


Alarm Girls’ dressing room.

“Aaaaaaaah!” Wanwan sent all the things on the dressing table cras.h.i.+ng to the floor. “b.i.t.c.h!”

Mimi followed her leader’s example and kicked the chairs to the floor.

Feifei stood with her arms crossed over her chest, her angry face looking vicious as she glared at the TV showing the s.l.u.t’s performance. “That s.l.u.t already disappeared! Why does she need to return again?!”

Wanwan: “Of course it’s because she doesn’t want to leave us alone! Seeing that we’re now popular, she feels threatened so she just have to return and sabotage us.”

Mimi: “Despicable! So petty! b.i.t.c.h! Wh.o.r.e! s.l.u.t!”

“Girls, calm down! Please calm down! What if someone hears you?” Their manager pleaded with them but stayed close to the door, ready to flee outside at any moment the girls became violent with him. He was afraid that the girls would lose control and throw things at him. “Why are you so focused on Iris Long? She already changed her musical style. You don’t have to worry about competing with her anymore. Just ignore her.”

The trio all turned their heads at him at the same time and glared. Their synchronization even in real life was quite impressive.

Feifei: “So what if she changed her musical style? She’s still the same b.i.t.c.h that she was before. In fact, she has become an even bigger b.i.t.c.h, causing us to get into trouble with the show!”

Mimi: “Exactly! So despicable! Manager, you have to do something! Otherwise, the company will punish us.”

Their manager sighed. “We can’t do anything about that. Iris Long is now under Bright Summit. You know how protective Bright Summit is with their artists. Plus there’s JJ. n.o.body dares offend that ogre in the music industry. And it looks like JJ is intent on developing her musical career. Our company can’t afford to offend those people. Just forget about Iris Long.”

Wanwan: “Hmph! That b.i.t.c.h is too lucky. Not only is she born a daughter of the Long family, now she has Bright Summit and JJ backing her up as well. She’s really talented in lying on her back and opening her legs.”

Feifei: “Exactly. How else could she curry favour with Bright Summit and JJ? They have such high standards. I don’t believe that they’d sign that s.l.u.t with them unless she sold her body.”

Mimi: “How despicable! She’s such a s.l.u.t! I want to vomit.”

When they heard the loud applause and cheering of the audience after Iris’ performance on the TV, the trio’s hatred and jealousy skyrocketed.

The standing ovation lasted for a long time. When they performed earlier, they only received a few seconds of polite applause and they were mostly from the guys. n.o.body even stood up.

How could that s.l.u.t receive such commendation?

They became even more furious when they watched Iris’ interview. The length of her interview was comparable to the A-list performers. When they were being interviewed earlier, they barely uttered a sentence each. The hosts almost kicked them off the stage to welcome the next performer.

The girls couldn’t accept the difference in their treatments. They worked so hard, almost never taking a break these two years, while that Iris s.l.u.t disappeared from s…o…b..z probably busy whoring herself.

They didn’t believe the c.r.a.p about her being comatose. They weren’t dumb like most of the people.

That s.l.u.t disappeared for two years, while they slowly but surely climbed up to where they were now. They got to where they were now with their blood, sweat and tears. While their contemporaries were busy selling their flesh to advance their careers in the shortest amount of time possible, the Alarm Girls endured lukewarm reception and even the occasional suppression just so they could preserve their dignity.

It was so unfair that Iris just had to open her legs and she could get all the good things.

That s.l.u.t should’ve started from the bottom again, far beneath them, when she returned to s…o…b..z. But how come it looked like the s.l.u.t became even more popular now?

How hateful!



If Iris Long thought that they would let her continue climbing higher above them, she was sorely mistaken. Their hatred and jealousy for her consumed them that they declared her as their sworn mortal enemy.

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