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Chapter 4 – Shallow Mother And Daughter
Chapter 4: Shallow Mother and Daughter

Iris rubbed her temples and sighed.

Now that she was the new owner of this body, she needed to straighten out a lot of issues first before she could live the life of freedom and independence that she always wanted. Iris Long’s life was a total mess, but she felt excited diving into this new life.

“Honeeeey, are you alright? Does your head hurt?” Wei Lan turned to the doctors and demanded, “Why aren’t you doing anything?! Aren’t you doctors?! Make her headache go away! You’re all useless! Call the hospital director! I’ll tell them to replace you! Don’t you knooooow who I am?! My ex-husband is the President-CEO of Long Industries!!!”

“Mother, please calm down. I’m alright. Dr. Ching and everyone else are doing everything they can to help me recover.”

She was someone who mysteriously occupied another person’s body. This Wei Lan might be the mother of the original Iris, but the woman was a stranger to her, the new owner of this body. She held no love for the woman, but Wei Lan was now her mother in this life. As long as Wei Lan didn’t intentionally harm her, the least she could do was act polite.

Dr. Ching gave her a grateful smile. The team of doctors finished her check-up and left the two in the room.

When the door closed, Wei Lan sat with flourish on the chair beside the bed. She crossed her long legs, and gave an exaggerated sigh.

“Make sure to ask your father to see you. You were in coma for a year! One whoooole year!!! That’s a year without facials and shopping! The horror!!! My poooor daughter! You deserve to request anything from him. Hmph! Make suuuure to ask for something fabulous and expensive. Like a private plane, for example. And then mother can borrow it from time to time. You’ll let me borrow, right? A yacht is good, too. We can throw fabulous parties while sailing! Ooooh! Wouldn’t that be amaaaaaaziiing? If you tell him how scary it was to be comatose, I’m sure that he’ll buy you anything!”

Iris sighed as she watched Wei Lan’s sparkling eyes. She knew the woman was already imagining herself hopping on a private plane to fly around the world and coasting on a yacht while romancing her string of lovers.

“Father has already been informed about my current condition since he’s the one paying my medical bills. Whether he comes to see me or not is up to him. I want to focus on my recovery and go home as soon as possible.”

“Oh? You’re returning to the Longs? That works, too. About d.a.m.n time you remind them that you’re also their heiress.”

Iris gave her a side eye. “I have my own place.”

“Hmph! A Long heiress living in that tiny dump! What an embarra.s.sment! It’s your father’s fault for hiring that d.a.m.n money man! You can’t buy a mansion because that b.a.s.t.a.r.d won’t let you spend your own money! And your father just lets that d.a.m.n b.a.s.t.a.r.d do whatever he wants! Both your father and that d.a.m.n money man won’t let you spend your own money freely. You can’t buy your own mansion and your father won’t buy you one either! Meanwhile, his other brats from those s.l.u.ts are living like royalty while you’re working soooo hard!! Where is the fairness in the world?! My poooor daughter!”

What was this woman babbling about? Tiny dump? Her memory told her that Iris Long owned a penthouse occupying the entire two topmost floors of a condominium building. It was certainly too big for a teenager living by herself.

She was able to purchase the penthouse for a good price because her financial manager (who Wei Lan kept on calling the “d.a.m.n money man”) negotiated for her. However, she had a suspicion that it was Long Tengfei who secretly helped the original Iris to obtain such a good deal.

The mother and daughter never wanted to live together. To Wei Lan, providing for her daughter was her ex-husband’s responsibility. She already did her job by getting pregnant, carrying the baby for nine months, and then suffering the unbelievable pain of childbirth.

Now that the ordeal was over, she thought that she deserved the right to enjoy life being pampered by men who admired her.

As for the original Iris, her mother’s string of lovers disgusted her. She also didn’t want to live with the Longs who clearly hated her. She had no choice but to get her own place.

Iris studied Wei Lan who continued babbling about useless things. She didn’t share the original Iris’ disgust of her mother.

Wei Lan loved money, beauty, and most importantly, she loved herself the most. Despite this, she wasn’t a malicious person per se. She was a b.i.t.c.h, yes, but she wouldn’t resort to serious criminal acts to get what she wanted.

Simply speaking, Wei Lan was a shallow person. Her daughter, Iris, was a shallow person as well. They were the same type of people. Using the a.n.a.logy of magnets, the mother and daughter had the same negative charge, so they repelled each other.

The new Iris was a neutral one, neither repelling nor attracting. As long as people didn’t provoke her, she would be polite. But if they attacked her…a dangerous glint flashed in her eyes.

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