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Chapter 39 – Black Star
Chapter 39: Black Star

The stage at the front was in total darkness, but the audience glowed like a sea of stars in the night sky. Seeing the spectacular effect of their light sticks in total darkness, the audience cheered louder.

They were interrupted when the edge of the stage lit up like Christmas lights. However, they still couldn’t see anything on the stage itself which was still shrouded in darkness.

There were still some whispering among the audience, but when they heard a mournful piano melody reverberate throughout the entire studio, everyone finally closed their mouths and became quiet. Holding their breaths, they focused entirely on the music.

After a few more notes, an ethereal voice began singing along with the piano melody. The voice was just humming, harmonizing perfectly with the piano melody, yet was able to convey so much emotion without lyrics.

The voice sounded like a crying G.o.ddess descending from the heavens, heartbroken by the darkness in the hearts of mortals.

The lights at the back of the stage turned on, showing a well-dressed symphony orchestra. The orchestra started playing, harmonizing with the piano and the ethereal voice seamlessly.

Moments later, the spotlight finally lit the grand piano at the centre of the stage and the beautiful young woman sitting in front of it.

Her fingers flew above the piano keys like b.u.t.terflies flitting from flower to flower.

The audience gasped when they finally saw Iris Long. They almost couldn’t recognize her.

Was this really Iris Long?

Her emerald dress sparkled gently like stars, giving the illusion that she was glowing with divine light.

A G.o.ddess.

No, a fairy.

A fairy G.o.ddess.

Her long black hair was artfully arranged in gentle waves flowing behind her. Her entire aura bespoke a n.o.ble countenance.

She began singing; her voice so exquisite that the audience felt their chests tighten.

“I was young and fearless

Blazed through my dreams without direction

Tried to reach the sea of the brightest stars in the sky

Looking down on all of us dreamers

The stars above

Our land of dreams”

The young people in the audience felt their blood boil when they heard the lyrics. All of them had dreams they were trying to achieve. They felt inspired. Yet why was the melody so heartbreaking?

“I sang a song

A song not mine

A song everyone else is singing

I lost my voice

I lost myself

I lost the essence of my dream”

Oh. The audience thought about the methods they were using to achieve their dreams. Weren’t they just doing what everybody else was doing? They were always competing with each other using the same, old formula. It became all about crus.h.i.+ng the opponents to get ahead or even just riding others’ momentum, instead of staying true to themselves.

“My shooting star lost its light

I died, I faded

I am nothing

Nothing but a black star

A black star in the grave of dreams

I cried, I prayed

Yet I’m still nothing

Nothing but a black star

A black star crawling up the grave of dreams”

In the audience, the ones who failed to successfully achieve their dreams felt like someone stabbed a sharp knife into their hearts and twisted hard. Some had tears in their eyes, remembering the hopeless feeling of despair when they realized that they weren’t good enough, lucky enough to achieve their dreams. They were failures in life; no choice but to give up their dreams and settle for the safe, easy paths.

“Oh, stars above

Oh, land of dreams

I failed but I’m still dreaming

The meaning of life is to live our dreams

We fail, we fall

Yet still we keep on dreaming

No matter how far a black star falls

It’s still a star that can glow again”

Their hearts thumped. They already failed. They had already given up. Could they really keep on dreaming? Should they keep on dreaming? Could their pa.s.sion really ignite once again?

Unbeknown to them, a tiny flame of hope had already lit up within their hearts.

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