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Chapter 31 – Pursuit Of Knowledge
Chapter 31: Pursuit of Knowledge

“How to know if you’re feeling h.o.r.n.y,” Jin Liwei read aloud in English. His accent sounded a bit American. “Number 1: You fantasize about the person you’re into.”

He glanced down at Iris. “Do you fantasize about me?” he asked in Mandarin.


Displeased by her quick answer, he scowled. However, he continued reading aloud. Most of the points were very general. Jin Liwei thought that these should be considered as common sense, so why did the girl look so confused earlier?

“Number 7…uh…” He coughed. “Uhm.”

Iris read it aloud herself. “Number 7: Your v.a.g.i.n.a is tingling.”

Jin Liwei’s eyebrows rose in surprise. This girl was becoming more and more mysterious. She actually spoke English with a British accent.

The investigation results he ordered about her reported that she only spoke pa.s.sable English with the usual Chinese accent. Her English marks at school were also too tragic to even look at.

So what happened? Was she just acting then?

It was at this moment that her a.s.sistant returned. “Boss, lunch will be ready shortly.”

“Dom, you’re right on time. How does one know when one’s v.a.g.i.n.a is tingling? Do you know how it feels?”

“Ah? Boss, how would I know? I don’t have a v.a.g.i.n.a. Do you want me to ask Grandma Yi Mei or some of the married maids?”


“Right away, boss!”

“Wait! What are you two doing?” Jin Liwei couldn’t believe them. “Aren’t you embarra.s.sed?”

Iris looked at him like he was an idiot. “Why should I feel embarra.s.sed in the pursuit of knowledge? Wise people don’t pretend to know everything. When they don’t know something, they aren’t embarra.s.sed to ask questions.”

Jin Liwei almost choked hearing her answer.

This was pursuit of knowledge?

His mouth opened and closed, but no words came out.

“Pft! Bahahaha!” Dom couldn’t stop himself. He doubled over, laughing loudly while holding his abdomen.

Jin Liwei glared at him.

Dom tried so hard to stop his laughter. He could feel Jin Liwei’s murderous intent directed at him. But it was just too funny! The famed Jin Liwei didn’t know how to deal with his boss’ straightforwardness. As expected of his boss!

Even Dom himself was surprised by his boss’ brutal honesty when he started working for her. But now he was used to it and even became influenced by her. For him, this was normal now.

She ignored them and continued to read the last point aloud perfectly in English. “Number 8: Your v.a.g.i.n.a becomes wet…huh?”

Maybe she really felt h.o.r.n.y when Jin Liwei kissed her earlier? She wondered, feeling the slight dampness between her thighs.

“Hm? What’s wrong? Are you wet? Did I make you wet?” he teased, his voice husky.

“Yes,” she admitted as she continued to read the article in silence. She didn’t find anything wrong in being honest with him. She had no idea that her honesty would affect him so much.

He inhaled sharply, his eyes darkening. His breath quickened. He leaned down close to her ear and whispered, “Be careful with your words, Long Xiulan. You might unknowingly release a beast that you can’t control.”

“What are you talking about?” She turned her head to him. Seeing the intense expression on his face, she instinctively moved her torso away from him.

He was tempted to kiss her senseless again.

“Young Miss, Mr. Jin. Lunch is ready. Please follow me.” Yi Mei, now recovered from her earlier shock, called them as she returned from the kitchen.

Jin Liwei straightened up. His face regained its usual cold expression, but his eyes couldn’t disguise the l.u.s.t he was feeling.

Iris released a breath of relief. “Yi Mei, please get the first aid kit and treat Mr. Jin’s lip first.”

“Yes, Young Miss. Please wait.”

Moments later, Yi Mei returned with the first aid kit.

Jin Liwei turned to Iris. “You treat me.”

She gave him a side eye. “I don’t know how. Yi Mei, go ahead.”

“Mr. Jin, please stay still.” Yi Mei looked like a butcher about to slaughter a mighty bull for premium beef.

Dom snickered. Jin Liwei shot him a deadly look. Dom immediately shut up, but Iris glared at Jin Liwei instead.

Dom was her a.s.sistant. What was the d.a.m.n arrogant man glaring at her a.s.sistant for?

Yi Mei opened the first aid kit, used sanitizer to clean her hands before disinfecting and treating Jin Liwei’s wound.

He stiffened at the stinging pain, but otherwise stayed unmoving; his face a mask of cold indifference.

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