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Chapter 21 – An E
Chapter 21: An E-mail from Jin Liwei

Long Industries.

It was already dark outside, yet President-CEO Long Tengfei and his a.s.sistant were still busily working in the office at the topmost floor of the company building.

The two should have been on their way home by this time, but the President’s daughter was involved in yet another embarra.s.sing situation. Granted, it was not her fault this time but it was a fact that her name was still dragged through the mud.

She was still a Long, no matter what. And the Long family cared a lot about their face and image.

Long Tengfei was already exhausted, but the girl was his daughter. He couldn’t allow her to be slandered just like that.

“President, we’ve already taken care of the newspapers and the tabloids but we can’t entirely control what’s being said on the internet,” Cai Guang reported.

Long Tengfei had his eyes closed, rubbing his temples. “Just do your best. Don’t let this blow up into something bigger that we can’t control. I don’t want to give the family, especially the elders, more reasons to force me to disown my own daughter. Xiulan is changing for the better. She’s even able to get that tough Qiao Yu to willingly work for her without my influence.” A rare, proud look showed on his face. “I want to see how far she can go now that she started taking control of her own life. Don’t let others interfere with her.”


“Hmph. If it wasn’t for the Jin family’s protection, I would destroy that b.i.t.c.h. How dare that Fan girl say those things to my, Long Tengfei’s, daughter? Unforgivable!”


Gold Heights Condominium.

Inside the computer room, Iris read all the malicious comments about her online. She especially paused when reading Fan Luo’s post.

She smirked.

Taking out a black notebook, she wrote the name “Fan Luo”.

Making all these posts and comments disappear was something extremely easy for her. She could even create a program in minutes to automatically delete anything on the Internet slandering her. However, she chose not to do anything.

Did these people think that their words would hurt her?

She was no longer the same Iris Long from before. For her, these words had nothing to do with her. In fact, she even felt amused reading all the ridiculous rumours about her. As long as her life, safety, or bottom line weren’t provoked, mere trash talk wouldn’t affect her.

For a hacker like her who treated the web like her own backyard, trash talking was just child’s play. Getting involved was not worth her time and effort. However, these noobs better be prepared when she decided to join in on the fun.

Next, she read Jin Chonglin’s post. She raised an eyebrow. Not bad. Lucky for him. He didn’t get his name written on her black notebook. If she and Jin Chonglin became enemies, she was certain that his arrogant older brother would never give her peace in this life.

Jin Liwei, that villain, warned her to stay away from his younger brother. As if she would be interested in a womanizer like Jin Chonglin.

Besides, she planned to live a life of freedom since waking up in this new body. Getting involved with a superstar like Jin Chonglin would be pure stupidity on her part, even more so with someone as powerful and influential as Jin Liwei. In her mind, Jin Chonglin was attached to his arrogant older brother. She didn’t want to have anything to do with either brothers.

For some reason, she kept on feeling that Jin Liwei was dangerous. It was better for her to avoid the brothers from now on.


She turned to the computer next to her. Her heart thumped.

Speak of the devil.

Why would Jin Liwei send her an e-mail? She was tempted to delete it without reading but her curiosity won over.

Jin Liwei: “My company won’t be partnering with Galaktika. What do you think about these companies?”

He listed five Russian companies. She was familiar with two of them from her past life. The two were involved in some illegal activities, but not as bad as Galaktika. As for the other three, she didn’t know any of them.

She wasn’t surprised that he knew her e-mail address, or to be exact, the original Iris’ old e-mail address. She created a new, more secure e-mail account, but this old e-mail address had a lot of important contacts that might prove helpful for the current her. She wouldn’t lose anything by keeping this old account.

For someone as powerful as Jin Liwei, finding her e-mail address was easy. But what kind of e-mail was this? Not even a greeting. What a rude man.

Did he think that she was his personal consultant or something? How audacious!


After a few seconds, however, she clicked on the recycle bin and restored the e-mail. She began typing.

Princess Iris: “1 million RMB per company.”

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