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Chapter 103 – Boss

Iris’ voice was just a whisper, but it was enough to make those who heard her break into cold sweat. Her eyes and tone chilled the people, making them shudder.

“How dare I?” she repeated, her tone evoking an image of frozen h.e.l.l. “How dare YOU?”

She tossed Feifei’s words back at her.

Iris raised her hands in front of her, examining them with her frighteningly cold eyes, checking whether they had been injured or not. Aside from some redness, fortunately, they weren’t seriously hurt.

She was well-trained in Systema. She wasn’t pa.s.sionate about it, but she acknowledged its benefits. She trained in other martial arts as well in her previous life, but she felt the most comfortable with Systema. It just felt natural to her. That was why she continued to train in it in this second life of hers.

Her fighting style was self-defensive, focusing more on creating opportunities for escape. Thus, she was trained to fight while avoiding serious injuries.

In her previous life, her bodyguards and servants were all trained a.s.sa.s.sins. She saw no need to train in a more aggressive style when there were so many people protecting her. If it was up to her, she wouldn’t really want to train in any martial arts at all. However, her family dictated that she should, so she had to.

Choice was an alien concept for the previous her.

Although she was well-trained in Systema, she had never really applied it in real-life combat except during sparring sessions. This was the first time in her two lives that she ever fought, not only because she had to defend herself, but also because she wanted to hurt other people.

As a lady, she could never hope to overpower a person physically stronger or more skilled than her using just her bare hands, but if it were only these three stupid girls, beating them was nothing but child’s play to her.

This was the first time that she ever physically punished another human being, or in this case, three stupid girls, for p.i.s.sing her off.

After all, her usual modus operandi was destruction through hacking.

She had to take a few moments to try controlling the cold fury from completely engulfing her, or else she would’ve already beaten the lives out of the three stupid girls. Although they p.i.s.sed her off, they didn’t do anything to warrant death. And she didn’t want to become a murderer either.

So Iris continued to examine her hands with a cold expression, as she inwardly fought against her bloodthirst.

Looking at her, everyone thought that she felt bored after beating up people, so she was checking the state of her manicure.

Iris gently ma.s.saged her hands. Although they weren’t injured, they still felt sore and tender from all the hitting.

To those watching her, however, she looked like she was cracking her knuckles, preparing for another rampage.

With her pristine white suit, barely out of place hair and still immaculate make-up, to everyone’s eyes, she looked like a bad-a.s.s gangster lady boss.

“S-so cool,” a fan commented.

“Yeah. Wow…she’s just so…wow…Did she really just…wow…”

“Iris, I don’t mind that we’re both girls! I want to bear your babies! I love you so much!”

“Move aside! My lady Iris, this young master begs your hand in marriage! This young master will give you the world! If you want to beat up people, this young master will find people for you to beat up! No problem!”

/p>”Hey! What nonsense are you punks spouting?! You want a taste of my mighty slippers?! Come here and I’ll whack you! How dare you propose to Iris…no, to boss! Yes, she’s our BOSS! You think n.o.bodies like you are good enough for someone as amazing as the boss?!”


“Boss, please accept me as your disciple!”

“Me too, boss!”

“As if the boss will take p.u.s.s.ies like you as her disciples. Boss, this uncle is willing to be your subordinate! I will follow you wherever you go, even to the gates of h.e.l.l!”

“Boss, I’m willing to be your punching bag!”

“Me too, boss! Beat me up all you want. I offer you my body!”

Just like that, everyone started calling Iris “boss”. The Black Stars fan club would change the way they referred to Iris. From that moment on, Iris Long was known as the “Boss” to her fans.

Dom stopped cheering when he heard what the people were calling his boss. He was angered. “Anak ng putakti! [1] What did you just call MY BOSS?! Find your own boss! Don’t even think about stealing my boss!”

“Isn’t it good that everyone is calling Miss Iris boss?” a violinist spoke beside Dom. “It means that they’ve acknowledged her and that they see her as a strong leader. Isn’t that good?”

Dom paused, his brows scrunching together, thinking. Then his eyes lit up. “Oh! You’re right! Boss is indeed the most awesome leader in the world, so it’s only natural for people to call her boss. Why am I being so petty earlier? Aiya! So what if all these people call her boss? I’m still her number one follower! Ehehe. I’m number one, never number two! My name is Dominic, and I’m much better than all of you! Go me, go me!”

The violinist was speechless, as Dom started busting his cheerleader moves again.

“Shut up! Shut up!” Feifei’s hysterical screaming once again interrupted the atmosphere which just lightened up. “How can all of you be so blind?! You’re all so stupid to follow a sl*t like Iris Long! We worked so hard to reach where we are now! We rehea.r.s.e day and night every single day! But all she has to do is to lie on her back and spread her legs, and all the good things fall on her lap! So unfair! She’s nothing but a wh*re! All of you stupid people are wors.h.i.+pping a wh*re!”

The fans were enraged hearing such offensive words being directed at their idol.

“What a barbaric child!” Feng Wan and her three friends couldn’t believe what they were hearing from the mouth of a young woman. The four posh middle-aged ladies felt absolute revulsion to such cra.s.s words.

“Die, you evil demon! Comrades, attack!” The small 20-year old female university student beside the posh ladies mobilized her fellow fan club members.

Some immediately responded and charged forward, intending to beat Feifei up. However, they didn’t get to do it because…

Something extremely fast hit Feifei on the head. She collapsed on the floor like a heavy sack of rice.

Everyone: “…”



[1] Literally means “wasp’s offspring”. It’s sort of a softcore curse phrase in Filipino. At least you won’t get into trouble, unlike when you use “Putang ina”.

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