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His Genius Wife Is A Superstar

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Chapter 100 – Her Star

This particular table comprised of widely a.s.sorted individuals that, at first glance, didn’t look like they would match each other. However, from the look of things, they got along pretty well. The camaraderie between them was very natural. They didn’t look awkward at all.

The giggling young woman taking photos with her phone looked like a teenager, but in fact she was the same age as Iris Long, a university student.

Beside her was the man posing for her while chewing on a slipper he brought just for this event. He was a thin, grumpy-looking man who appeared to be in his late twenties.

Laughing at the young people’s antics were four posh middle-aged ladies wearing stylish dresses and eye-popping jewelry. If Iris could see them now, she would recognize them as the widow and her three friends who she met back then after performing “Phantom of Your Love” live for the first time at the hotel restaurant.

At the corner was a lone figure quietly eating and drinking. If one looked past his pallor and exhausted, listless eyes, he was actually quite good-looking. However, he had an unapproachable, bored vibe emanating from him. The others would ask for his opinion from time to time, but he would only give brief replies and resume minding his own business. Despite this, he still looked comfortable with this odd group.

The series of video footage finished playing on the screens. The emcee chattered a bit, hyping the guests as much as he could.

Finally, the red curtains on the stage opened, revealing a full symphony orchestra at the very back. In front of them to the sides was a four-part band of acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electric ba.s.s guitar, and drums. Off to the corner near the front of the stage were two backup singers, one female and one male.

At the centre of the stage closest to the audience was a black, s.h.i.+ny grand piano. It was currently empty, but just seeing the piano was enough to make everyone cheer in antic.i.p.ation, knowing who was going to play it soon.

Emcee: “I’m sure that you can’t wait anymore―”

“Yeah! We can’t wait anymore!”

“Stop talking already!”

“Hurry up and announce our fairy G.o.ddess Iris!”

“We want to see her!”

The emcee coughed and then laughed off all the curses being flung at him. “Alright. I’ll stop talking now and get on with the show. I know that most of you have travelled quite far just to reach here today. Thank you for coming. We really appreciate that you took the time and effort to attend today’s launch party to celebrate the release of Iris Long’s comeback alb.u.m ‘Rebirth’. I heard that some of you even came as far away as―”

“What the fudge are you still talking for?!”

“You just said that you’ll stop talking yet you’re still yapping!”

“Stop talking already & hurry up!”

“I want more osmanthus cake! The buffet table just ran out!”

“Yeah! And more black sesame rolls too!”

“Hey, look! Someone’s restocking the tables.”

“Yay! Let’s go get some more food before they run out again!”

“Who cares about the food?! I want Iris! I love you, Iris!”

“Please marry me, Iris!”

“You’re killing us, emcee. We want Iris!”


Everyone started chanting her name, calling for her to come out.

Emcee: “Okay, okay. I get it already. Calm down, everyone, and let me do my job.”

It took an additional couple of minutes for him to placate everyone. Finally, the audience settled down, their expressions strict, looking pointedly at the emcee, daring him to continue dilly-dallying.

Of course, the emcee knew that enough was enough. Any more nonsense from him and the people might murder him. He cleared his throat and took a deep breath, putting on his very best professional smile.

Emcee: “Ladies and gentlemen! Without further ado, please give a warm welcome to the one and only, the beautiful and talented pianist, vocalist and composer with the voice of an angel, our fairy G.o.ddess who descended from the plains of the immortals to grace us with her―”

“F*ck this! Come, comrades. Let’s kill this man!”

“Let’s go!”

“Mr. Emcee, you wanna die?!”


The representatives from both JJ’s record label and Bright Summit shared the same desire as everyone else to strangle the emcee, especially after seeing the audience becoming more and more unruly. They were about to call security to control the situation, and then drag the over-talkative emcee from the stage to slap some sense back into him.

However, they didn’t need to because…

A graceful woman in a sophisticated, sharp yet feminine white tuxedo suit suddenly appeared and walked elegantly to the stage. She looked tall in closed-toe silver high heels. Her long, black hair was swept to one side in vintage waves. Bold, red lips and black liner drawn into sharp cat eyes made her look like a femme fatale.


Hush immediately fell among the people, their eyes following the movements of the beautiful young woman. They couldn’t tear their gazes away. It was as if she was the only existence in the world for them at that very moment.

So beautiful that she should be illegal.

Even the females felt themselves bending the other way upon seeing this kind of beauty.

The emcee was so mesmerized by the beautiful woman walking towards him that he dropped the mic in his hand, causing a loud boom. However, everyone else was in the same mesmerized state that the loudness failed to register in their consciousness.

Iris Long stopped in front of the emcee.

He was frozen, mouth and eyes wide open, staring at her like an idiot.

She smoothly bent her knees in an almost curtsy-like movement, and then picked up the mic from the floor. She stood straight back up in an equally smooth movement.

She scanned the people all looking at her. Tang Yiyi told her back in the dressing room that the attendance exceeded 5,000. She understood how much this number was, but seeing all of the people in front of her was a completely different experience.

5,000 wasn’t just a number. They were real people who came to meet her, to listen to her music.

Her blood sang, excitement bubbling from deep within her.

This was it. This was the start. Her start.

Lifting the mic, she finally spoke.

“h.e.l.lo, everyone,” her lovely voice filled the entire the place. “I am Iris Long.”

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