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Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband

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Chapter 1543 I Won’t Act In It!

Hearing this, Xu Zhiqin burst into tears. The camera gave her a close-up shot.

Su Bei was also especially happy and made a gesture to encourage her.

Only He Xuyan narrowed his eyes and did not look at Xu Zhiqin, who was holding the trophy up high. He did not go against his conscience and wrote down the score he wanted to write down from the beginning, so Xu Zhiqin still won the champions.h.i.+p in the end.

After this, she would work with Pan Hongsen.

He crossed his arms and looked cold. It was as if the noise and excitement around him had nothing to do with him.

At this moment, the audience watching the show on their TV screens was very convinced by this result.

The only people who were not happy about it were Pan Hongsen’s and Yali’s fans.

Their curses had already spread to every corner of the internet.

[Xu Zhiqin is really cheap. In order to work with Hongsen, she’ll do anything.]

[It’s a conspiracy! It’s all a conspiracy!]

[I’ll never watch any show on this channel again!]

[Why is it called ‘Actors, Please Go On Stage’? In the future, let’s just call it ‘B*tch, Please Go On Stage’!]

[A b*tch is a b*tch. She keeps saying that she has nothing to do with Pan Hongsen and that she won’t s.n.a.t.c.h Yali’s man. But who knows if what she says is true? In the end, she still won the champions.h.i.+p. You can’t believe a word she says.]

[The production team is also very bad. They publicly committed a sin with a mistress! Let’s see how they’ll get their retribution!]

The fans of the two artistes publicly began to boycott the production team and Xu Zhiqin.

On the stage, the host asked, “Zhiqin, now that you’ve won the champions.h.i.+p and got the chance to work with Pan Hongsen, do you have anything to say?”

Xu Zhiqin looked down the stage. The first person she saw was Su Bei. She was grateful and looked at He Xuyan again. His eyes were narrowed, his arms were crossed, and his expression was cold. He didn’t even look at her. However, Xu Zhiqin was already used to He Xuyan’s att.i.tude and wasn’t surprised.

She said solemnly, “Merely saying my thanks is the least effective, but at this moment, I still have to thank the people who helped me this time. Aside from thanking them, I really don’t know how else I can express my grat.i.tude to them. Thank you for not giving up on me and giving me the greatest motivation to stand here. In addition, I want to announce something…”

Yali clenched her fists tightly. She was afraid that Xu Zhiqin would take this opportunity to get close to Pan Hongsen and rekindle their relations.h.i.+p.

In front of the TV, Pan Hongsen was also staring at Xu Zhiqin, afraid that she would do something bad!

She pursed her lips slightly, and her gaze was firm. “I won the champions.h.i.+p and gained everyone’s recognition. But I don’t want the benefits. I won’t act in the drama ‘My Darling’!”

Her words shocked the people present and those watching the live broadcast.

He Xuyan suddenly raised his head, and a glint flashed across his narrowed eyes as he looked at the figure on the stage.

The various criticisms that Pan Hongsen’s and Yali’s fans were prepared to spew suddenly seemed so ridiculous.

Xu Zhiqin refused to work with Pan Hongsen without even mentioning Pan Hongsen’s name.

This time, it was Xu Zhiqin’s fans’ turn to step forward. [Zhiqin, we support every decision you make! Your acting skills are so good. No matter what you act in, you’ll definitely s.h.i.+ne brightly!]

[It’s time to stop the rumors from the outside world. Zhiqin has never done anything bad. On the other hand, some people have been using Zhiqin in order to rile up their fans. Is your relations.h.i.+p really sweet?]

[Good luck, Zhiqin. We never take advantage of others’ popularity. We also hope that others won’t take advantage of us!]

[We’re all adults. I hope those people will learn to walk on their own and not cling to others forever!]

Pan Hongsen and Yali were ridiculed by the crowd. It was only now that everyone realized who had been hara.s.sing who.

When Xu Zhiqin got off the stage, her face was covered in sweat and tears.

She was the first to walk up to Su Bei and say, “President Su, I did it.”

“I always knew you could do it!” Su Bei nodded.

“Uhh, I didn’t discuss it with you in advance before refusing to act in that drama. I’m sorry.”

Su Bei smiled. “Did you think I would’ve asked you to act in it?”

Xu Zhiqin’s eyes lit up. It turned out that Mr. Su had even considered this. They truly got along well.

There were many reporters outside the door. Xu Zhiqin did not manage to thank He Xuyan in person. She walked out with Su Bei and Yue Ze.

The reporters all gathered around. “Xu Zhiqin, are you really refusing to act in the drama?”

“Is it a trick to play hard to get?”

“Has your company discussed this matter internally?”

Xu Zhiqin stood still and said in a relaxed tone, “Do you think I can salvage the situation by publicly refusing to act in the drama? My company and I have always had a genuine att.i.tude. We won’t hara.s.s anyone, nor will we take advantage of anyone’s popularity. We don’t want to cling to anyone. There are some things I want to say to them. Focus on yourselves and don’t get distracted by others. Not everyone has feelings for you, and not everyone will want to s.n.a.t.c.h your man!”

With that, she got into the car with Su Bei and Yue Ze.

Xu Zhiqin’s att.i.tude naturally caused another discussion on the internet.

Her fans really liked her speech. She had acting skills, looks, and the right att.i.tude. She had so much confidence, so why would she even bother to pester Pan Hongsen?

Just then, all kinds of evidence surfaced.

Everyone searched the entire internet. Other than when Xu Zhiqin was Pan Hongsen’s manager, there were no other times when she was seen with him!

There were no images or texts showing that Xu Zhiqin had hara.s.sed Pan Hongsen and interfered in their relations.h.i.+p.

On the other hand, Pan Hongsen and Yali were now facing ridicule from the crowd. They were known by their fans as the ‘persistently delusional couple’.

That night.

He Xuyan was at home when he heard a knock on the door. He smiled and quickly restrained himself.

When he opened the door, the delivery man stood at the door as usual.

Because of his injured arm, Xu Zhiqin had been ordering takeout for him every day before the finals. She was worried that he would be too busy with the script and forget about the time, so she wanted to remind him to have his meals in a timely manner.

He didn’t expect that she would still do this after the finals.

He Xuyan reached out to take it. The delivery man had no intention of leaving at all. Instead, he held the door He Xuyan was about to close and dashed in.

He Xuyan frowned and was about to speak when Xu Zhiqin took off her helmet and smiled. “It’s me!”

He Xuyan was slightly surprised, and his expression turned gentle. “Why are you here in person?”

“I’m here to see if your injury has healed. Your injury is so serious, yet you refuse to go to the hospital. I’ve been quite worried,” Xu Zhiqin said. “Did you drink the fish soup and chicken soup I ordered for you before?”